Technology, the world quite literally at your fingertips.

As a community, we as the world are so far technology advanced than 50 years ago, the mere notion of a touch screen would have been impossible.

We as a generation are becoming completely dependant and reliant on technology, it does everything for us. We have more technology at our fingertips than any of our past counterparts. Is this a good thing? You are all familiar with technology, your using some right this moment. But are we bringing up a generation who believes technology to be the answer to all the problems?

I have a cousin, a little boy of 10, he found his mothers old phone from five years back, it still worked so he played around with it for a while, but when he wanted to turn it off, he couldn't, he kept on stabbing at the screen trying to find the off button. Of course, it wasn't there. Finally he realised that there was button made of plastic of the side. A boy of 8 couldn't work out why the screen wasn't touch that technology could have changed so much in the past 5 years.

It is sad, when you think that an entire generation is going to grow up amidst the wonders of touch screen, wireless controls and all sorts of other wonderful technology designed to make our lives easier. But they won't know how to work a simple button. The TV adverts about PC's show this, it's a little about 8, and she is doing magical things with her computer and camera and TV, feats which would stump the most able of adults.

You log onto Google and you are confronted by a million pieces of information, indeed, a person in England could be reading what a person in America has just posted in 5 seconds flat. The infomation from across the Atlantic could be read all around the world by people in Korea, Australia, and Iceland. Everywhere.

The world is quite literally at our fingertips'.