the boys here have no class,

all i can think about is you,

i quietly laugh,

no one is like you,


i can't help it,

i'm making comparisons,

you are the polar opposite of them,

they're so ridiculous,


you are so careful,

savoring every moment,

while they're just careless,

wasting their breaths,


opening doors and smiles,

hitting with papers and jokes,

you call me by name,

they give me names,


you are so unreal,

how did i not notice before?

can you admit that you want me?

you're an angel in disguise,


i'm nervous with only you,

they're so stupid,

i'd only want to dance with you,

they only want one thing,


i can make a good conversation with you,

there's are strictly made up of hits and tricks,

do i know you?

you seem so different than them,



they are no match,

you are made up of what i want,

perfect fit,


yes, i'm a little bias,

but comparing makes you better,

such a gentleman,

no one even knows what that means here,


i hate the words 'just kidding',

but that never follows your compliments,

you're so meaningful,

could i possibly call you mine?


i don't want one of these boys,

i only want you,

they fail to compare,

so immature,


now that i've seen the light,

i can't go back,

yours shines in a different way,

unique as you are,


you've always been there for me,

could you take the next step,

i think we could make it,

they can't even make up half of you,


there are no other options,

i will chose no one else,

i've made my decision,

now could you make yours?