Title: Like Air
Denny Starbucks
incest, shounen-ai
SLASH,incest. Rei never really looks at his paintings anyway.
Author's Note/s:
It's three in the morning~ XD hiiiiiiiiiiii~ ...enjoy?

WTH. This was supposed to be a drabble. D:

He was just invisible.

Over the years Rei has developed a sort-of reflex that let's him follow his brother as if on autopilot when the older announces that he'd be working for the rest of the morning upstairs. It's the only time he gets to sit with his brother in silence without the latter looking so annoyed. It was also the only time Sirius doesn't question his being there or why on earth he would never place the chair beside him if he was going to watch the painting come to life...or something of the sort.

Hazel eyes follow the tan hand lightly dabbing the brush on the blue paint. He watches without missing a single motion and almost regrets having to blink because his body requires that of him. It doesn't bother him, how captivated he is by his brother's work.

Or Sirius himself, he isn't sure.

At times he would find his gaze drifting away from the hand or the painting and instead, his eyes shamelessly trace the contours of Sirius' face. The older is so wrapped up in his work that he doesn't notice his brother watching him so intently. Rei observes quietly, despite this. He notes the way Sirius tilts his head to the side and his eyes just follow along the line of his neck, idly wondering what it would be like to trace feather-light kisses on it right now. He wonders if Sirius would laugh or look or notice.

He gives himself a good mental kick before he loses himself to those thoughts and straightens up on his seat.

It was a good thing he sat a few feet away from him and not beside him.

The turn out would've probably been different had he placed the high stool right beside Sirius instead of behind him.

Then again, he thinks to himself. Whether he would do anything to him or not (while Sirius was working) wouldn't make much of a difference.

The other would just pause for a little bit and look annoyed, maybe wave his hand a bit, as if trying to get rid of a fly. Hell, he might not even do anything at all. Sirius wouldn't look at anything but his work until he was done.

...come to think of it, Sirius didn't look at anything. Or care for much.

Right now Sirius couldn't see him. He isn't aware of anything but his own movements.

Like air, Rei is invisible.

At least he'd like to put it that way --because in whatever way you look at it, Sirius would need air.

But did Sirius need him?

...at all?

He sighs, hanging his head in defeat. It wasn't the first time his train of thought had failed him.

He wasn't air.

Sirius didn't need him.

He was just invisible.

Rei tries his best not to choke, feeling something inside of him swell painfully against his chest. He tries not to clutch it, cry and run away.

"...what do you think?"

For once, Rei looks up at Sirius. Gray-blue eyes unsure, a little bit tired but accomplishment was evident in them.

Then again, Rei thinks again. It was quite possible that Rei wasn't the one that could not be seen.

But something else entirely.

Tucked away for no one else to know but him.

He feels as if he is going into cardiac arrest when he takes all those thoughts into account,

"It's perfect,"

Rei isn't looking at the painting.

He never really is, anyway.

Author: R&R, yeah? ahg. I HAVE SPOTTED THE OFFENDING TYPO/S. there are probably more but whatever. i don't really care anymore aaaaaaaaaand reindors was meant to be obsessed...like that, fyi. :3 i hope to write more of that soon~ very soon.