Recess, that wonderful time of school, has begun. As everybody rushed out, Ron pulled out his sidewalk chalk from his locker. At the same time, at the other end of school, Carl also pulled out sidewalk chalk from his locker. Ron pulled out a blue stick of chalk as he approached the playground. He knelt down on the sidewalk, and started drawing.

A minute later, Carl walked outside with a red stick of chalk. He sat about 5 feet away from Ron, and started drawing as well. About 15 minutes later, they had drawn on about 4 feet of sidewalk. Neither of them had noticed each other. All was calm until Ron drew some blue on Carl's red. Carl then noticed the intruding blue.

"What's the big idea drawing on my artwork?" Carl asked. Ron looked at the blue he had drawn on Carl's drawing. "Sorry. I didn't notice that you drew there." "Oh, like THAT'S going to work! You knew that I was drawing! Think your artwork's better than mine, huh?" Ron looked at Carl's artwork for a few moments. "Uh, your artwork sucks. No offense, but it needs work." "What?!" Carl yelled. "My artwork does not suck! I believe you should be saying that about yours!"

After 3 minutes of arguing, Ron finally said, "Fine! I'll send the entire U.S. Army over to your secret military base to attack!". He drew an army near Carl's drawing of a military base. Carl got mad and said, "Well, my military kills your army and takes over your 2 planets!" Carl draws blood on Ron's soldiers and draws his soldiers on Ron's drawing of 2 made up planets. "Well, the people on my planets go against your ideas and kill your soldiers!" "I call my infantry over to you're garden and burn it to ashes!" "Not unless I have my garden hose!" "I clog up the hose, so the fire burns the garden anyways!" "But the flame sucks in size, so it only burns a piece of grass!" "But I'll throw a match on the flame to make it bigger!" "But I throw water on the match to eliminate the fire! Plus, I'll send my army of mages to put a water shield over my garden!" "But I kill their leader and destroy the kingdom they came from!" "THAT'S IT! I BLOW UP ALL YOUR GUYS! GAME'S OVER!" Carl got depressed. "Aw, come on! One more round?" he asked.