An unhappy story gone weird By: Heartless-love

It starts unhappy and the climax in Happy. Now see, there is a word that has nothing to do with me. It usually has a Happy ending but not mine, not my life. It is so unhappy that I decided to tell you about it. I know you don't want to hear a guy bitch like a girl but I need to talk about it and if you're an evil person who enjoys others pain you will love this. Here it goes, it starts with my birth, I was a mistake, a fluke. If you know what I mean, well dad got mad and left for Miami, Florida for a vacation, he heard of a war and decided he should be courageous and that he had nothing to lose, so he joined, died a war hero on a beach. Or at least that was my bedtime story from mom. Well, I became the momma's boy everyone in the family thought I'd become until she started slipping out at night to go clubbing with her 'girlfriends'. She got drunk and drove home, she didn't die but was pulled over by a cop. She tried to beat him up after being handcuffed; she even yelled "I've got a son I need to go home too!" or something like that. All her friends were too drunk to remember much.

12 years she was gone so I was raised by gram and gramps from age 7 to today, which is my 13-birth day. It is October 13, today is a Friday, and is it just me or do you think that sucks too? Whatever, my gram is more sensitive to that but gramps makes it a living hell, bought me the Friday the 13th movie this year, evil old fart. Gram made her famous Red velvet cake, yah real tasty; especially the-she- was-out-of-flour-and-used-baking-soda-instead part. There is a reason I call her Gram-cracker. I took too big of a bite and needed some soda to wash it down, have you ever seen a baking soda volcano gone wild, that's what it looked like. My gram got me a bunch of spy and investigator movies. Well my life sucks, "It sucks to be me". Think that's nothing, you can make my life suck even more try me. How about the fact Gram and Gramp past their mile stone today on my birthday and had a heart attack one after another and left me to fend for myself without them. Even in their wills they gave everything to me rich cousin Brittany. Didn't even want it so she spent it on clothes. So here I am on the side of a street begging for money because none of my other relatives want me.

Now some strange girl gives me a wooden box with strange designs on it. I found a strange puzzle on the side that looked like a picture that was scrambled. I was actually good t these so I tried it. I was done in a second and I noticed it said Congratulations on it. Then the lid pops up and scares the crap out of me. Inside is a letter and something firmly wrapped in several layers of rice paper. I read the note, "Welcome, we are a company of the CIA and we wish to offer you, an intelligent mind, a chance at second life." This looks like serious bull but it caught my eye with the 'second life' crap, "If you have been given this box and opened it within 1 minute you have been accepted to our Second Chances School for intelligent young minds. If you wish to accept our offer please enroll today at 2484 Ambient Dr. Providence, Texas, 32746. Please come soon, this offer is to a limited time." After a few moments of silence I realized this must all be a joke, or a test. I pulled out an old pen and started scribbling notes on the back of the letter. I guess I have nothing better to f=do so what the heck. Then the wall to the box opened on all four side of the inside, each had a certain amount of money. I was shocked, 175, 213, 452, and even 7,657 dollars and 14 cents. I examined the paper to see if it was a joke. I took a single dollar and took out a lighter, just as I thought, it burned in a bluish-green fire, fake. All this I knew was from watching the movies Gram got me. Then I decided to take the letter, faux-money, and box with me as I walked to the airport. The test is too determine how smart I am, Providence is the capitol of Rhode Island, the capitol of Texas is Austin, and 32746 is the zip code of Orlando, Florida. Maybe I'm supposed to go to all those places. No, this is stupid, what school would make someone do all this for a second chance. A desperate person maybe, a person like me.

As I debated all the facts I slowly approached the airport. As I entered I felt people staring at me like I wasn't supposed to be there. I ignored them and walked to the counter. I looked at the prices of each flight to Providence, Austin, and even Orlando. In all if I added them up they equaled, 175. That is weird, is it a coincidence, no, maybe, not sure. But what do I have to lose. I checked the times and of course the first was to Providence in 2 minutes. I walked to the plane dock and didn't even have a chance to sit because the attendance woman called my chair number at once. "A1? Is A1 here?" she spoke into the mic. "Here you go," I said as I handed her the ticket. She gave me a strange look but then scanned the ticket and her gaze traveled the monitor. "Oh my, first class. Right this way Mr. Coven." This shocked me, one, I had first class, and second, how did she know my last name? I followed her on board and she unlocked a door in the back to reveal a large room with two other people my age or so on the couch waiting. They turned to look at me. One was a guy with dirty blond hair, and when I say dirty I mean dirty, dirty. He looked as bad as myself. Then a beautiful brown haired girl with a few freckles and brown eye's turned away in either freight or shyness.

The woman left at once and locked the door gain behind me. Some music was playing and there were three beds. "Hi," I introduced myself with a bow. They were both wearing ragged clothes and didn't look that clean, they wore the saw grin faces as I was. "Do you know about any of this?" the boy finally broke the silence. "I know this is all a test, but that's it," the shy girl answered. "Have you figured out the puzzle?" he asked me. "I think so. What do you think?" I asked. "Were not supposed to talk about that, the note says so. There on the counter." He pointed to a glass counter in the corner. I went over and picked up the white note. It read, "You have figured the first part of the puzzle, the airline will find out about the money after you get on the next plane but make sure you don't get off the planes, If you miss one, you'll lose your chance and the offer will expire. If you are as smart as we think you are, then don't share the answer with the others, to all make it there you will have to work together but remember, trust no one. Good Luck," how weird. I sat on the couch next to the boy. "What are your names?" I asked. "Call me Mr. Bergs." "Call me Miss Mendon," "I'm Mr. Coven. Nice to meet you." I shook each of their hands. The woman popped in just then and startled us, "Sorry, I was told to bring this to you, also, another letter." She handed the letter to me with shaky hands.

I opened the letter as Miss Mendon and Mr. Bergs read over my shoulder. "There is a shower and a fresh pair of clothes for each of you, can't be wearing rags can you? You'll each have a special cell phone in your clothes use yours and only yours. If another gets a call it is for them to hear only unless told otherwise." We walked to the other corner to find two doors; one had a pink girl on it and the other a blue boy. I went in the blue door of course an there were two pairs of shoes, two shirts, two vests, two black coats, and two pairs of black pants. "A tux?" Mr. Bergs examined his suit as I took a long needed shower. We were both dressed and ready yet Miss Mendon was still showering. She finally came out and she was wearing a black knee-high dress. Her hair in a high bun with bits of her chocolate brown bangs dangling here and there. "Wow," both Mr. B and I said. "Thanks?" replied the stunning Miss M. "So now what Mr. C, or should I call you Bond, James Bond," he then made his hand look like a gun and pretend to blow out the smoke coming from it's pistol. "I don't know, prepare for another note."

To be continued~