Hush, little baby,
don't say a word,
Mommy's going to make sure
you don't get hurt,
wrap her darling snugly
in a blanket blue,
Mommy's going to take
special care of you.

Hush, fragile sweetling,
drift away and dream,
Mommy wants to make sure
you never hear them scream;
the other children cry
in the next nursery room,
but Mommy holds you tightly,
safe as summer blooms.

Hush, lovely angel,
breathe no more,
Mommy sheds a tear
as she sinks to the floor,
puts you in the cradle,
still and neat,
innocence redeemed
before it ever knew defeat.

Hush little baby,
don't say a word,
Mommy let you go because
she couldn't watch you burn;
lock up all the doors
so safe and tight,
flicker of a match
and the children gleam with light.

Hush, dying embers,
whisper to the sky—
Mommy only wanted
her precious babes to fly.