The Cloud God

At the edge of the world lived a god. This god's task was to release the clouds into the world. He guided them to their destination and told them when and where to release their load.

All the people of the world hated that god. They hated the rain he sent, which washed away their crops. They hated the snow he sent, which froze the land and made growing impossible. And even when the clouds did not free their burdens, the people hated the god because his clouds blocked the beloved sun.

So the god lived alone on the edge of the world, lonely and hated, yet still fulfilling the duty which he had been given. He did his task for many, many years, and each new generation hated him as much as the last.

One day the god was to send out the worst of his clouds, filled with piercing rain and angry thunder. The people learned of this and begged the god to postpone the clouds. As a gift, the people sent the young daughter of one of their most respected leaders.

The god felt very sorry for the girl. He told her that he would not send the clouds and that she could go home. But the girl refused.

When the god asked her why, the girl said, "Because I came to thank you."

The god was shocked. Through all of time, for as long as he had served at his post, all he had received for his efforts was hatred and anger. Why could this girl possibly want to thank him?

"I want to thank you for the rain, which gives everything fresh life. I want to thank you for the snow, which brings an end to the conflicts of the world. I want to thank you for you clouds which shield the sun, to remind us of how great his gift is."

The god allowed the girl to stay, as she had wished. He showed her how he did his task and how the clouds were chosen and why they went where they did. The girl played with the rain and found that light that pierced the water came out as all sorts beautiful colors.

She showed her creation to the god, and when the god sent the next clouds the girl let the light shine through the rain just so, and so the people saw a beautiful rainbow.

In the moment they saw the rainbow the people forgot their hatred and realized the gifts that the rain gave them.

So the people cast aside their hatred and gave the rain and the clouds and the god the love they deserved. When the girl grew up, the god married her, and so she became a goddess. And with every rain, she sent a rainbow.