My mom was kidnap for her specials powers and now I was headed toward some freaky school called 'North Central Academy.' As I was walking up the pathway to this school which happens to be in Canada and not to mention it was snowing. I hate the cold. Where I come from it's sunny all the time well most of the time since its Miami. Anyway as I was walking up on the long pathway when I felt a massive headache start to form on the left side of my head. As I made my way to the gate. The security was all like," Halt who goes there." "Um.. I'm the new s-" and that's went it hit me like an atom bomb, my breathing stop and the locket I found with the note from my mother felt like it was burning a hole in my chest. I remember from the note she left me, 'I'm sorry for the pain we 'cause you and the pain in the near future. You have to understand it was your choice and we did it 'cause we love you.' "Hey. Are you alright Miss?" the security said. Then I did what I could only do, I passed out. I heard quick footsteps and shouting. As the headache surpass I felt myself actually awaking. As I open my eyes I saw different faces. "Hello." said a male voice. "Hey." said a female voice. "Sweetie what's your name?" said the guy voice again. I cleared my throat. "My name is Isabel Palmer." I heard gasps. I heard someone say, 'Teresa's' daughter.' "Yea I'm her daughter.'' "We have been expecting you, but where is your mother?'' "She…she is the hospital." "Oh you poor thing.'' said a women running to meet me. As soon as I saw her face my migraine return. I yelp in pain. "Careful her memories are returning." said a male voice. "What are your names?" "Mine is Max." said the male. "I'm Sandy." said the female voice. "And I'm the women who just made you get that nasty, nasty headache, Amy." "Um where am I?" "Oh! Your in the office of the school." said Max. Then they started to give me a lecture of the school. We had uniform and everything. Like I was going to wear their tacky uniform. Anyway my classes didn't start till tomorrow so I just sat their till they were done. "Ok now let me show you where you'll be staying." said Amy. I walk out with her. As we exit out of the building and headed towards the dormitory she started to talk, "You should understand you'll be getting many headaches some worse then others. If I know your still the same kid from when you were little then I know you'll be brave. Right?' she said turning towards me. I looked at her then at the forest. "Sure." "Well here we are and your room is at the tippy top." I giggle. "At least I can make you laugh." I walked inside. It was like a ten-star hotel if their was any in the world. As I walk up the spiral staircase I couldn't but be amazed at the portraits and carving around the walls. Their were many doors, my guess the other kids rooms. After getting to my room I noticed that all of my things were there. I tried to unpacked and at least make everything more organized which lets face, its heard for me. I braided my hair into two pigtails. I try to settle into my bed as I close my eyes images quickly pass through my head and as that happen the burning locket and migraine return.