A/N:The whole story will be written in journal entries, it's an interesting concept that I'm playing with. I hope you enjoy it!

April 2

Dearest Diary,

My name is Kathleen O'Malley, but all of my friend call me Kathy. Today is my sweet sixteen, which is when I received you. You were the greatest gift I was given today; my grandmother got you for me, and she selected you well. You are simple yet elegant with your leather cover with a purple embroidered butterfly, and your parchment like pages. Now we've been introduced I can tell you about my day.

I awoke early in the morning to the smell of pancakes. When I got to the kitchen I found that these weren't just any pancakes, they were extra, extra special chocolate chunk pancakes!! Sorry about the childish name, but they are only served on VERY special occasions. So after almost crashing from all the sugar, we started to prepare for the party. I'd like to mention that I'm extremely pleased my birthday is on a Saturday.

After the house had been decked out in streamers and balloons, around half past two, people stared to show up. After everyone arrived, and put there two cents in about what kind of pizza we were having, dad went out to Mario's. Mario's is the BEST pizza in the universe; it's a perfect balance of dough, sauce, and toppings. Dad brought back two pepperoni, one cheese, one pepperoni mushroom, and one supreme (ugh). Needless to say I ate from every pizza minus the supreme. Mario, the owner of Mario's, is a family friend and he sent vouchers for a free dinner for everyone at the party (BIG crowd pleaser.)

After dinner came cake. I have only one word to describe it. Chocolate. I'm a chocoholic, so the chocolate cake with chocolate icing and a side of chocolate ice cream pleased me greatly. After cake we watch my friends band; Kimberly sang, Louis was at the drums, and Jared (Louis' little brother) played the guitar. After that we did karaoke, which was only fun because we could laugh at each other with out crushing anybody. After that was presents; I got a really cute pair of jeans from Kimberly, cash from half of the people there, a disk Sarah burned just for me, a pair of earrings made by and from Serena, a bike helmet from Louis (he owed me one), a ruby necklace and matching earrings from mum and dad, and you from my grandmother.

Everyone just hung out after that, doing random things like dancing, more karaoke, freeze tag, and kickball. Around quarter to ten everyone left except Serena and Kimberly, who have been my best friend since pre-k, they're sleeping over. Actually they are asleep as I write this, at one in the morning. I should go to sleep as well, I'm exhausted.

Until I write again,


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