Black Lightn' the living legend


The Abortion Assassin

It was a hot, slow going day in the city of Badlands. Matt, as usual around that time, was sitting in class. He'd just given his speech on same-sex marriage. He, being totally against it, gave many reasons why it should not be legalized He knew many of his peers would be against him and that there were even homosexuals in his class but that only gave him the determination to go further with his studies.

He knew he had to prove to every single student in that classroom that homosexual marriage is wrong. He used sources from scientific studies to psychological studies and of course religious studies. He not only used his own religion to combat homosexuality but also Christianity, Judaism, and even Zoroastrianism. He was fighting not only against same-sex marriage, but against homosexuality itself. Citing statistics that showed higher ratings of criminality, drug abuse, spouse abuse, alcohol abuse, psychological issues, and even being exposed to biological hazards, Matt made certain to show just how evil homosexuality is.

But rather than applauding Matt's hard work, determination, and class record breaking presentation length, the student audience was upset and condescending towards Matt. They didn't like anyone contradicting their thoughts. As much as they were always saying that people should accept other people's views, they were very unwilling to accept Matt's views and that made them hypocrites. But Matt didn't even care about the low ratings the students gave him. What really bothered him was his teacher going up to apologize for the presentation. Yes, the teacher, Mr. Broman actually had the nerve to deliberately undo everything Matt had just done and said by claiming that Matt wasn't necessarily right and that nobody had to listen to or believe him about that.

Right then and there Matt wanted to get up and blast Mr. Broman's head off. Instead, he sat there protesting in whispers to other students. The bell rang and Matt grabbed his backpack and left for third period. As he headed to the next building, his phone began to beep. He knew what that meant, so he rushed into the bathroom. But when he got in, he had to wait in line. The foul stench of urine, feces, vomit, and even marijuana smoke filled the air. Matt couldn't take it, he left the restroom choking from the foul odor.

He rushed over to the next restroom across the campus, dodging people left and right. Finally he made it into the restroom and for once there was no line to wait in. A horrid stench still filled the room but at least there was no smoke in it. After looking out for security guards Matt quickly shut the door and used his powers to light up the room. He pulled out his phone and looked at it. The report came up on screen that there'd been an attack at the nearest abortion clinic. It was said that bio-blunders were involved and that was enough for Matt.

He changed into his costume and hid his backpack in the air vent that he had to fly out of. "I don't think they'll miss me too much in Mrs. Daisy's class," he said to himself as he flew up into the sky. Once out of sight, Black Lightn' pulled out his phone and typed in the name of the clinic. Immediately the GPS program gave him directions to the clinic and he headed off.

By the time he'd reached the clinic all that was left was a pile of burning rubble that the firemen were struggling to put out. Several patients and staff members died and all the others were driven off by ambulances. "Perfect timing," one of the firemen sarcastically shouted. Black Lightn' looked at the mess and could find no trace of who or what had caused it.

"This is the fifth abortion clinic to be blown up in the past two weeks," a detective said as she walked over to one of the firemen. "And we still have not a damn clue about who the hell is doing this."

"Probably some damn Christian group or something,," of the firemen said as he took his helmet off and wiped his brow.

"Mormons perhaps, I don't care. This is why I'm an atheist, you never know atheists to crash into buildings or kill people for some religious bullshit."

"It was a bio-blunder you clown," B.L said as he flew down to the scene.

"And here's Badlands's number one bio-blunder himself," she replied. "Where were you at and how do you know this?"

"The great thing about being a superhero is I don't have to answer to you. Anyways, just because someone doesn't think we came from some germ that turned into a fish that raped a lizard thing and turned into a monkey that somehow decided to go bald and stand on two feet, doesn't mean we're evil people. You atheists piss me off really."

"Well I'm sorry I don't believe there's god out there with all this violence in suffering going on."

"Well that's the price we pay for freewill. If God interfered with everything and always pampered us, we'd be without freewill because obviously we wouldn't be able to do what we wanted, and there'd be no test, no Heaven, nothing to strive for."

"What? That's the lamest excuse I've ever heard."

"Okay, so then why don't you have a real response? How come when I befuddled you all you can resort to is insults? You atheists think you're so smart and that science has the answer for everything. Well Ms. Atheist, tell me, where'd the matter that suddenly exploded come from if nothing existed before that explosion that resulted in the universe? Where was this matter floating at before it suddenly blew up? How'd it get there if nothing existed yet? You guys always ask that stupid question about what was there before God but when asked my question you have no answer. Let me tell you this, God has always been and He will always be. He is the First and He is the Last, like it or not."

"Fucking idiot, you guys always resort to that nonsense. I don't give a damn though, you keep your stories and I'll keep my science. Right now, what's important is finding out why somebody's attacking these clinics."

"Maybe because they're smart enough to know abortion is evil."

"I am a total supporter of abortion."

"What? Why the heck would you support something so cruel and evil?"

"It's not evil. What if the mother was raped? What if she's at a health risk? Huh? Then what?"

"So she gets raped, that doesn't mean she needs to kill the baby. It's not the baby's fault. It didn't do anything. Why should she kill somebody just because she was hurt by someone else?"

"You don't-"

"And you said something about health risks. Well people die from abortions too! So then what gain is there? The baby dies and the mother dies. That's just stupid. Besides, if she dies, she's had a chance at life, the baby hasn't got one yet. It's not fair that it should lose out. And what kind of cruel, heartless, monster would choose their own life over their own baby's life? Besides, statistics show that only 6 percent of abortions are because of rape and then 4 percent are because of health risks. So 90 percent of abortions are just because those women are monsters who don't deserve life themselves. Wake up lady, are you that stupid? I'll bet you support gay-marriage though."

"And darn proud of it. I have had an abortion myself and am now a proud lesbian."

"What the heck is wrong with you? Are you just an all-around idiot or what? Listen clown, there are way too many reasons why being gay is wrong, evil, and shameful. And gay marriage, forget about it! I don't have time to waste on some gay abortionist atheist. You keep your gayness somewhere else, and keep your mouth shut too." Furious, B.L flew off into the air with his fists balled tightly. I can't believe that crap, he thought to himself. That clown goes against everything I stand for. She's a total jerk and she's everything I hate. Surely, if I weren't thinking about Allah,(God) I would've just attacked that lady right there! People like that are just so evil and really piss me off!