The door to the band room opened. A rather large dark man came in and stood next to the filing cabinets. He introduced himself as the new junior's vice principal.

"Hell, I just wanted to meet with you all…" he reached inside his coat. "…And say hello. There is one person I'd like to see in particular." He paused and looked around the room. "You there." He pointed to Sarah. "I want you." He pulled a gun out from the pocket of his coat, but before he could even get it out, I had already dropped my instrument and charged him.

The man turned his gun on me and fired without hesitating. I collapsed on the floor clutching my left arm. "Idiot. I want the girl." He turned to the rest of the class. "You let me have my way, and you'll all be fine and the girl will live. Get in my way, and you will all die."

I pulled myself to my knees and crawled over to Sarah. "Stay behind me." I whispered before standing to face the attacker.

He raised his gun again. "You really want to die, huh? C'mon, I'd rather not have to kill you if I don't have to."

I spread my arms out. "You will not touch her."

The man said nothing. He just fired his gun again, this time, hitting me in the stomach. I clutched my stomach but didn't fall. Not even to a knee. He fired again hitting my right shoulder. I knew if I was going to stop him, I had to do it now.

Another shot whizzed by my feet as I charged him again. This time, he aimed for my head. His shot went through the hand I used as a shield and wedged itself in my forehead, still sticking out a little. But I didn't stop. I lowered the hand to my side and used my right to hit him as hard as I possibly could. The man flew through the air and dropped the gun.

Once the gun was dropped, the rest of the class charged him as well and overpowered him in numbers. They held him down while the teacher called for the police and an ambulance for me.

I stood there in front of Sarah silently, watching the blood drip off my head and onto the ground in front of me. A small pool had already formed from the hole in my hand and my shirt was stained just below my heart from another shot. But I still stood.

I turned to face Sarah. "I'm glad you're okay. I love you." I whispered before falling to the ground, unconscious.