"That's It—I Think"

May 25, 2009

See, I really don't care,

Cause' I know life's not fair,

But it angers me—no frustrates me—

No, you frustrate me…

Yeah, you frustrate me.

That's it—

I think.

See, I don't even like you,

Cause' text is lame as hell.

You're weak as well—you should've told me in person—

No, just a phone call…

Yeah, just a phone call.

That's what—

I think.

See, there's so much I feel—

At least I think I feel.

Screw what I feel—

No, screw you…

Yeah, screw you.

That's it—

I think.

See, we're "different people,"

At least that's what you think.

But you were wrong—no, you're right—

No, you're an idiot…

Yeah, you're an idiot.

That's you—

I think.

See, I would've done it;

I should've ended it,

But you beat me—you're an idiot—

No, I'm an idiot…

Yeah, I'm an idiot.

That's me—

I think


See, I just need to learn how

To ignore little boys,

Who are impossible to please—they think they're oh-so-slick—

That's it—

I think.

No, I know.