my body is never whole
unless it's united with yours.


if you're a gentleman and i'm a lady,
then i don't think we should be thinking about (shh)

and when we pass close in the hallway,
i don't think my body should erupt into a slick flow of delight
and i don't think you should look at me like that.

and when you sit next to me at lunch,
i don't think you should sit so near to me,
and i don't think i should let your fingers skim along my thigh
and i really don't think i should enjoy it (so damn much.)

and when it's just me sitting at home alone,
i don't think my fingers should be itching to dial your cell so dearly
and i don't think my mind should be dreaming up these (ohlord) -
no, no, i really don't think i should be thinking about that.

- but even the gentleman has been known to take a few
missteps and the lady has been sure to stumble along after
(just as eagerly.) because boy, i'm definitely certain you
shouldn't be here right now, my back shouldn't be pressed
to the wall so hard, your hands shouldn't be here, my fingers
shouldn't be there - but we're melting into the sheets, now

and it feels so. damn. -




a/n: i'm a virgin.