I can't believe it, but I'm taking Secret Stalker off this site. It's really weird, because this is the first place where I shared this story. I am really sorry I never put up a full new rewrite and hope those who were able to read the first draft enjoyed it despite my mediocre writing skills around that time period. I have not touched this story in a long time and feel like the premise has promise but everything else needs some major work, so I am going to take yet another step back and try looking at this some time in the future. However, I in no way guarantee I will come up with anything productive for this story.

Because I've had two scams offering to buy the rights to He Called Me Beautiful, I am taking my work off the site. As stated in the other chapters, I can now be found as JelsaSimoneMepsey on Wattpad if you would like to continue following me. Thank you for all your support over all these years on my various work, especially this piece. It means the world to me.