Matt was on his way back to class from the restroom at school. He, like most students, didn't really need to use the restroom but rather just wanted a break from the class. He was back in his computer class and he was still mad at the teacher for his grade and for apologizing. He'd gotten an "A" on the assignment, but the teacher had taken off points for the way he presented the information and for taking too long and causing a delay in the set schedule. That was the first time Matt had gotten in trouble for doing too much work! He felt that since he did so much he should have gotten a perfect score, because he took the assignment seriously unlike the majority of the other students who just copied information from Wikipedia and posted pictures up.

So as he walked back to his class, he made sure to take his time, hoping that the last few minutes would pass before he got back. Come on stupid bell, ring, he thought to himself. Just ring already. But today was not Matt's lucky day. He made it to his class and took his seat. He stared up at the clock angrily as Mr. Broman was explaining the next homework assignment. Just eight more minutes, just eight more.

Those eight minutes felt like torture as Matt sat in his seat listening to Mr. Broman go on and on about how "fun" the homework assignment should be for the students. But he made it out and began walking home as usual. As he walked down the street, Matt looked up in the sky. I should probably go do a little patrolling before I go home, he thought to himself. Maybe I'll catch some idiots slipping and get to take out some of this anger on somebody besides Mr. Broman in my head. So he walked until he reached a shady alleyway. He entered and kept going until he was out of sight. He sat his backpack down and began changing into his costume. As he closed his eyes to put his mask on, he sensed someone's presence. "You know, it's usually my job to appear behind people like that," he said to his company. "But I suppose it's better that you come to me instead of me having to come find you after you done blew up another abortion clinic."

"So you are not angry that I am here?"

"Nah, it's fine. I probably would've run into you sooner or later anyways. So what's going on, there must be a reason you came looking for me."

"Well I've actually been with you all day. I can change my visibility at will."

"So you're stalking me? Hm, creepy. Uh, try not to do that dude."

"I'm sorry if I offended you, I meant no harm to you."

"Yeah but- hey wait a second; I should've sensed you like I did now. Or can you change that too?"

"Not that I am aware of."

"Hm, maybe I was just too distracted. So anyways, what's going on? What'd you need?"

"I wanted to talk to you about your beliefs. "

"Um, okay. So where do you want me to start?"

"Anywhere, just help me out. I'm feeling a terrible urge to go destroy another house of evil but since you told me that it was so wrong I've been having a strange feeling every time I approach one of those cursed places. So I need help. Is it really fair to let them continue on this way? Every day they kill more and more unborn humans, for no reason. How can we consider ourselves decent human beings if we allow this to continue? "

"I see your point but it isn't really just of us to go and kill the babies ourselves in order to avenge them. That makes no sense either. It's times like this I'm glad that I am a Muslim who knows that there is a god, and God is the Swift bringer of Justice. So even if they think they're getting away with this crap, they're not. If they don't pay for it in this life they certainly will in the next life. Every child they murder, that just more and more sins added and more reasons to be thrown in Hell. And they will wish we had killed them in this life! They'll wish they could die and have the easy way out. But they will never die, only burn and burn for Eternity."

"You know very well of my hate for them, but I do have one question about this punishment."

"Well shoot."

"If this God you mention is going to burn them for eternity, is not that cruel? I thought you also told me He is the Most Merciful."

"He is. See it this way: the innocent and the good, are they equal to the criminals and immoral? No. So would it be fair or merciful to treat them the same? The ones who have been wronged by others and have done no wrong themselves deserve good. But how could anyone say it's fair to give the evil ones the same good? They shouldn't! The wrongdoers should be punished. And Hell is their punishment. And as for that being 'cruel', it isn't, it is Just! God Warned Mankind from the very start about it and told us to protect ourselves from it by obeying Him. If people choose to disobey in anyway, we are God's creations, God's slaves, and we are His to do with what He pleases. If He wants to throw someone in Hell for their wrongdoings, we have no place to speak on it. He is the Most Wise, so our judgment isn't even comparable to His. If He says something should go a certain way, we can only accept it, and not accepting it won't change a thing as the universe is His! He is in control; He is the Master, the Owner, the King of it all. "

"I think I understand. So our ideas of fairness and justice don't even mean anything, it all depends on what He says?"

"Yeah. But even with our limited comprehension, by His Will we are able to understand some of His decisions on certain things. So that even our inferior minds can see that the evil ones are not equal to the good ones and that the good deserve reward while the evil deserve punishment."

"So there is a reward for the good and innocent?"

"Of course. They shouldn't be punished like the evil people and how fair would it be if they just spent the rest of eternity in their graves or if they just disappeared? Allah has a special reward like we couldn't even imagine prepared for them. He will Judge who deserves to go Heaven and who has to go to Hell."

"What is Heaven? And who is Allah?"

"Allah is God. He has 99 names, which actually describe Him. Allah in itself describes Him. Ilah is Arabic for god with a small g, as in it refers to any 'god'. Al means 'the'. When you combine the two words, you would no longer pronounce the "I" sound, but rather the "a" sound connects and so you have Allah, meaning The God. In English, we make the distinguish the two by saying god with a small g to refer to any god or deity that people believe in but to make it know that we're referring to The One and Only God we say God, and we write it with a capital G. Other Names of Allah include Ar-Rahman, meaning the Most Merciful;. Al-Muhaymin: The Guardian or The Protector; Al-'Alīm :The All Knowing, The Omniscient; Al-Muntaqim: The Avenger; Al-`Adl: The Utterly Just."

"And Heaven is?"

"Heaven is Paradise, the reward I spoke of. A wonderful place so amazing we couldn't even begin to imagine it. Everything is better and peaceful, there is no hate, no violence, no crime, no unfairness no bad talk or bad people, we get everything we could ever want and more. It is Allah's reward for the pious people, the people who please Him and it is our goal in life to please Him and earn that reward."

"Even me?"

"Yes. Even mutated as you and I are, we are still humans. We are still alive and it is our job to obey Allah and try to please Him. And if we manage to do so then Insha'Allah we will earn such a reward."

"But I've killed so many people now, even the innocent babies! I am destined for Hell now aren't I?"

"No one knows But Allah. But you can be forgiven. One of His names is also Al-Ghafūr: The All Forgiving. He can forgive any sins He wants to. There is no person on earth who doesn't sin or hasn't sinned. But the thing is not to give up, but rather beg Allah for forgiveness and avoid repeating those or other sins and work to replace them with good deeds and Insha'Allah, or God willing, you will be forgiven."

"So even I have a chance?"

"Yes, everyone has a chance, even the evil people. But they choose not to accept it. They want to remain the way they are. They think they're giving the women "choice" and "freedom" by allowing the murder of innocent babies. But it isn't their choice. They had the choice up until they decided to lie down and get pregnant, That's when their choice ended. And for those that have been raped or something, even then it isn't their choice. Unfortunately for them, someone else made the decision to violate them and impregnate them, but that isn't the babies fault. Just as the mother had no say in getting raped, they were forced into it, the baby is forced out. And if the mother feels she shouldn't have had to engage in sexual intercourse without her consent she should also consider the baby. Would the baby like to be killed? Did it consent to being murdered even before it got to completely develop? It isn't the baby's fault its father was some punk rapist. Or that its mother couldn't keep her legs closed in the case of accidental pregnancy. The mother should put it up for adoption if she can't take care of it for whatever reason. That would be much better. Then the child gets a chance at life, and maybe someone who can't reproduce to have their own children can have that child now."

"Hm. Thank you for sharing all of this with me. I feel much better knowing I don't have to suffer in this misery forever. And I would like to know more about your beliefs."

"I'd be happy to share them with you. But you know, I'm not the most knowledgeable about my religion. There are so many ways you can learn about Islam. Better ways then from me because I myself am not done studying. I have so much to learn myself. I can take you to my local Masjid and introduce you to the imam there. He will have plenty to teach you and have plenty of time to do so since that is kind of a part of his job."

"What if he refuses? Who would want to keep someone so hideous and disturbing as myself as company?"

"He can't refuse. In Islam, it is our duty to help those in need, especially when they come seeking information about our Lord and how to live according to His rules and follow the religion He commanded us to follow. In Islam, we are also all brothers and sisters, regardless of how we look. Race, color, age, gender, mutation, disability, none of those matter. We are all humans and we are brothers and sisters to each other and we have our duties given to us by Allah. If that guy refuses, Allah will call him to account for that, and as for you, we'll go somewhere else."

"This is all wonderful news. I am glad I have met you. I promise I will no longer cause harm to anyone, I will do my best to learn about Islam and live my live according to it and leave the world out. I know will be a reject amongst the majority of people, but amongst the Muslims I will find my brothers and no longer be so miserable and alone."

"I'm glad to hear it. Hey you know, I'm not doing anything right now, how about we head over to the Masjid right now?"

"Maybe some other time, right now you have a home to get to, and I have something I need to do."


"Something personal. Before I can go seeking forgiveness from God, I must do this."

"Well I hope you're successful in that and I'll be praying for you."

"Thank you. Thank you for everything."

"Sure thing. See you around."

"Until then my friend." Matt watched as his new friend faded from sight. He picked up his back pack and looked up at the sky. The sun had been shining down in the alley the whole time and he wasn't in full costume. Anyone could've seen him and learned his identity and mistaken him to have been making plans to destroy another abortion clinic with the "abortion assassin" -as he'd been called by local news stations. But no one had passed by. No one was even there. Matt let out a sigh of relief as he put the rest of his costume on. Alhamdulillah, he thought after realizing how fortunate he as that no one had seen him. He then grabbed his backpack and flew home.