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Chapter 25

Now that we were here, it seemed as if all that had happened was a bad dream. A dream that was washed away with the familiar scent of the marsh and the white foam that trailed along the shoreline. I sat on the window seat in Lana's mother's and watched as her careful hands slowly mended and altered Lana's dress to perfection. Lana looked gorgeous in her white flowing dress as she twirled in front of the mirror. A smile dawned her pale cheeks as she stared at herself in amazement.

Halie plopped down next to me in her matching yellow dress. It was made of a silky material that was pleated and flowing. It came to just the knee and the white sandals were absolutely amazing. She looked at me tentatively as I met her gaze with a simple smile.

"Hey, how are you holding up?" She asked bumping her shoulder softly against mine. I thought about her question for a moment and let the past few days come back to me.

Ethan had showed up at the restaurant obviously watching me. This is where I'd drawn the line. I had seen too many victims that were stupid enough to think it would eventually stop. I had always vowed not to be the victim. It was funny though, the perpetrator had actually been the very person who was supposed to stop these kinds of things.

So with the help of Aiden, I had gone an agency that knew my father well. After talking to the head director there, we contacted my father and just like that, Aiden and I were on a private plane back to Raleigh. It had been harder than I could ever believe to explain to my father what had happened. I've never seen so much disappointment in his eyes. A man who he'd taken in as his own family, a man that he had trusted with his daughter, had betrayed both of them so much beyond forgivable.

I still don't know where Ethan is although the police are looking. A silver Ferrari doesn't exactly blend in, so it shouldn't be long. Aiden and I had driven back down to where it all began. It was as beautiful as I remembered. The simplicity of the nature just made it that more breathtaking.

The wedding was set up at Ms. Anne's house along the river. Yellow and white dawned everything. Ribbon and other material was wrapped along the gazebo that Aiden and I had spent the night three summers ago. I was a bridesmaid along with Halie and Lana made the most beautiful bride. There was no doubt that this was the right decision for her.

Before long, I followed behind Lana and Halie as we made our way to the long white piece of cloth that was the alter. Lana and Evan wanted to signify unity in all of the wedding so we were supposed to walk down the isle with a man.

The familiar wedding march sounded and a tear came to my eye as Blake took Halie's hand. It's amazing how such an event could allow such an amazing bond happen between two people. I looked around as Aiden came quickly to my side.

"May I lead you down the hall my lady?" Aiden's eyes twinkled as a smile played on his lips.

"You, my good sir, may lead me anywhere." I nudged him playfully as we followed slowly behind Halie and Blake.

Aiden chuckled softly as we came to the end of the alter. Here we were to part ways but Aiden turned to me holding me closely before letting me go. He bent down and as his lips came to my ear he uttered two simple words….

"We're next."

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