Midnight Murder...
(Goes Something Like This)

Clocks are ticking in shallow light,
Perilously sinking to the ground that night...
Tolling bells sounded through the square, shuddering,
Midnight watchmen switched out, listening as
A broken tower chimed 12 times, echoing
Down to the ears of that hideous creature, alone
He fell to his knees in agony, crying
Out loud with anguish in his voice, the words
They sounded cold and desperate, lonely,
Regretting all the shattered dreams, when
Did he first contemplate to do such deeds, now
Too late to take them back, if only
He hadn't let his heart get to his head, maybe
Things would have worked out differently, but then,
She may've never even cared for him, oh, why
Did he ever have to meet her gaze, she stares
Void into the shadowed night, perilously, clocks
Still ticking in the shallow light... shh!

Anna Christie