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"And Kaitlyn will be cast as The Goddess of Love," the announcement rung

in my ears.

" OMG!!! Kaitlyn, you're 8 and you got a lead role in a play with

teenagers in it! You did better than them and you got the part that you

wanted!" Amanda was jumping up and down screaming the words with joy.

"Um, hey Kaitlyn, " this was Matthew, he was five years older than me,

and who I would be working with a lot over the summer because he was cast as

the God of Death," uh, how old are you?"

"Oh, she's only 8, isn't that amazing at how she got a lead role?" I

wanted to ring Amanda's neck because of what she just said.

"Oh, hum, um, ok, cool, thanks, see you in a few minutes," Matthew said

as he was walking away to get his script.

"Thanks a lot! Amanda! I could have told him any age over 10 and he would

have believed me, but you had to say 8," I said as soon as Matthew was out

of ear-shot.

"Oh, right forgot, I'm just so excited for you!"

"Thank you, and I know you only meant well, it's just that I really like

him, sorry."

"It's ok," Amanda was always so forgiving, "I hope you have a fun

time highlighting your lines with him!" That was her departing goodbye

because we had just been called to our groups.

(end of flashback)

Wow, that was a long time ago. It was also the first time that I met Matthew.

I spent most of that summer working on that play. It was the best one I ever

did. And now that I'm 13, I barely see Matthew anymore. The last time I saw

him was about 2 years ago, backstage at my friend's play.

But when I was younger I would see him a lot more often because his younger

brother, Nick, was really good friends with Amanda and me. Mostly Amanda, but

still. And I also saw him one time at my friend's learning center. I

remember it well.


"Ok, now we go in the back with our tickets and shoot hoops to get a

prize," Danielle was explaining to me how the reward system worked at the

learning center.

"Um, ok, let's go, I need to stand for a while, these chairs are

small." Me always being the giant, I had giant legs in small chairs and

large chairs, but I preferred the larger chair.

"Hey, what's up?" I turned to the voice that was coming from the

corner. And of course, it was Matthew, with that beautiful smiling face of

his. Matthew had always been taller than me, with dark medium length hair, and

brown eyes. He always wore T-shirts with jackets over them, even during

summer. With long pants and Vans sneakers. He almost looked like a mechanic.

Oh, and he was a little muscled because of just being his age.

"Oh, ha hum, hi Matthew, nothing much," I couldn't believe how retarded

that sounded.

"Cool, so, see you later."

"Ok, bye." Why did I sound so weird?

"Who was that?" Danielle asked in her flirtatious voice.

"Oh, that's just Matthew, I guy I met like two summers ago."

"He's hot!"

"I know," I said in a dazed voice.

(end of Flashback)

And now I'm off to a party my friend is having for her brother. He's

turning 13 tomorrow. I was invited because Hayley is my friend, and her

brother, Vince, is Kyle's best friend. Kyle is my twin brother, fraternal of


Kyle is my older brother by a day. Yes, my mother was in labor for over 24

hours, so? She a great woman and I thank her for not forcing me to share my

birthday with my twin. So, the reason Kyle got invited to this party was

because so many girls have a crush on him. Kyle isn't Mr. Amazing, but some

girls would think differently. He's about 2 inches taller than me, making

him 5'11. He has the same shade hair as I do, a darker blonde or lighter

brunet, shoulder length, and mine is just below my elbows. His skin is a

little darker than mine, giving him an olive tint, while mine is pale, but not

completely white skin. His eyes are a dark chocolate, while mine are a lighter

brown/gold. And his arm and legs are skinny, while I'm a little shapelier

because girls mature faster than guys.

So, off we go to the party, when I realize that we're wearing almost the

same thing. He's wearing blue jeans with white T-shirt with a somewhat

bagginess to it with old sneakers, while I'm wearing my stretchy white

t-shirt with my favorite vintage jeans and my new Converse. I can't believe

we are so connected as twins as to dress the same without even knowing it.

Anyway, it's too late; we've hopped onto our quads and have already

started down the street to Hayley's house for the party.

Mom lets us drive our quads when we go somewhere in the neighborhood. Dad

thinks that they're death traps, but Mom wants us to enjoy our 13-year-old

birthday presents while they work, because when they break, we're not

getting them fixed. So, off we go to the party and to something I have no idea

about, but another guy knows everything about.

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