Title: Quite Possibly Perfection
Author: Denny Starbucks
Rating: T
Warnings: Incest…the usual. -_-"
Summary: SLASH-INCEST. his brother comes home drunk, scared and helpless. rei doesn't see any of the three.
Author's Note: I thought the obsession needed a reason and something like this kept plaguing my thoughts through out the day I couldn't concentrate~ so I decided to finally write it. At 4:34am. (god, i feel like such a weirdo for writing stories in the dark at 4am...) Excuse the typos. I am drinking iced coffee that isn't cold because I forgot to put it in the fridge again…the ice is in the kitchen, which is on the third floor. I wish we didn't have floors ;_; --anyways, on to the story.

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okay, okay. enjoy~ (a drunk sirius and a very confused fourteen year old boy)

Perfect in every way you looked at him.

Rei frowns.


A bit scared.

Very, very confused.

He swallows the lump in his throat as he adjusts the weight on top of him. If only he was the one who new all those different kinds of martial arts and not his brother. Honestly, he thinks to himself. Why on earth would God put him in a situation like this?

"S-sirius, get off me--" he tries.

Sirius tries too, using a hand to make some sort of attempt to get up off the floor (well, his brother, really).

He fails and falls back down and lands on his brother again, a small 'oof' sounding from beneath him.

His brother has just failed.

But then again, this cannot be counted as a true failure because Sirius has all the reason to do something so unlike himself. Currently, the older is reaking of gin, what other explaination could a person possibly need?

Thus, Rei decides that this doesn't count as a shortcoming and instead busies himself with pushing his brother off. However, no matter how much tries to block out the thoughts of his brother coming home smelling of alcohol and a bit of smoke (he prays silently that Sirius didn't cause that himself), the idea of his brother being capable of this was unnerving.

He'd been that sheltered from reality all along?

His views of his brother were so patronizing, he realizes and doesn't doubt that it was something to do with the image he's painted for him. Perfect in every way you looked at him. In any angle, inside or out.

Sirius is really good at anything that is related to art (that is art), Sirius is good at writing, Sirius is good at doing household work, he is good at cooking, staying focused and well, pretty much everything. At least that is until he is forced to a show down.

Sirius du Noir VS Alcoholic drink.

"Guess who won?" Rei mutters to himself sarcastically as he, this time, pushes him up the best that he could.

He does so only to some extent and ends up rolling Sirius over beside him.

The night air is cold.

The front door is also open.

Before anything else, he closes it.

Turning back to the thing lying on the floor (whom he refuses to believe is his older brother), he is caught off guard by the things (he refuses to believe those are tears) running down his brother's cheek, making a small puddle on the floor.

He isn't crying.

Rei only knows of two things to do at a time like this.

Frown and look confused.

"Sirius..." he trails off, hesitating before he moves to crouch down beside his brother.

"Is Dad home?"

Rei blinks.


"Is Dad home?" It sounds like more of a demand now, rather than a question.

"N-no. He left a little after dinner."

Why would his brother ask something like that at a time like this?

Rei has momentarily forgotten that his brother is drunk but he doesn't ask.

"Oh good," he hears him murmur, rolling over to lie on his back.

Rei is now even more bewildered than he has initially started out to be. It doesn't seem like Sirius is willing to elaborate. He never seems like he does anyway.

"Do me a favor." His brother says, closing his eyes. He doesn't bother with waiting for approval, "don't tell him."

It takes a good five minutes for Rei to realize that his brother has passed out beside him and that he needs to do something about that if he was going to do the favor.

Despite the emphasis of the if, he now has his brother draped over his back and he is also working on trying to get up the stairs without injuring them both. Twelve steps didn't seem like a lot before. He isn't sure how he's managed six steps but hey, he has and refrains from questioning it.

But then Rei begins to feel the strain in his arms when he stops by the threshold of the bathroom door.

He doesn't know why but his instincts have lead him to the bathroom inside his brother's room.

He also doesn't know why he has decided to stop and let himself be aware of how much pain his arms were going through.

Nevertheless, he has a mission to complete, Rei reminds himself and rests his brother against the tiled bathroom wall beside the bathtub, letting the warm water run while he tries to figure out what to do next.

And another good five minutes is wasted staring at Sirius.

He eyes him carefully with hazel eyes, not sure why his lips are slightly parted when he notes certain points (mussed black hair, heavy breathing, a shirt that needs to be buttoned down--) and oh yes. That.

Regaining his composure he (cautiously) starts working on the buttons on the shirt, determined not to let odd fourteen-year-old boy thoughts take over his mind. He sighs, bites his lip and discards it to the side, folding it neatly, just like his brother taught him to.

He immediately regrets turning back to think about what to do next because nobody is there to whack the common sense into him when he decides to take in the sight before him like he was observing scenery at a field trip. He was, in fact the type to stare and soak in everything like a sponge would to water.

The sound of Sirius hitting his head against the sink beside him thankfully, brought him back,

"Oh god, are you alright?"

Sirius clutches his head in pain and glares, "do I look like I am?"

Rei wastes no time in pulling Sirius up by his wrists and moving (awkwardly so) to bring him into the tub of warm water. It spalshes into his face lightly when before his brother settles in. He watches as Sirius leans against the wall behind him, still with a hand to his head, holding the painful side.

For the longest time Rei doesn't say anything, nor does he ask.

He is just quiet as he watches the water drip down from his hair to his neck and then down to where the water stops just right below his shoulders.

"A little help," Sirius states, sinking down into the water further, his head the only part of his body showing.

Rei smiles a little, grabbing the body of shampoo from the rack just above his head. He pours a generous amount on his hand and rubs his them together before working on his brother's hair. He is lightly amused when he sees white suds and little bubbles, it's childish of him but he doesn't really care. This, somehow, felt now.

He wasn't, at all, trying to figure out how Sirius felt at the moment.

It was just him rather liking the situation at the moment.

In fact, he is so wrapped up in whatever has happened in the past few minutes that he only notices now that the suds have started running down Sirius' eyes.

"Aah, sorry," he manages feebly, embarrassed, at least his brother's eyes were closed.

"Could you...er,"

Sirius doesn't need things to be clarified for him.

He lifts a hand up to rub the soap away and uses the water to get rid of the ones on his face that were bothering him.

Rei opens the faucet (the shower was too high up, and he much preferred to stay kneeling beside the bathtub like that), letting the water run while he rinsed the shampoo out of his brother's hair.

"Do I still smell like alcohol?"

He doesn't anymore, Rei is sure of that.

He can smell him from he is already --but he lets his guard down a bit and leans forward, only to be pulled into the tub himself, "strategically" positioned to look as if he is straddling his brother.

This is probably the wrong time to notice that the water is chest level to his brother.

"You forgot to take my pants off," Sirius smirks, a still very intoxicated smirk. He doesn't smell the part though, much less look like it.

Rei flushes.

"Did I have to?"

Sirius shakes his head slightly, "No. But you wanted too." A devilishly drunken smile.


Is all he could say before his lips are captured into a kiss.

A kiss that, despite having no meaning to it, will haunt him for the rest of his life.

He doesn't know why, but moments later, he is leaning against his brother, burrying his head into his neck, inside a bathtub at three in the morning.

"Dad used to do this when I small." Sirius muses, more to himself than to Rei.

"You used to give him baths at this time of day and he'd pull you into the bathtub and--"

"No," Sirius chuckles, "but he used to give me baths when I had really bad days. It cheered me up for some reason." He shrugs.

"He used to kiss me too."

Rei is only mildly surprised.

"Kind of like this?" He leans up, tracing the line of his brother's jaw with butterfly kisses until he reaches his lips, where he stops.

"Yeah," Sirius closes the gap in between, not really caring if the younger was ready for that or not.

"But we'll need to work on that sometime." He laughs again and Rei sighs.

Everything is quiet for awhile, each of them absored in their own thoughts and the only sound that could be heard was the movement from and the water as he moved back a bit to, for some reason, get a better look at his brother.

His blue-gray eyes (though looking quite tired) are fixated on a seemingly interesting tile on the wall.

Rei stares at him, although differently this time.

"Brother are you...still drunk?"

Sirius nods a little and then yawns.

Rei can't see it.

The person right across from him is still not a drunk seventeen-year-old boy.

Another image is stuck in his head.

Sirius leaning against the tiled wall beside the bathtub, more or less unconscious (mussed black hair, heavy breathing, a shirt that needs to be buttoned down--). He sees both the golden-boy and the one that broke down in front of him as just one person.

Just Sirius du Noir.

Rei blinks.

Bites his lips.

Shakes his head and straightens himself up (as much as he possibly could).

He places a hand on the wall behind his brother and pushes against him, pressing a steady kiss on his brother's lips. Rei hasn't kissed him like that before.

And when he breaks apart and comes back to do the same, only in shorter intervals with no restriction to just Sirius' mouth, Rei would realize something new.

I lost my first kiss inside a bathtub.

Where his brother's neck and shoulder connected.

I don't care.

On his neck.

To Sirius du Noir.

Where his brother's jaw and neck connected.

I still don't care.

On his lips.

To my brother.

And finally, at the exact moment a valuable piece of information hits him.

"Next time, kids, don't leave the bathroom door open."

...when did dad get home?

Author's Note: Yes, yes~ it is partially Sirius' fault. In my (non-existent) book, that is. :D aah, I'm sorry if you get sick of this pairing. :

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