Author Note- This is not to be historically accurate at all. It is for humor purposes only and to have fun. Ages have been changed to throw them all in school together, and some may appear out of character, but they weren't always the Generals we see them as. They were kids once too. Also, I use first names here, when reading with their last names I can only picture the icons they are, not the kids I'm trying to portray. That said I hope you enjoy the random ideas that plague my mind!

We were cadets

Story 1- Initiations

--In which friendships are formed


Lugging all of his belongings down the hall he silently wished his mother had not decided he need so much. It wasn't as if The Point would provide him with nothing.Like most seventeen year olds, he was relishing in the apparent freedom suddenly placed before him. Also like most new cadets he had no idea that while he was here there was no freedom. He'd dropped all pretenses and dragged the heaviest bag along the floor, there was no one watching him right now anyway. Looking down at the paper in his left hand he matched the room number with the one on the door in front of him.


He tried turning the door knob with the hand holding the letter, that didn't work. Re-shouldering a bag that had been repeatedly falling down to his elbow he tried with the right hand, nothing. He looked up and down the hall, was there a key he was supposed to get? He checked again to make sure no one was around and gave the door a hefty shove, rubbing the spot of impact he grimaced. This was a Military Academy he had to remind himself. He looked up as someone rounded the corner at the end of the hall, without a word the newcomer opened the door as they passed.

He spoke while still looking at the door knob in disbelief, "Thank-" He looked back up to see the person had kept walking without acknowledging him. "You." He scowled at their back.

He glanced around the room quickly and saw that one of the two beds was already filled with what looked like as many bags as he carried. Obviously someone else had just been admitted as well. He dropped his belongings onto the other bed and noticed two desks situated beneath a very large open window, each desk had an envelope with a name printed on it. Hopefully he hadn't spent all that time to find he was in the wrong room. In red sprawling print was his name.

Winfield S. Hancock

He scrunched his nose, did they really need to use his full name? He associated it with being in trouble, the only time he ever heard his first name was when he had done something to upset his parents. He hoped this wouldn't be a common thing here. Lying on the bed, his head next to the wall and his legs over the edge, he skimmed through the letter.

Mr. Hancock

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted as a student at West Point Acc....

He tossed it onto the bag his mother had filled with important papers, he'd read the same letter about four times that he could remember. She had saved every single one, they all said the same thing.

He heard voices in the corridor, nothing as far as discussion, just that there were two distinctly different personalities outside. As they neared his door he could make out bits of conversation, it was as if someone were giving a tour. Whoever it was, they appeared to enjoy the attention that was being given them. The door burst open with a flourish, he opened his eyes and sat up as the two entered.

"Your messmate has arrived!"

He raised a brow slightly, thinking that the other boy was addressing him. "You're the other occupant of 225?"

"Good Lord I should say not, only you fresh fish are put in the rooms this high up."

His expression didn't change as he shared a glance with the other boy, who shared his thoughts but remained silent.

The boisterous one continued, "As much as that may dishearten you, though I am sure he will be a suitable friend in my absence. I have been assigned to the two of you, to show you the campus." He held out a hand, "George, George Pickett." His features spread into a smile so wide that it looked almost uncomfortable.

"Winfield Hancock, but please, call me Winn."

George smiled again and glanced sidelong at his companion, "This one? Well, we've all decided to call him Lo."

"George!" The other boy glared, he could have at least allowed him to introduce himself by his real name, before spouting off monikers.

Winn's eyes narrowed inquisitively, with a curious smile he asked, "Lo?"

The boy in question sighed heavily and looked at Pickett with an expression that said, explain, because I am not.

George smirked, "For Lothario."

The "fresh fish" met eyes momentarily, and at once they both burst into a fit of laughter that surprised George to the point that he was actually silent. Until a grin broke over his face, finally he thought, he was afraid this whole day would be incredibly awkward.

Finally catching his breath, the sandy haired teen extended his hand, "Lewis Armistead. I suppose you can call me Lo."

The following hours were spent touring the extensive campus, class rooms, fields for drill, and Mess Hall before returning to their room. George smiled at what he had to tell them before leaving.

"As you know, you're here an entire month before classes begin. That's how long you are given to complete the task we have set for you."

He smirked when the two spoke as one, "Task?"

"Yes!" He stood between them and put an arm over either of their shoulders, "Every man who enters these halls must complete a task set before them if they ever wish to be looked upon with respect by their superiors."

"Superiors?" Lo raised an eyebrow sceptically.

"That would be myself and the other students." He grinned like a cat, he loved this part."

"Of course."


Three weeks later found the roommates of 225 wandering the halls alone, it was late. If they were caught, "There'd be the devil to pay." As Winn had so bluntly put it.

Lo checked the length of a hallway before rounding a corner, "We only have-"

"A week, I know." They had known each other exactly eighteen days and were already finishing the other's sentences. They had both mentioned that it felt as if they'd known each other the length of their entire lives.

"Well he said take something, he didn't specify what."

"Something from Mr. Brown."

They looked at each other uncertainly, Mr. Brown was someone you didn't cross. His domain was the Mess Hall which he kept in imaculate order. Though it was common to find him throughout campus, bearing down on any cadet that so much as sneezed without first seeking permission. The two entered the Mess Hall as quietly as possible, afraid to be found any moment.

Winn motioned his friend in the direction he had taken, whispering, "The kitchens."

It was incredibly dark, and the felt their way along the counters slowly. Looking into a cabinet Lo pulled down a plate, "How much value do you think is in the tableware?"

Winn shrugged, "Maybe enough." They had been instructed to take something of value, but to Mr. Brown, everything was valuable. The man was bound to notice one plate missing for as self important as he was.

The dark haired teen noticed movement on the other end of the kitchen, he pulled Lo down, plate and all so that they were hidden behind the cabinets.

"There's someone in here!" He uttered in a harsh whisper.

Lo looked up over the counter carefully, "Someone or something?"

Winn looked up curiously, "What?"

Lo motioned in the direction his friend had originally indicated, at the other end of the long table used for serving the meals was what looked to be a furry animal. In the dark it looked to be the size of a large rat.

He held back a laugh, "Mr. Brown must keep a rather filthy kitchen."

"No, no no." Winn smirked, he adopted the authoritative voice of the most feared man on campus. "Everything on this campus is of value to you."

Their eyes widened upon coming to the same conclusion, they'd take the rat! They would surely pass hazing, finding a rat in Mr. Brown's kitchen was no little feat.

Peeking over the edge of the counter they watched it move at the other end. It seemed to stay in the same general area, in the darkness they couldn't tell exactly how big it was but it was big enough. A thought suddenly struck them.

How do we kill it?

Winn smiled deviously and made the motions of sliding the plate, he tapped the thick piece as if to prove it was thick enough. It wouldn't break. Lo shook his head, from where they sat it looked like the rat was beginning to move away. He panicked when the shape seemed to suddenly disappear and slid the plate as hard as he could.

The rat had disappeared, or was that really someone's head sticking up from the other end of the table waiting for them to leave!

They were soon given an answer when a shout rang out through the kitchen and the horrendous sound of a plate breaking. The two bolted away from the counter, but in the darkness someone tripped and they both landed in a mess on the floor again. Another voice was soon added into the fray, and their blood ran cold.

It was Mr. Brown.

Oil lamps were soon lit and all parties involved were ushered into the small lit area. Mr. Brown knew initiations were coming to a close, his kitchen was always a target, he had been on his way to check the area when the shouts had alerted him. This wasn't new. Having this many involved and broken materials was a change though.

He frowned deeply at them, causing each of them to cringe even as they attempted to stand at attention. "Jubal Early, Lewis Armistead, Winfield Hancock."

Winn couldn't help it, the man had used his full name. He visibly grimaced, thankfully the motion had gone undetected.

"Mr. Armistead do you normally break things over the heads of your peers?"

"No sir."

"Then what possessed you to do that such thing this evening?"

"I thought, well," How was he to explain? "Nothing sir."

"You realize I can have you expelled?"

Lo nodded, whatever Mr. Brown decided he would face. He would not go whining to anyone who could possibly use connections, no, you stand for your actions.

"No sir!" They were all surprised by the outburst, Mr. Brown raised an eyebrow, looking to the boy who had yelled out.

"You do not have permission to speak Mr. Hancock." He looked at the boy cooly, wanting to see what his reply was.

"You can not sir, Lo did no-"

"I'm sorry who?" He narrowed his eyes.

Winn actually met the man's glare with his own, much to the surprise of Mr. Brown. "Mr. Armistead did nothing out of malicious intent! He can not be expelled on the premisses that what he did was a mistake." He hesitated before adding, "I told him to do it, we were unaware that it was Mr. Early. We thought it was a rat, sir."

Mr. Brown's expression was suddenly thoughtful, "What were you doing here Mr. Early? You are under the influence of hazing as well correct?"

The boy only nodded, so shocked by the whole situation that he hadn't spoken the entire night. That and the headache prevented it. Though he was harsh on the cadets of West Point, Mr. Brown was still human. He smiled slightly until actually chuckling at the whole situation. In all the years he had been watching these initiations he had never seen so many involved in one incident. It was comical, and where one plate was broken he had ten more to replace it with. Nor had he seen any new cadets act the way the two in front of him were. Mr. Armistead had been willing to take anything given him, the way a man should. Mr. Hancock though had confessed to his part and was willing to receive the same. Most new students would be pointing fingers at each other at this stage.

"I am willing to go lightly on you boys. If you promise me one thing." They listened intently, they would take anything!

"I will give Mr. Early the chance to choose between two punishments, since it is his head that has been rung with a plate." He looked at the boy in question, "I am in charge of the Mess Hall and the stables, you can either help with dishes after meals or help after the horses have been exercised."

The boy thought a moment, then deciding cleaning up after his peers was much eaiser. "The Mess Hall sir."

"Very good, I'll speak with you after Breakfast then." The teen offered a hasty salute and practically ran from the room.

Brown turned to the other two, "Tomorrow morning you will be shown your duties." After a pause he added threateningly, "If anyone comes to me telling me there are rats in my kitchen you two better become scarce." They nodded quickly, saluted and followed Jubal's example in leaving as soon as possible. Though they laughed the entire way to room 225.


Obnoxious knocking woke the two from where they had collapsed on their beds, Lo opened the door and looked at George Pickett with half lidded eyes.

"What is it?"

The other boy was silent, drawing out the interest they had in what he was about to say. His smile grew, "Welcome to The Point!"

Lo glared at him, he woke him this early to tell him something he said weeks ago? "George what are you talking about!"

"Everyone knows 'bout the plate. Ya both passed."

Though it was the last thing on either boys mind at six in the morning, they grinned at each other. They'd learned a bit about Mr. Brown and they had passed hazing.

Winn stretched, "Well thank you George, but it's a little early, I'm spending my last days out of class sleeping in."

"You can't."

He sat up, irate, "Why not?"

Lo groaned when he saw what George had leaning against the wall. The seasoned cadet grinned broadly as he pulled two pitch forks into view.

"Exercises have already ended Whinny Boy, your punishment starts today."

He stood abruptly and snatched the article George held out, letting the door slam he looked at Lo. "Whinny Boy?"

The other teen shrugged, "I don't know Winn, but I expect you'll have to get used to it."

They walked through the halls on their way to the barns, laughing and joking despite the situation, punishment wasn't that bad when you were with friends.