the jungle cat has that constant stain
of cunt-scented meat round its
(the mouth itself like velvety folds,
blooming in the heat of the kill to
lay bare its hot, red center, bordered by
specimens of white diamond hooks
ah, you,
and the great cosmically tapered anaconda
swallows whole its every meal and makes a sorry spectacle
of all homosapiens;
and the condors (and their smaller sisters)
pick with nascent abandon at the mutilated spoils
of a flesh feast no longer worthy for kings, and
stain their lovely pennate throats;
and the ever-patient eight-armed mistress
does not merely eat, but bundles
and diminishes from its (rapaciously attained) junket
the thing's discolored strange-life.

because it would seem that the most
elegant, most stately, and most imperial of beasts
dine with savage grace,
while we humans
— one of, if not possibly the most [awkward] animals—
sit straight-backed and pick at our processed meals
with metal hooks.