Time is one of the fundamental structures that we are all subject to in life, no matter who we are, where we come from or what we do in life. I was thinking about time and its denominations and began to wonder why? Why do we have all these different names for each denomination and how are they categorised.

I am not going to touch upon attoseconds through millisecond, but rather begin my ideas at seconds. We all know that there is 60 seconds in a minute, they are all the same length in time, exactly a second. The same can be said for minutes, 60 minutes an hour and each minute lasts no longer than any other.

We then progress onto hours, days and weeks, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, every one of the lower denominations of time within this hour, day or week are the same length as each other member of the same denomination.

I am going to overlook a month and come back to it later. Now a year is classified in two different denominations – a year, 365 days or a leap year, 366 days. Again each year has the same amount of days as any other year, the leap year the same amount days as the other leap years.

A decade spans ten years, a century one hundred and a millennia one thousand, however each has no more time than any other corresponding decade, century or millennia. The 60s didn't last longer than the 70s, they were equal in the amount of time passed.

However, the main thought I had was about what we term a month, in our calendar we have 12 months, 7 of which have 31 days, 4 have 30 days and February has 28 or 29 depending or not on which of the two types of year we are in. The thoughts that struck me were, why does our calendar allow for such an odd assortment of days in each month? Why are they classified as a month when they do not have the same amount of time in each? Hours do not change the amount of minutes they are made up of, and each of the other denominations of time are equal to any other of the same denomination, so why then is a month allowed to be so varied?

It seems odd to me that the rest of the denominations of time are so orderly while the months of the year seem to have no such constraints. Even the lunar month varies from 27.2 days to 29.5 days. My closing thought must of course be why do we classify the months then as months?

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