So there I was minding my own business, doodling in my notebook not paying any attention at all to Mrs. Brien trying to teach the class geometry, when the class phone rang. The ringing brought me back to reality, and when Mrs. Brien hung up the phone and said "Erica Dismissal…Oh and don't forget to do your homework, its due next class." I packed up my things as fast as I could, and practically ran out of the classroom. I hate school, everything about it and when they say I can leave I'm going to leave as fast as I can. As I was walking down the hall I suddenly realized….why was I being dismissed? And who hell is dismissing me? Moms at work…Dads at work…who else would it be? When I finally got to the front office I asked Ms. Jenkins, the lady who always sits behind the desk looking miserable, who was dismissing me from school, and why? "I don't know Hun, all they told me was that it's very important you go home now."

I didn't ask her anymore questions, it was obvious she had no idea why I was going home. I walked out to the student parking lot pulled out my keys, and just as I was about to open the door a hand went over my mouth and I jumped to try to turn around to see who just grabbed me. An arm went around my waist and pulled me away from my car. I didn't even have a chance to get away, the person who snatched me was way to strong, it was almost next thing I remember is being hit in the head, hard.

My vision was blurry and my hearing was muffled, when I became conscious again. The only few things that I could make out were bars. Bars surrounding me. Was I locked in? What happened to me? Where the hell was I? Finally I was able to fully see my surroundings, I definitely underground…. Locked up. I could hear footsteps walking down stairs, and men's voices talking. "I don't want to see her now, just feed her." The beautiful voice said. Then another mans voice, that sounded like nails on a chalkboard compared to the other mans said "Just don't forget that you need to feed too sir."