Chapter 1

I opened my eyes. The cool night air brushed my face. I sighed I would have to go back soon. Whenever I came here I lost track of time, the soft sand against my skin, the cool night air brushing on my face and most of all the stars shimmering in the night sky made me forget all my worries.

I got up and sweeped the sand off my clothes. I picked up my flip-flops and left. I climbed up the drainpipe and clambered into my room. I slipped a pair of PJs on and went to brush my teeth while I brushed my teeth I thought wistfully to myself: I have my sanctuary, my secret place, my hideout.

I climbed into bed aware of the moon shining outside as sleep crept up on me.

I woke up instantly knowing today was the first day of school and I would have to get through it to go back to the beach again.

I put on my uniform and adjusted it to the coolness status. I went downstairs grabbed breakfast and brushed my hair and teeth.

As I got on the bus I met up with my friends: Katrina, Alison and Vanessa.

"Hey Kat, Al and Ness."

"Hey Ash." they all replied.

As we got off the bus we all started talking about the latest gossip:

The Eric and Madison item.

"They were so meant to be." Kat said dreamily.

"Yeah so you saw that one coming too?" Ness snorted in disbelief.

"Guys cut it out!!" Al almost screamed.

"None of us saw it coming and they are a cute couple but the question is will they last long? Pam pam pam." I changed the subject.

We all burst out laughing. All of a sudden Madison came along.

"Why are you all laughing?" she asked.

"No reason" We all said but we threw each other knowing glances and then Eric came along. Inward groan not him he was king bee AKA the biggest retard ever.

"Hey girls what's up?"

"Nothing." said Ness.

"Yeah not much." Al joined in.

"Huh what?" Kat faked dreaming.

"We were actually walking to school." I interrupted

"Hey come here baby girl." Eric said to Madison

Here we go with the gooey romance stuff.

"We got to go bye!" And we all ran off.

"Can you believe them? I mean come here baby girl they've only been dating one day!" Ness exclaimed

" Yeah I mean uugh!" Al added

"Its cute" Kat simply added

That's when the bell rang we said bye and went to class I pulled through the crowds and all of a sudden I tripped on a bag. I was thinking ouch before I fell but suddenly strong arms were wrapped round me, I looked up into a gorgeous face with amazing deep blue eyes, a dark complexion and a tussle of ebony hair.

"Thanks." I said smiling and blushing.

"No problem. I didn't catch your name," he said

"That's because I didn't throw it," I answered with a cheeky grin "but its Ashley, you can call me Ash. What's yours?"

"Its Leonardo but please call me Leo." he was soooooo cute.

Then we parted because or else we would have been late for class.

All through the morning lessons I thought of Leo.

I met up with Ness, Al and Kat at lunch.

"Have you seen the new guy? Apparently he's soooooo hot." Ness asked.

"Yeah like really!" cut in Kat

"Yeah you sure you haven't met him or seen him?" Al asked.

"No guys stop it now. I'm going to put my tray away I'll be right back." And I left. As I was putting my tray away I bumped into someone.

"Oh sorry I didn't mean to-" It was Leo "Hey Leo."

"Hey Ash, tripped again?" He asked cheekily.

" Ah!" I said in mock indignation and I slowly walked back to my table savouring the moment. When I sat down six eyes were staring at me:

A pair of light blue eyes (Al's), a pair of hazel eyes (Kat's) and a pair of jet black eyes (Ness's). That's when it hit me Leo was the new guy, damn it that would mean everyone would go after him.

" What was that?" Ness asked flipping her gorgeous black hair.

"Yeah I thought you didn't know the new guy! I mean he is THE new guy." Al said twisting her ash blond curls.

"What's his name?" Kat inquired eagerly twisting her chocolate brown locks.

I let my brown eyes wander I toyed with my chestnut brown hair and I said:

"He's called Leonard but he says we can call him Leo." I answered in a calm manner.

"Kat, Leo, Kat, Leo…" Kat said dreamily.

I looked at Kat like she was a lunatic of love. That's when the bell went.

"Bye guys catch ya later." and I quickly got up and left. As I was walking to class I saw Leo walking behind me, I thought I should help him, him being new and all.

"Hey Leo, need any help getting to your form room?"

" Yeah would you know where form room Yr 11B is?"

"That's my form room come on or we'll be late."

He followed me all the way and sat behind me in form room.

"Hello children I'm I'll be your form and music teacher this year."

Inward groan not her she always loved to embarrass me last year. I passed a note to Leo:

-She is soooooo horrid

-What's wrong with her she seems really nice.

-Last year she loved to humiliate me by making me sing in front of the whole class knowing I think my voice sucks.

-Maybe she thought you had a good voice you might have a talent you know believe in yourself a little more.

-Ok sure.

"Children as you know we will be holding our annual talent show again this year. Auditions will be held from today onwards until the 1st of

November. You need to have a talent or develop one in the next two months."

That was the end of the lesson.

I got on the bus with Kat, Al and Ness.

"So what form is he in?" Al asked as soon as the bus left.

"Yeah tell us so I can stalk him!" Kat said jumpily.

"He's in form B." I answered as quietly as possible.

"Omigod!!! That means he's in the same form as you, you're so lucky!" Al exclaimed.

"Are you like friends?" Kat asked excited.

" Yeah we pass notes and stuff." I replied, " This is my stop see you guys."

Ness pulled me in for a hug she whispered in my ear:

" Leo is so hot you deserve him more than Kat wants him I'll find someone else for her but for now keep it down ok?"

"Yeah." I answered with a grateful smile I gave Kat and Al a quick hug and got off. I walked into the house.

"Hey Mum how was your day?"

" It was good and you your first day of school?"

"It was great thanks. I'm going up to work see you later." I went up into my room put my bag on the floor, pulled out my books and turned on the computer. When I logged onto MSN someone had invited me as a friend.

has invited you

Accept? Decline?

I clicked on the accept button and almost instantly after he logged on.

Leo new skl new ppl:

Hey Ash


Hey watsup?

Leo new skl new ppl:

Nm u?


Hmwk and stuff…

Leo new skl new ppl:



Yeah i kno but at least i can go to my secret place if i finish my Hmwk.

Leo new skl new ppl:

Where is Ur secret place?


Now if i tell u it won't b secret anymore.

Bye c u 2moz if u want help wiv directions wait in front of my loker.

Leo new skl new ppl:

Ok bye and i wil.

I finished my homework, packed up my books for tomorrow and slipped on a bikini, a comfortable pair of jeans and a T- shirt. I quietly crept out the door and started walking towards the beach. As soon as I got there I pulled off my shirt and jeans and went head first into the water I loved the way it surrounded me. I got out of the water and stood in the last rays of the Sun to dry off, by the time I was dry the Moon and stars had come out I thought of Leo his eyes were the colour of the sea at night and they shone like the stars, his face was so perfect and his body it was downright sexy. Shut up Ash you don't even know him that well I sighed and I went home because it was getting late. As I fell asleep I thought of Leo.