My name is Jane Beckett.

My parents were obviously psychic in giving me that name because I'm as plain Jane as they come.

I have straight brown hair, brown eyes, and as my friends like to call it, pigmentally challenged skin.

I'm a junior in high school. I'm not popular; I'm not a geek either.

I take that back, I'm sorta a geek. I love manga and comics. I like cartoons and anime. Yes there is a difference, don't argue with me, I'll win. My hobby is drawing. I applied for Julliard though; I want to be a pianist for my big brother's club.

The Falling Star, a club for only the best. That's probably the only out of the ordinary thing about me.

My brother is Lucifer, no really. Not the devil one, my parents just have a freak-naming streak. Lucifer, or Lu as I call him is a real devil. He's tall, obnoxious, loud, mouthy, perverted, and a total ladies man. He's smart and witty, which is sort of ironic because he has a degree from Harvard, he just never bothers to use it.

Now you may be wondering where I'm going with all this bullshit useless information.

Hold your horses, I'm getting there.

Like I said, my name is Jane Beckett, and I'm as plain as they can get.

So it doesn't make sense that when I came home from school today that upon entering my room the most popular guy from said school is standing in the middle of my room half naked.

I'll let that information sink in a bit.

"Hey Janie" Bradley Parks flashes his million watt smile at me.

"Don't call me Janie" I growl.

Bradley Parks is the very epitome of "tall, dark, and handsome". He's six foot something, with shimmering blue eyes and black hair that constantly looks windswept. He's on the school's football team and is the track star. Bradley Parks is also my other brother's best friend. I don't know how the hell he did it, but my brother some how got to be popular. Maybe it's because ever since Lu hit puberty he's had the entire city eating out of his hands and, now has moved on to bigger things (like say, the world), everyone, and I mean everyone has focused their sights on the second Beckett to ever grace this town, Julian Beckett.

Jules, or Julian is my older brother, a senior. What can I say? Our parents like to get it on, frequently, like little bunnies.

I hope I ruined rabbits for you.

Jules is everything I'm not, and I love him for it. He's tall, he's gorgeous (just because I'm his sister doesn't mean I'm blind people, get a grip it isn't incest), he's smart, he's athletic, and (gasp) he has a social life.

Well fuckity do da, shittity yay! I don't care!

So while mom and dad fuss over him and making sure his social life is all in order, I can sit back and relax while making sure everything in my life is on track for going to Julliard! WOOHOO!


Everything was going along to my perfect plan for Julliard until Bradley showed up. Stupid asshole jerk. Every single time he comes over he somehow manages to make me look stupid. A feat few have managed to pull off. I am convinced that he was put on this earth to annoy the hell out of me.

Jules and Bradley go way back, kindergarten back. Yes, I've been an orderly child; I've had my eyes on the prize since I could talk. Some kids say "mommy", some say "daddy" I said "Julliard". Jules says I have serious OCD issues, Lu says I'm obsessive; I just say I think intensely.

Ever since that first day of kindergarten I've hated him. He took my juice box.

Normally I wouldn't be so petty over a juice box. It's what he did with it once he took it that made me mad.

He poured it down my shirt.

Cranberry juice and a white jumper don't mix well. To tell you the truth, I can't envision a life without him though. I mean, I can't remember the last time I wasn't the paranoid bitch I am today. Just goes to show that childhood tragedies can form a person for life.

At on point I did think was going to be rid of him too. We moved to a new state, I was practically crying with joy when Jules said that Brad and his folks were coming with.

Joy killer.

"What the hell are you doing?" I hissed at him, and where the heck were his clothes?

"What does it look like I'm doing Janie?" He spread out his arms and smirking in that arrogant "you-know-you-want-this" fashion.

"It looks like your standing half naked in my room for no apparent reason." And was about to get a good kick to the balls.

"Dude there you are" I jumped at the sound of Jules' voice.

"Jules get this cockroach outta my room!" My room, my sanctuary, I don't need cockroaches in it. If nuclear weapons can't kill them there's no way I'm going to succeed. Brad pouted.

"That hurts Janie, right here." His finger tapped his chest right on his heart. I tried to avoid how good his muscles looked when they flexed. I glared at him as he walked out of my room, when he was out of sight I pinned the glare on Jules. I gave him the look. You know, that look that certain people give out that makes you want to cry? Yea, I totally owned that look.

"We're going swimming." I raise my eyebrow. He looks sheepish.

"I thought you might have an extra towel." I swear I felt my cheek twitch. "Do you have an extra towel?" Without breaking eye contact I take two steps over to my dresser and open the bottom most drawer, pulling out a light green towel. I throw it at him. He quickly exits my room and runs down the stairs, his voice echoes up through our airy house "Thanks sis!" I stare at the spot he just occupied.

I sigh and close the door. I flop down face first on my queen sized bed. I pull Jill the Rabbit from her spot at the head of my bed to my chest.

"Jill, sometimes I think you're the only one who actually cares" she probably is the only one who cares.

I put Jill back and sit up, I had no homework, the result of being an intense thinker is that I turn all my homework in a head of time. I pull out a random manga from a shelf and start reading. There'd be plenty of time to sulk about the carelessness of my acquaintances later.

As I slammed the door to my silver Toyota a peppy voice shrilled my name, ripping through two octaves and my eardrums in the process. I winced as I locked the doors, surprised that the alarms in other cars didn't go off.

"JANE BECKETT!!!" Oh dear lord just kill me now…

A blonde haired, blue eyed, stereotypical cheerleader stood heaving at the end of the parking lot. Which is two spaces from my car. By stereotypical cheerleader I mean the ones you always see in cartoons, the bitchy kind that sleep around and gossip. The kind that know everything going on in the social scene but nothing about how circumference is equal to diameter times pi. The kind that knows everything about everyone popular because they're freak stalkers that always watch their prey, I mean… "love interests".

"You." She jabs a finger in my direction.


"You!" She repeats as if saying the word would make me understand everything.

"Yes, me" I say calmly. I talk in the voice I usually reserve for two year olds.

"BITCH!" I think we all know that, I try to walk around her, her cronies block my path, bitches. I shift my messenger bag to a more comfortable position, it looks like I'm going to be here for a while.

"We told you to stay away from Brad." One of the girls blocking my way hisses.

"And I did, I do, I will" I calmly tell her.

"Then why was he at your house?"

"Maybe because my brother is captain of the football team and track? Maybe they wanted to talk game plans?" Seriously, every time they have a "team meeting" or an "after party" it's at our house, and you know who gets stuck with the bitch squad afterwards? Yours truly.

"Keep your claws away from him you whore!" I look from my blunt nails to her vivid red talons.

"You do know what a whore is right?" I ask. "Because I'm not getting paid to do anything."

"Hey Lady Beckett!" A large hand slaps itself on my shoulder. I turn and grin.

"Why Sir Galae! What a pleasant surprise!" Being the little sister of the football and track captain I knew all the players and members by heart. I knew every recruit, every strategy, and every game time and location like the back of my hand. If you can't find the captain, find his sister.

Zeke Galae was the star linebacker of the football team. Tall, muscular, and bronze haired. He was a close third in popularity in the school. He was also her knight in shining armor when it came to protection from the bitching hoards of whores that threw themselves at her brother and Brad's feet.

"Lady Beckett, shall we escort you to class?" I turned to face Zeke's competition for third, my other knight in shining armor. Dean Hunter, another member of the football team, he was also tall and muscular, except he had brown hair.

All the members of the football and track teams were my friends, my only friends. Pity they were all guys. In all the world I have one friend who is a girl.

Cue friend now.

"Hey Dean! Zeke! Jane where the hell have you been?" A fiery red head popped into my vision. Her deep amber eyes laughing at me, bitch probably knew the entire time.

"Alice, you ass, you saw all of that didn't you?"

"Now Jane, watch that mouth of yours." She gave me a condescending smile linking her arm with mine as we headed to my locker. I sent a wave over my shoulder at Zeke and Dean.

"Thanks guys!" I called.

"No prob Lady Beckett!" They waved and headed over to their jock friends.

I was Lady Beckett because I was sister of the "Prince" of our school, and the former "King" (Lu). That and I was the one lady among all the jocks, they all knew I could kick their asses anytime. And I have too. Sadly this also meant I was sorta untouchable to the "regular folk". Sad ain't it?

"So what the hell was that bitch fest about?" Alice asked, yanking me out of my pity party.

"No idea. There's always something though." I pull out my Calc. textbook from my locker, placing my lunch and a binder in its place. I slam the red locker closed and reset the lock, not that there'd be anything good to steal. If anything the lock is probably worth more than the shitty stuff inside. Unless someone wanted a tuna sandwich, in that case go ahead, take it, I hate tuna. I'd probably end up trading with Dean or some other guy later.

As we head to Calc I take the time to review how much of an impact my brother and Brad make on my life. I have to admit; the stats aren't looking very good.

"Did you get number four?"

"Which assignment?"


"Meh, stupid proof that involves some geometry formulas." We slide into our seats near the window. She gives me a funny look. Do I have something on my face? I rub my mouth just in case.

"You know what today is right?" What the hell does that have to do with anything?

"Tuesday?" She gave me an even funnier look.



"Do you have a date?"

"No" She's asked me if I've had a date for homecoming everyday for the last two months. She even made me buy a dress. It was something a little to risky for my tastes, but I figured since I wasn't going I'd never wear it. It was a strapless white number with black lace trims on the bottom. It hugged my chest and waist, flaring at the hips. The bodice was beaded and it had a thin white matching shawl with more black lace sewn over it. She even got me matching shoes, black three-inch heels that'd probably kill me if I dared put them on.

"Come on! You have the entire track and football teams at your beck and call, how can you not have a date?" For some strange reason Alice thought I actually attracted guys. I think it's probably because they want a spot on the team. She thinks it's because, in her words, underneath my ice cold bitch exterior there's a smoldering hot sex kitten.

Whatever she's on I really want a piece of. It must be damn strong.

She heaved a dramatic sigh.

"Who's Brad going with?"

"How the hell would I know?"

"He's like, always around."

"My brother."


"Did I hear my name?" Shoot me now.

"Hearing things now are we?" I snarl, whirling around to face him. Lucky me I have him for three out of my six classes. Calc, PE, and Home Ec.

"So Brad, do you have a date for homecoming?" Alice asks.

"Actually, I'd like to talk to you about that." He frowns and turns to me. "Janie, will you go to homecoming with me?" I swear, if my jaw weren't attached to my mouth it'd have rolled out the door. I turn around, the foolish hope that there's someone else named Jane or Janie sitting behind me that he could be referring to.

"Excuse me?"

"Will you go to homecoming with me?" He repeats, his eyes earnest. This has gotta be a joke.


"Yes." He looks amused.

"With me?"

"I believe I said that, yes." A grin threatens to crack across his face.


"Who else?" His eyes sparkle.

"With me?"

"I think I've answered that already…"

"You're shitting me." I deadpan. No one asks Jane Beckett out. No one.

"I shit you not." He raises a brow.

"No." I answer at the same time Alice says, "She'd love to." I elbow her as hard as I can. Brad has asked me out once a week, every week, even during vacation times, since sixth grade. That means I was in fifth. And every time he asked I said "no". There's no telling if it's a joke or not when it comes to Bradley Parks.

You know what sucks about that?

Some part of me wishes he wasn't joking. Even if he is my arch nemesis no girl ever wants to be asked out on a joke. If there is one I'd gladly switch places with her.

Before we can speak more the teacher walks in and starts his lecture.

Later during P.E. Brad, Zeke, Dean and some other football players are talking, just because they're on a sport team doesn't mean they're excused from the "official" physical education class.

We're running laps for a warm up, and I can't help but notice how the sweat causes Brad's shirt to stick to his washboard chest. Hey, it's not a crime to notice. Alice catches my eye and smirks.



Brad notices us and jogs over.

"Hello Janie, Alice." She flashes us a smile and walks over to talk with Dean. They've been crushing on each other since freshman year, it's a pity they don't realize it, they'd make such a cute couple.

"So Janie" he starts, I interrupt him.

"Don't call me Janie." He continues without noticing my interruption.

"Will you go to the homecoming dance with me?"

"No" I pan out and turn to follow Alice, his hand stops me.

"Why not?" he demands, he honestly looks and sounds like a toddler with that tone of voice.

"What do you mean why not?" I swat his hand off my shoulder.

"I mean why won't you go to homecoming with me?"

"You have hoards of girls dying to go with you and yet you choose me. Really Brad, pick someone who actually wants to go." I turn around and his response is so quiet and unexpected that I doubt I even heard it.

"But I only want to go with you"

Our home Ec. Teacher is absent today, so we all get to laze around. This is the only class Alice and I don't share. None of the other guys are here though, except for Brad. Sadly we must sit together too. I hate assigned seating.

Everyone's caught up in his or her own little chatter to notice us. Home Ec, luckily is full of average Joes, the kinds I wanna be so they don't really care about the popular or the untouchable.

"Jane" This is new.

"Bradley" I say flipping through the latest volume of Loveless. I sigh, Ritsuka is so cute.

"Jane." He repeats a little more earnestly. I keep reading. He "tsks" and plucks the book from my hands.

"Hey!" I grab for my book, I swear if he bends the spine he's getting me a new one.

"Jane, we need to talk." He sounds serious; I look at his face and frown.

His blue eyes are upset, like a stormy sea.

"Talk" The sooner he talks the sooner I get to know what happens to Ritsuka.

"You hate me." He says.

"Hate is such a strong, accurate word." His perfect mouth pulls into a frown. Wait did I just think what I think I did? The stress is getting to me. I can't help but notice that the frown doesn't fit his face. I'm so used to seeing him joking around that the frown looks out of place. Alien on his naturally happy appearance. I realize that I must be staring so I blink and pointedly look at my Pocky wrapper covered binder. I outline one of the miniature strawberry designs with my pencil.

My manga slides in place at the top of my desk a few seconds later, before I can grab for it Brad places a hand under my chin and turns my face back towards his. I jerk back.

"It's called personal space Parks." I snap. I see him clench his jaw.

"Jane, why do you hate me?" Was he kidding?

"Why shouldn't I hate you? You've been mean to me since the first day we met, and you've been making fun of me since forever! You've annoyed the hell out of me like it's your life's purpose starting from day one! You're always around! Always there! I don't have time to not hate you!" I grab my book and start reading. Bradley grabs my face again and this time he leans in until I can feel his breath on my face. My heart stutters before jumping into a galloping sprint. I hope he couldn't hear that. His blue eyes are searing in their intensity.

His lips crash onto mine. I stiffen, shocked and gasp. Wrong move, his tongue slips into mine and starts to swirl around. I'm sure that if I hadn't been sitting down I would've collapsed. I shove him away and glare.

"What the hell Brad??" I hiss. Thankfully no one noticed.

"I love you Jane." My glare melts into an astonished stare. "I've liked you since kindergarten, I've loved you since sixth grade. I've been crazy about you since freshman year. Jane I love you" He looks so serious. Anger suddenly surges up from me, and I don't know where it's coming from.

"No you don't" my voice is surprisingly steady and confidence.

"If you loved me you wouldn't be so mean to me, if you loved me you wouldn't go out with all those girls, if you loved me you wouldn't be so damn annoying" I don't know where all of this is coming from, but where ever it is it just keeps coming.

"If you loved me you wouldn't have made fun of me and taken so many shots at me, if you loved me you wouldn't have put that snake in my bed when I was twelve, you wouldn't have gone out with my best friend when I was thirteen, you wouldn't have ruined my project on the French Revolution humiliating me in my freshman year, you wouldn't have scared off my only boyfriend when I was 15, you wouldn't have caused me such trouble with all those whores who call themselves your fanclub for my entire high school life! If you loved me you would have stopped me from hating you so much!"

My voice is almost hysterical at the end. The confidence it had fading.

My little rant is finished and he's just staring at me, his blue eyes look dead. They flatten and he turns away.

Suddenly Ritsuka and his problems can't hold my interest.

It's an hour before homecoming. Julian's already gone to pick up his date and the rest of the guys, Lu is home from work and probably smoking out back, our parents are off on business as usual. Alice is probably getting ready for her date with Dean, which she claims to be strictly as "friends".

I'm in my room cuddling Jill the rabbit while staring at the ceiling.

In my plaid flannel pajamas, wearing Jules' old jersey.

"What the hell are you doing?" I lift my head to stare at the door. Lu's lean frame is leaning against my desk. He's wearing an old pair of jeans and a plain t-shirt, and he still looks hot. Sometimes I wish I had those genes, maybe then I might understand what the hell Brad sees in me. I mean, I'm plain Jane. There's nothing special about me.

"Nothing?" I reply, not sure what answer he wants before letting my head drop back onto the bed. I resume staring at the ceiling.

"Shouldn't you be getting ready for homecoming?" I feel the bed dip from where he's sitting. How'd he know it was homecoming?

"Jules told me Brad asked you out." I roll onto my stomach and stare at him from beneath my curtain of brown hair.

"What's it matter to you?" He looks affronted like I told him that liquor was indeed illegal for anyone under 16.

"I'm your brother, of course it matters to me that the successor to my title as King asked my little baby sister out. It also concerns me that you aren't ready yet." He stares at my jersey and pants in distain.

"I said no." I attempt to roll over to stare at the ceiling again but he rolls me back to face him.

"You said what?" His blue eyes flash, he got Dad's genes, lucky bastard. I was stuck with Mom's, not that Mom isn't pretty but I'd love to actually look nice according to today's standards of blonde haired and blue eyes.

"I said no" I frown.


"He was obviously joking."

"How do you know that?" He snaps.

"He said he loves me." Such bullshit.

"And you love him back." Lu says, like it's a simple fact of the world.

"EXCUSE ME?" I bolt up so fast that my head spins. He looks at me in something that looks like sympathy.

"You love him back, you being the stupid little thing you are, don't realize it. Don't worry, I think it adds to your Beckett charm." He crosses his legs and pats my head.

"Where do you get that asinine idea??" I nearly scream, hysterical.

"It's obvious Jane."

"Obvious how??" I thought I made it clear that I hated him.

"They way you smile whenever he's mentioned, the way you blush whenever he calls you 'Janie', the way you practically glare at whoever he goes out with or whatever girl you see near him." I did not do that. Maybe the last bit, but only because they were total skanks and he could do so much better…oh dear God.

I did not just think he could do better. My eyes widen. Lu lets out a satisfied grunt before he walks over to my closet and pulls out my dress and heels tossing them on my bed.

"If I were you I'd hurry, there are only ten minutes till homecoming starts, and I know that Brad's going whether you are or not, he's going with the guys." He smirks as I push him out of my room throwing the pajamas and jersey off, pulling on the dress I swore I'd never wear on along with the heels. I quickly run a brush through my hair and pull on the shawl.

I'm about to leave when I remember something and snatch it from my dresser before dashing out to my car.

I find him standing outside the gym leaning against his bright red mustang convertible. He looks upset.

"Brad." I whisper. I didn't think he'd hear me, but he does. He looks up and does a double take, like he saw a ghost.

"Janie?" he sounds hesitant, I don't blame the guy.

"Brad…I'm sorry." I mentally pat myself on the back for not tripping as I walk over to him, I stand about two feet in front of him, I look up at him. Here goes.

"I'm sorry Brad. I shouldn't have said such…mean things to you. But…I really didn't believe it. Brad, I don't know when I stopped hating you and started liking you. I guess you sorta grew on me. I hate it when you call me Janie, I hate it when you randomly pop up out of nowhere and start annoying me. I hate it when you act all arrogant; I hate it when you go out with those skanks because I think you can do so much better. I hate how I always feel left out and behind when you do that. But what I hate most is how much time I lost thinking I hated you." I take in a deep breath.

"I guess what I'm trying to say is, I love you Bradley Parks, I love you. And I don't know how, but by some strange miracle, you think you love me back. And because I'm a selfish bitch I'm not going to try and talk you out of this stupid delusion you have of that. So, can I go to homecoming with you?" During my little speech my eyes drifted downwards to my feet.


Crap…maybe he was joking after all? Heat floods my face, oh Jesus, if he was this must sound so stupid…

"I gave you that choker" I blink and look up at him.

I grabbed the choker from my dresser on my way out, it was lace and it covered most of my throat and it had a pointed tip that flowed down to the center of my collar bone with large teardrop shaped black gems. It was the first non-joking present he'd ever given me. It was a Valentines Day present. I wrote it off as an extra he got on accident.

"Yes, you did." He looks incredulous. He hesitantly reaches out and brushes my cheek, I lean into his touch.

"Jane…" he whispers.

"Brad." I sigh. He pushes off the car and wraps his arms around me, hesitant, like I might disappear, like I'm a hallucination.

"Jane, I…I'm sorry." He bows his head. "I admit, I'm not the greatest guy. But…all those times I went out with those girls, I just wanted your attention, whenever I show up, it's because I can't stay away from you. I told you Jane, you drive me crazy." He presses his forehead against the top of my head. "You're amazing Jane, you aren't a selfish bitch. You're anything but that, your just…amazing, plain and simple Jane. You're smart, and witty and funny, you know what your doing and headed for in life. I love you, everything about you, from the way you snap at me and it makes your eyes shine to the way you bite your lip when you're nervous. When you bite your nails when you can't understand something and when you roll your weight when you're impatient. I love everything about you Jane."

I wrap my arms around him and press my face into his chest. A sense of belonging washes over me, like I was lost and I should've been here this entire time. As cliché as that sounds, that's how it feels.

"I can't believe Bradley Parks likes Plain Jane Beckett". He pulls back and his smoldering eyes lock with mine. He presses our bodies closer together and he leans in, his lips hover over mine and he whispers.

"Anything but Jane, anything but." His lips crash onto mine for the second time that day, this time I don't push him back, I press against him and open my mouth to him willingly when his tongue begs entry.

When he part he whispers in my ear, "My sweet Janie…when will you ever see yourself clearly?" He sounds sort of disappointed.

"I don't know, maybe when you see me clearly." I hope he never did, because I know whatever he's seeing definitely isn't me; his description is accurate but sounds so…good.

"I do see you clearly Jane. And I love everything I see." I wonder if we're talking about the same person. As if reading my mind he continues.

"I love your straight brown hair, I love your eyes, I love how fair your skin is and how when you blush you look so red. I love how graceful you are, I love how you stand up to me, I love you Jane." He kneels down and pulls out a box. Holy Mother of Pearl…this isn't what I think this is…is it?

"Jane?" He opens the box and there's a silver ring with an onyx in it. "Promise that you'll someday be mine? Not now, maybe when you graduate from Julliard, or when you get your first job, then will you be mine forever?"

I stare at him. When he asked me out during Calc I thought he was joking. When he gave me this choker I thought it wasn't important. When he went out with all those girls I thought he was being a player. When he poured that juice down my jumper I thought he was being a jerk. When he asked again in P.E. I thought he was being stupid. When he kissed me in Home Ec I thought he was crazy. When he asked me to promise to be his someday I finally realized he was for real. I croak out "Yea…"

I used to think he was a jerk ass that liked playing with my head.

Now he's my jerk ass how likes playing with my head.

He slid the ring on my finger and kissed me again. I tak his arm as he leads me towards the gym doors.

My name is Jane Beckett.

My parents were obviously psychic in giving me that name because I'm as plain Jane as they come.

I have straight brown hair, brown eyes, and as my friends like to call it, pigmentally challenged skin.

I'm a junior in high school. I'm not popular; I'm not a geek either.

I take that back, I'm Lady Beckett, and I just got engaged to be engaged from King Parker.

I got my cliché happily ever after, after all.