April 14

Dearest Diary,

I have bad news, my cousin gave me a stomach virus and I missed the party! I can't be too upset because I heard a rumor that the cops showed up at Carrie's house because of disturbing the peace complaint; a few of the guys there kicked up some fuss and several people were arrested. It's only a rumor but I guess I'm lucky I wasn't there, in case it's true.

On another note I've taken charge of the World History project and I'm half way done. When Brad finds out he'll be mad but I don't care. I am really frustrated though because I'm pretending that I'm doing what Brad wants and I'm having trouble telling him to shut up because I've taken care of it. But in a few more days Brad will be out of my hair and this torture will end.

The science fair is quickly approaching and Serena agreed we should add in the time the geckos have survived to the report. The little critters are at her house until the science fair, I miss Mariana and Matilda (that's what we named them)! I'm starting to get nervous about the fair; I hope we win, if not that, then at least place!

I finally have something new to write about. This is because I got my first job. I'm working at an animal shelter; I'll be working with the dogs there. I'll be walking, feeding, and socializing a group of about twenty-five dogs. I will be working there on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. It pays just over minimum wage, but the money isn't that important; I picked this job because, unlike waitressing, I'll have fun.

That is all for now. I am off to have a hot fudge sundae, hurray!

Until I write again,