Stuck on Red. 01:10

The car came to a stop at the light. He reached down to his mp3 player that was lying on the seat next to him. He lowered the volume on the player so he wouldn't bother any of the cars next to him. This was the longest red light he had come across lasting over a minute. He looked around. There was a couch bus in the turn lane next to him on the left. He looked up at the tinted windows wondering if anybody would be looking out of them. To his surprise he found someone not only looking out, but she was looking right at him.

As soon as she released he was looking back she turned away shyly. Surprised and a little embarrassed he looked forward and checked the light. It was still stuck on red. She was very pretty. Blond hair put back into a ponytail. Blue eyes, or at least they looked blue through the tinted glass but her blue shirt seemed to draw out the color of her eyes. He could feel a smirk tugging on the edge of his mouth. Out of the corner of his eyes he saw her look back.

He looked back at her and she didn't turn away. Nervous he looked back at the light; it was still stuck on red. As soon as he saw the light was red he looked back, hoping she was still looking. She was. The smirk tugged harder. She smiled at him and her eyes seemed to light up. She quickly turned to the person next to her excitedly.

There was something about her smile; something more to it. A song by Kutless popped into his head. She turned back smile still on her face. He smiled back; probably the first 'real' smile he had made in days. She lifted her hand slowly and waved. He waved back. She got excited and had a little bounce to her as she turned back to the person next to her.

Having nothing else to do he checked the light again; red. As he glanced at the light he thought of trying to get her number or give his to her. He looked around. There was nothing to write on. He opened the glove box, looking franticly for something to use, but the only thing in there was the insurance and registration papers for his vehicle. Finding nothing he looked back to the bus.

She was looking at him smiling. He smiled back. They looked into each other's eyes for what seemed like a few minutes. Something out of the corner of his eye caused him to turn his head forward. She followed his gaze. The turn signal had changed to green and the cars in front of the bus started pulling out into the intersection. They both looked back at each other, the smile fading from both of their faces.

The bus started moving forward. He tried to give her another good smile, but found it hard not wanting her to disappear.

She formed a half smile and put her hand on the window. He lifted his hand also. The bust started to turn and he was about to lose sight of her. He waved before she was gone. He saw that beautiful smile form once more as she waved back before the bus finished the turn blocking his view of her. He sat there in partial shock, thinking about what had just happened. The light in front of him changed to green and the cars started moving. As he car crossed the intersection he could see the bus in the distance.

'Why couldn't the light have stayed stuck on red for longer?' he asked himself as he tried to get turned around, but the traffic was too heavy as it was the start of rush hour.


Ever since that day he got stuck at the light he keeps a piece of paper with his number in his car at all times…