Musha sat on the dais, allowing the feishas around him to fuss over his long black hair. Every last feisha was from his father's court, they were the most nobly breed men in the country. A few women were intermixed in the bunch, but it was considered demeaning to have too many women in a court, they were strictly for breeding and commoners. He put on a fake smile as Vashi, one of the main feisha's who'd raised him happily wrapped his arms around him again, whispering a good luck prayer before the two feishas working on putting jewels in his hair could chastise him. Today was the big day, he was going to be presented to the high king, a foreigner his father would say in disgust, who wouldn't have the same standards Vale people did for male brides.

This was his last chance he knew, even being the ruling lord's child hadn't been enough to get any respectable noble to take on a feisha that was a head or so taller than them and built like a soldier. Even his brothers, true males, were small in comparison to him. Musha took a bitter sort of pleasure that the only one of his father's children to take after him was born the fifth male, and there for the third feisha. Today wasn't a day to think about such things though, he silently reprimanded himself, he had a match to make.

The large doors leading to his bedroom opened, making all the inhabitants pause, before nodding respectfully as Sol, the first bride, and the highest feisha in his father's court made his entrance. He was everything a feisha should be; beautiful, flawless, delicate and well mannered. He approached Musha with a delicate smile curving his cupid bow lips. "You look beautiful little Musha." Had anyone else said so, or called him that they'd have gotten punched, but he knew Sol was being kind. He probably even believed it, Sol always saw the best in others.

Musha smiled, trying to keep it delicate and pretty so he didn't get pinched for smearing the elaborate make up Vashi had just spent hours doing. Vashi patted his head, "Just wait until he gets the robes I had made for him on, I managed to find a fabric that matches his pretty violet eyes perfectly. We'd have it on by now, but his hairs taking forever," Vashi shot the feishas doing his hair a most unfeisha like glare.

Sol just smiled indulgently, "Here," he said, slowly walking up to the dais, "I'll finish off his hair, you two go get his robes so Vashi can stop whining." The two males smiled at him before bowing and going, their long green robes fluttering around them as they walked. Sol tugged at his ear affectionately before he got to work, " You'll do fine sweet Musha, and I've heard only good things about this High King, you're father might not like him, but he bows down to him, and I can see he respects the man. He is a good match, I think you'll be happier with him then any Valen lord. Everything happens for a reason, and I think this is it."

Vashi gave him a smirk, "And I've heard only good things about those Sapiens in bed," he then proceeded to go into vivid detail that had Musha blushing despite himself. Vashi didn't behave properly at all, but there were few who didn't love him. Even his father indulged the red haired man's tendencies to misbehave. Sol said something about being obscene, but his voice was light with laughter. "There, you're hair is finished and just in time," the two feishas returned carrying the robe, and several long restricting pieces of cloth. Musha sighed, knowing it was going to be the last time for a while that he'd be afforded the luxury.

The High Kings court was currently being held near the Far lands, it was constantly moving, to unite the people the King ruled Musha knew, but he just wished it could have been some place a bit cooler. The layers upon layers of cloth he had one were so tight he didn't think it'd even be possible for the sweat to escape his skin. And of course Vashi had tied it tightly so he'd appear smaller, he just hoped he didn't pass out on the way to the meeting, though it would amuse his brothers to no end. Both of them were accompanying him to the meeting, to present him before the king as Valens offer at a continued state of servitude. Ace, the second son gave him a lazy smile. His brothers had always been kind to him, or at least understanding. Before they'd become too old to spend time together they'd always wrestled with him, treating him like one of them. His father said that was what had helped corrupt him so. Gale was silent on the matter, always the true lord, but Ace would roll his eyes and tie Musha's hair in knots that would have Vashi beating him over the head with a fan. Today Gale didn't acknowledge him, walking a step in front of them, taking the place of their father who'd remained at home.

Right before they entered the main courtroom of the castle the High King was occupying, Ace reached out and pinched his arm, ignoring the looks the royal guard around them gave him. There was a sweet but piercing noise to announce their arrival. Musha tipped his head up and walked softly, moving his hips in the way Vashi had taught him in secret, making sure his robes fluttered about him as they should. He stopped as Gale stopped, bowing low, but keeping his head raised as was fitting of someone who served only because they chose to. He tried to keep his eyes straight and polite, but he couldn't stop himself from sneaking peeks at the large blond man sitting on the throne, several nobles surrounding him on either side. All of them men, he noticed feeling a bit uncomfortable, and all of them looking at him like he was some sort of peculiarity.

"Greetings High King and company, the court of Vale appears today to strength its alliance with the League of Powers, and offer its prized honored feisha Musha for consideration in marriage." His brother's voice was deep and twisted every word to sound like poetry. He motioned for Musha to present himself. Taking small paced steps he walked forward to be inspected by the men, who were staring at him in something akin to amusement.

A large man standing next to the king broke the silence by letting out a loud thundering laugh, "Did no one tell the Valens that the king likes men?" several others began to laugh at that and Musha felt his ears redden.

Ace stepped forward, eyes intent on the man, "And what, Lord Hugan, are you implying?"

Gale put a hand on his brothers shoulder, eyes focused solely on the king, "my brother," he put emphasis on the word, "is a prime example of male brides in Valen. My father presents you the honor of taking him for your bride, High King. Do you have a reply?"

The high king shook his head, running a hand through his shortly cropped blonde hair, before he could reply however Lord Hugan interjected again, answering Ace's question, "I'm saying Valen that you're presenting a girl without tits to our king, that is the saddest excuse for man,"

The high king rose, cutting him off, "That will be enough Lord Hugan, I invited you to my table with your promise that you'd behave." He sighed, deep blue eyes turning to stare at Musha before returning to Gale. He shook his head, "Your offer is doubtlessly an honor, as your feisha is undeniably beautiful, but I'm sorry Valen's heir, I can't take such a man to be my bride. I have the deepest respect for your culture, but ours are too different."

Musha felt his heart drop down to his stomach. Now what? He'd return home, remain in his father's court until his brothers got old enough for him to join theirs. Spend his life raising his nieces and nephews, the shame of the royal family. "No." he whispered to himself, Gale looked at him curiously as Ace shouted some profanities at Lord Hugan who was laughing. He must have always had the plan in the back of his mind he reflected later. It was the sort of thing he'd dreamed of doing as a child, but had never actually ever considered he would do. In one quick movement he took a blade from one of Gale's sheaths and stepped forward. Several of the men stood up, thinking he was going to attack, but he merely raised the blade and in one swift motion grabbed his ornamented hair and cut it off. He let the blade fall down with the hair. The men seemed confused, but all the Valens had gone deathly silent.

"Then High king," he kneeled down, pushing his robes to the side, "If I can't serve you as a bride, let me serve you as a soldier. I'm offering my life to that of the High army and their efforts to keep peace."

The high king was clearly taken aback, he considered for a moment before nodding, "Of course, the high army is always in need of noble fighters, it would be an honor for you to serve as the first from Valen in my army. General Grin, find a new battalion to place him in." A tall man with dark skin and white hair nodded in acknowledgment.

"I'll find one to take him in tonight," he turned, light assessing eyes skimming over Musha, "be in the training grounds when the sun reaches its peak tomorrow."

"Thank you, if it pleases the King, we will take our leave," Musha wasn't brave enough to look at Gale, his brothers voice was a mixture of emotions he couldn't identify. He rose, half bowing as he followed his brothers out. As soon as the huge door closed behind them Gale turned and dismissed the guards, "I see no reason why my father should hear about this before its absolutely necessary, if you disagree you may complain when we return." He motioned towards a guard and whispered something in his ear. The young guard, Gale's personal bodyguard nodded, before disappearing with the rest of the men.

"Well then I suppose we should be going."

Ace was staring at them in shock, but he snapped out of it at that, "Oh hell no, I'm in no way ready to deal with Vashi and Sol. Goddess, Sol is going to kill us for letting his sweet baby sign his life over."

Gale gave him a disgusted look, "Do you think I'm so foolish as to return to the quarters tonight? Nay, I meant we should get going to find a good hiding place. I've sent Cleo to go and grab as much strong alcohol as possible and meet us in the towers." Ace nodded his head, clearly approving of the idea. Musha followed them a bit dazed and overwhelmed. Ace reached out and pinched him, he felt his face flush, he loved his brothers.

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