myriad of earthy tones, tangled greens and blues:
her sinewed branches stretch, to star(burst
into celestial bloom)
a panoply of planet's hues do make a canvas glow;

I am spectrum, spectre ghost, otherworldly colours flow.

masterpiece of spider's home, silver fractal grow:
it shimmers under moonlit night (and
shines like woven snow)
beneath wing gather creatures, of silk and feather, twin;

I am mother, silent lullaby, keeper of all kin.

my jewels are the petal-gems, the crystal drops of dew
scattered, thrown upon the wind (my
riches are not few);
sunlight-gilded evergreens, a diamond, Sistine sky;

I am more than plenitude to please the dragon's eye.

and every night, upon my head, is placed a sunset crown
light enters between whisper-leaves (then
leaves without a sound)
canopy of eventide and twilight's ocean skies;

I am silent, amaranthine queen, under nature's eyes.