Do it For JackSalNeilDean

Run for JackSalNeilDean

Fight for JackSalNeilDean

Drive for JackSalNeilDean

Get high for JackSalNeilDean

Fuck for JackSalNeilDean

Liive for JackSalNeilDean

When the wind blows
And there's fire and sunlight and blood
And the road
The the musics too loud with crazy holy noise, like angels shrieking up to heaven
And keep on moving for the stupid insanity of magic life - it's coming! Move,
the world is on its way, keeps running to the sunlight
because it's everything you'll ever know. Your wild horses
are coming for you babe, taste the salt in your mouth and don't you know? that god
is pooh bear, the great mass of land keeps rolling, bam bam bam bam BAM! Wow!
Mad drunkenness at the top of the universe, up among the stars and bouncing naked on the road

Do it for JackSalNeilDean