It seems a lonely life to live
When one has nothing left to give
And all the world is nothing more
Than weeping ghosts that lived before.

Love will scarcely last for'er
When beating bonds begin to sever
I wait for my own tears to fall
And pray that I don't fall at all.

Love can scarcely last for long
When other's hearts don't sing along
And dreams are nothing more than mist
That cannot, in real life, exist.

The heart, though it can beat alone,
Is often said to be like stone -
When two collide, the weaker breaks;
The other barely feels the aches.

Is this the life we're forced to live
When we have nothing left to give
And the world appears as nothing more
Than lonely ghosts that lived before?

A/N: I feel alone here and cold here, oh I don't wanna dieā€¦ ['Cut' by Plumb]

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