The room was small, but comfortable. Simple, for a girl's room; not too many unnecessary frills. There was a bed, a desk, a bookshelf, a dresser, and very little frills. It appeared that Celia was as organized as she was smart.

She was also incredibly attractive. As Neal watched her lean over her desk, searching for her chemistry notes, he admired her curves through her school uniform. She was wearing a dark gray plaid pleated skirt and a white collared shirt. He was wearing the male version of the uniform—dark gray slacks, a white collared shirt, and a black tie. However, as he watched her bend over, he saw her skirt lift ever-so-slightly in the back, giving him a glimpse of her panties and her amazing well-rounded ass, he felt his slacks get just a wee bit tighter.

"Here they are!" Celia exclaimed triumphantly, waving some sheets of notebook paper above her head. "I knew they had to be there, I was just looking at them yesterday. One of the sheets fell behind. Sorry about that."

"Oh, it was no problem," Neal said. Inwardly, he gulped, hoping that Celia's eyes didn't stray from his face and think the worst of him.

"Let's get to work," Celia said. "You have to be home in time for dinner, right? That doesn't give us a whole lot of time."

Neal nodded. They began studying. At first they sat rather far apart, but excuses kept being made to sit closer. He would lean over her, or she would lean over him. All in the guise of "looking at the notes" or "needing to see something in the book." They were smiling a lot and there were a lot of "accidental" brushes with their hands. Neal put his knee up against hers and smiled to himself when she didn't move away. There was no doubt about it: they were flirting more than studying.

Although, they were studying a little...

"Strontium is used in road flares," Celia explained. "I used to remember it that way. But the other thing that it's used for lately is as a help to build strong bones. That might be a better way to remember it."

"Why's that?" asked Neal.

"Because strontium sounds a lot like strongtium. Stron. Strong. Strong bones. I dunno," she laughed. "It might help?"

Neal laughed too. "Ah, okay, I see where you're coming from. I'll have to remember that one."

"So, ah, do you think you've got a pretty good grasp on the Periodic Table for tomorrow's test now?" asked Celia.

"Yeah, you know, I think I do," Neal said, and then flipped through a few pages of the notes to be sure. "Yeah, I think that was the last of the elements that I was having trouble memorizing..."

"Cool," nodded Celia.

"Yeah," agreed Neal. "Cool."

They sat in silence for a few moments, their knees still touching. Celia shuffled through her papers and Neal twirled a pencil. Neal let out a sigh, catching Celia's attention. She looked up, made eye contact with him, and smiled slyly.

"I think this is the part where you thank me for helping you," she prompted.

"Oh, of course," Neal said, flushing awkwardly. "Thank you."

"There's more," Celia said, her sly smile still on her face.


"You're also supposed to ask 'How can I ever repay you?'" she said, a definite suggestive note to her voice.

"Oh?" asked Neal, his right eyebrow arching upward with interest. "And...and then what?"

"And then I make a risqué suggestion that you feel obligated to comply to," Celia said, grinning playfully now.

"I see..."

"That's how it works," Celia said with a nod.

"Well, if that's how it works..." Neal said, smiling now too.

He leaned forward in his chair towards Celia. He paused, but his hesitation only lasted an instant. He cupped his hand gently under her chin, drew her face closer to his, and kissed her.

His original plan was to make it a quick kiss. To draw away so as not to seem too eager—to leave her wanting more. But, as he kissed her, he couldn't pull away. And, to his surprise, and very much to his satisfaction, she didn't seem to want him to. She wrapped her arms around his neck and continued kissing him.

Neal nibbled and licked at her lips and Celia parted her mouth slightly. He slipped the tip of his tongue inside and she met it boldly with her own. Neal's bodily reaction to this action was instantaneous. For the second time since entering Celia's room, he felt his pants getting tighter.

He couldn't help himself. He picked Celia up off her chair and dragged her onto her desk. Their books and notes scattered and went crashing to the floor. Almost immediately, Neal's hands had un-tucked Celia's shirt from her skirt and had found their way up under her blouse to her supple breasts. Celia gasped, but instead of protesting, she put her own hands over his, urging him to continue his fondling. Neal obliged, kissing her more deeply, and drawing erotic circles around her erect nipples with his thumbs.

Desire bit into Celia. Hard. She frantically pulled at the knot of Neal's tie, loosening it, and then finally pulling it off completely. She began working at his buttons, removing his shirt. Taking her cue, she could feel Neal doing the same to her blouse. She peeled off his shirt and gazed lustfully at what she'd revealed. Neal had a great chest, she decided. It had a nice form and a light smattering of hair—enough to make him a man, but not so much that it was distracting. She ran her hands over his chest greedily, taking it all in.

Having undone Celia's shirt, Neal quickly tugged at her sheer bra, pulling it down and releasing her breasts. They bounced as they were freed and he stared at them. Beautiful. He kissed each perfect mound of flesh and then tentatively licked at a nipple.

Celia gasped and pulled Neal closer to her. She buried her face in his hair, taking in his scent, as she fought for air. He was exceptionally gifted with his mouth and tongue and it was beginning to become hard for her to breathe.

She wanted more and could tell that Neal did too. In fact, his growing "need" was pressing firmly into her thigh. And, as he lifted the hem of her skirt and pulled her panties to one side, she knew that it wouldn't be long before he felt the signs of her needs too. She had started becoming wet with his first kiss.

Neal traced along the outer lips of her pussy with his finger, reveling in her pleasurable shudders. In turn, she reached for his slacks, unbuttoning, and then unzipping... It wasn't until she had pulled down on the elastic band of his briefs, freeing his magnificent boner, that the first twinge of panic struck.

"Wait!" gasped Neal, coming up for air from Celia's breasts. "We can't... I don't..."

"Huh?" said Celia, in a daze. She shook her head, trying to clear a bit of the lust-fog. "What is it? What's wrong?"

"I...I really want you," said Neal, sounding uncomfortable. "But I don't... I don't have any condoms with me. I mean... I came here expecting to study. Not, well, you know..."

"Oh!" said Celia, flushing.

"I mean... uh...the way things are going... I assumed..."

"No. You're right," said Celia. "I want to... To fuck you."

"Oh, okay," said Neal, with a sigh of relief. "Um... Do you have...?"

"No," said Celia, her brows furrowing slightly. She blushed. "Actually... You'd be my first... For sex, I mean."

"Me too," Neal admitted.

They smiled at each other awkwardly, stymied as to what to do. They were both in various states of undress, mussed, and utterly aroused. Celia's panties had a dark spot forming where her cunt juice had begun seeping through the fabric. Neal's erection, even in the self-conscious silence, was throbbing, begging for attention.

"Um..." Neal started, and then stopped.


"It's stupid."

"Just tell me," coaxed Celia.

"I was going to ask you if...uh..." Neal said, running through his hand through his hair. "Um... Do you want to masturbate?"

"Seriously?" asked Celia, her eyebrows raising.

"I told you it was stupid," Neal said. "Nevermind."

"No, I..." started Celia, unsure what to say. "I think that's a good idea. I mean... You won't laugh will you?"

"What??" said Neal, aghast at the accusation. "Fuck no! It'd be really hot!"

"Okay," agreed Celia. "But you'll have to do yourself too or I'll feel really lame about it." She laughed.

Neal smiled, and grabbed the shaft of his cock. He gave her a smile and an affirmative nod. Slowly, he began to stroke himself.

Celia eyed Neal for a second or two, watching him as he moved his hand up and down the length of his incredible cock, and then leaned back on her desk. She peeled off her panties and let them drop to the floor, exposing her pussy fully to Neal. She spread her legs wide, and, balancing herself on one elbow, she used her free arm and reached down to touch herself.

Celia's fingers worked quickly and efficiently. She knew just what she was looking for and just how she liked to be touched. Her hard little clit was given the attention it deserved and, before long, she was teasing her cunthole with a fingertip.

Neal groaned, watching her intently. He pounded his fist up and down his shaft, precum oozing freely from his sensitive tip. Celia looked good. Better than good. She looked better in reality than she could have ever looked in his wildest fantasies. And, fuck, looking at her turned him on so much, his wanking had never felt better. He was sure that sex with her was going to be amazing, when it happened, but for now...damn. This was awesome.

Neal scooped up some precum with his jacking hand and smeared it over his cockhead. He thrust his hips a little. Celia watched him intently, she put two fingers into her cunthole and slowly moved them in and out. In. Out. In. Out. Neal's breathing became faster. He could feel his heart racing.

Moving in closer to Celia, Neal kissed her on the lips. Celia nibbled on his lower lip, tasting his salty flavour. He parted his lips, silently begging for more, and she was more than happy to give in to the temptation. Her tongue slid gracefully between his lips and was met with his. She explored him fully, but it wasn't enough. They both knew that. The masturbation was wonderful, but the carnal desire—the beasts within them that they had awoken—had them both aching for more.

Neal pulled Celia down off her desk and spun her around. He bent her over. Her face and chest flat on the desk, her ass stuck out in front of him. She wiggled it invitingly. Neal took his clean hand, formed his index and middle fingers into a pleasing "point," and slowly entered her. She moaned softly. He began to move his hand, stroking the slick muscular walls of her warm eager cunt with his fingers. She whimpered and practically wept with pleasure.

"Do you feel me?" he asked, pounding her with his hand now. "Do you feel me inside you? Close your eyes. I'm fucking you."

Celia let out a sound unlike anything Neal had ever heard before. It was somewhere between a shuddery moan and a muffled scream. He felt her body shake and tremble and around his fingers, he felt her vaginal walls clench tight. As her head tipped back, he gasped, in awe of her beauty.

She slid off the desk and fell crumpled to the floor, momentarily exhausted by her physical completion. Her face was one of post-orgasmic bliss, as she sat there, her eyes still closed, smiling.

Neal looked down at her. His cock twitched, reminding him that, it too, needed to be satisfied. He began to stroke again.

Celia looked up.

"Oh no," she said, getting to her knees. "You did me. Now it's your turn..."

She looked up at him coyly and then cupped his balls with her hand. Neal shivered. She smiled and then licked his tip. Another positive reaction from Neal. Without further ado, she placed him in her mouth and went to work.

Celia's tongue swirled around Neal's hard throbbing cock, teasing his tip, and then, relaxing her throat as best she could, she took him in fully. Neal's eyes rolled back into his head. He was dying of ecstasy. If she kept up like this...

He thrust slightly, humping at her face. He heard a muffled laugh come from her, and smiled that she seemed to enjoy his enthusiasm. The vibrations of her giggle felt good on his dick.

"I'm going to..." Neal started, feeling his balls getting tight and hot.

Celia nodded and made a noise along the lines of "mm-hmm." Neal couldn't contain himself any longer. His cock exploded into her mouth. He felt himself shoot, not once, but three times. Thick ropes of cum erupted from his throbbing manhood and shot down Celia's throat. And, due to the volume and force of it, some of it ended up coming out her nose. He couldn't help but laugh as she tried her best to catch it all. She was giggling too, wiping her nose with the back of her hand, mopping up the spillover of cum.

Two hours later, when Neal was at home, in time for dinner, he would describe his time spent as Celia's house as "educational."