24-Hours Being a Goddess of Cats

Mika Saitou

"I love cats since I was a little girl

But, I didn't expect that I will be their goddess…"

"W-why?" I quivered.

I turned my head in my left and yes, there's a filthy white cat. Then, to my right, another two street cats were staring at me. I really don't know why, but, I've been seeing cats on my way home and all of them were staring at me.

"Okay, just ignore them, girl." I told myself as I continue walking. I stuck my head down and kept murmuring, "I'm just dreaming, I'm just dreaming…"

Then, all of a sudden, a brown-yellowish cat blocked my way which startled me. I gazed with that cat until he smirked at me.

"Ghagg!" I was petrified.

The cat just smirked at me! It really did!

"Nya~" a cat meowed which awakened me from my petrifying moment.

"I can't take this anymore!" I burst out and started running. "I love cats but I didn't wish this!"

Unknowingly, I reached home.

In a rush, I opened the door, removed my shoes and wore my slippers.

"I'm home!" I shouted and quickly went upstairs without hearing my mother's response.

But, I do caught her saying, "Wel-"

I bet she will say, "Welcome come home, dear." She always responded that.

I plopped down in my bed and puffed, "Hahhh!"

"Okay…" I breathed.

"Okay, girl. There must be a reason why those cats are following you…" I advised myself.

I checked my bag. Maybe, there's a stupid person who put a cat food in my bag. But, no there's no food at all.

"What could be the reason? Maybe, I was cursed?" I wondered as I keep thinking if I hurt someone. Well, I'm not bullying anyone am I? I'm a nice and decent girl.

"But, maybe… I'm not the only one who's experiencing this…" I thought and then suddenly I gawked and squinted, "OMG! Is it a cat invader!?"

I try to imagine that cats are ruling our world. And I could see in my cloud that we humans became slaves. We cooked cat foods for them as they laughed, "Nya-nya-nya-nya-nya!"

I gaped as I think that. Then, I shook my head to awaken my brain.

"I have to settle my brain. I have lots of home works to do…" And I gazed at the notebooks which I had removed in my bag. I released a big sigh and started to get those notebooks.

I dropped the four notebooks in my darkly polished wooden study table and sat down in my chair. I started working and gladly I can concentrate. Those weird cats were finally out of my mind. Hours later, I'm finally done and here I am leaning in my table and started musing about cats again.

"Mika! Dinner is ready." My mother knocked in my door.

"Ok, Mom!" I responded and stood up.

When I reached the dining room, I look at the foods. And surprisingly all of them were formed into cats!

"It's a cat invader!" I squealed.

"What are you saying? You love cats, right?" my mother scoffed.

"I do. But, why did you form it like that?"

"Well, tomorrow is your better, right? Since you love cats, I thought it would be a nice gift. I was expecting that you will be happy. And I was even planning to make more tomorrow for your birthday. But, then…" she said and then she gestured dramatically.

"Nooo! Actually, I was happy and surprised. I really love them. You're the best, Mom!" I cheered up.


"Ok, she's being a coy now." I sweat dropped.

"Mom, let's eat now before I hear the irritating voice of my stomach." I invited.

We started to get some foods. I don't want to ruin what my mother work hard for. But, then, it will be a waste too if I will not eat it.

My father isn't with us today. He has an overnight work at his company. He is a mechanical engineering and they have a new project to make. He is really a matured one unlike my mother who's still acting like a spoiled kid.

And when they mixed up, Ta-daa! I was born as a matured and a spoiled one. Sometimes I'm really serious especially when I'm studying but when I saw something that I really, really like I'm transforming into a spoiled kid. And sometimes I act like my father who's really strict and then being a dramatic and coy one as my mother. Having a mixed personality is great!

After we had a dinner, my mother and I watched some TV shows. This is my favorite past time because my mother is hilarious! She loves imitating those celebrities in the TV! I do too! It was really fun!

And after having fun, next is a nice warmth bath tub with milk bath soap on it. And then before I sleep, I will drink a one glass of milk.

"Yah! I love milk!" I rejoiced as I washed the glass and put it in the cabinet.

My mother, on the other hand, just came out in the bath room.

"Goodnight, Mom." I said.

"Goodnight…" she replied as she dry her hair using her pink towel.

I went back to my room. My room is half-cute and half-relaxing. Well, since my personality is mixed up too. The two walls are painted into pink and everything I will decorate there must be cute while the other two walls are painted into a relaxing coffee. Yah, it's brown. And my decorations there are candles, paintings, and other relaxing decorations. That's also the place where I put my cabinet and study table. While my bed is on the cute side, that's why my bed is pink. I know my explanation is hard to imagine, but, I hope you can imagine it.

I dropped my body in my bed and I finally closed my eyes as I mumble, "Tomorrow… Is my birthday…"

However, after three minutes, I think, I started hearing lots of voices. I could hear someone hushing and blabbing. I could also hear an energetic voice and a gentle one.

I quickly covered my ears and in a terrified voice, I said, "It's a curse then! Aaahhh! I hate ghosts!"

"Ssshhh! Keep quiet, guys!" someone hushed.

Out of the blue, the voices are gone. Therefore, I slowly removed my hands from my ears and opened my eyes. I examined my room.

"I'm glad that I can't see a ghost…" I relieved after opening the glass window in my balcony. However, before I could close it back again, I saw a white-female cat. Yah, I think it's a female base on the physical look.

I gaped as I stared with that cat.

"Nya~" the cat meowed.

"I want to play with that cat… But…They might capture me then eat my fresh body…" I terrified.

"It's twelve o 'clock now. It's time for you to be a goddess…" the white-female-cat cajoled.

"Huh?" I wondered and I'm starting to feel weird.

Then all of a sudden, cat ears, whiskers, cat tails appeared in my body! And… Wow! I'm wearing a cat costume! It's really cute and pretty! I started dancing as I rejoiced.

"What a kiddo?!" someone laughed.

Again, I turned into a stone. I slowly look back in my balcony and… Woah! There are lots of cats in my balcony!

I started jerking around. My mind is really confused and I think I'm crazy!

"Cats… Cats… It's a cat invader…" I said crazily.

"What a jerk!" a fat brown-orange cat said.

Then, a thin brown-orange cat snickered.

"I'm sorry about those twins…" the white-female cat said and continued, "I'm Seri and I'm here to explain everything."

"Huh? Ahh… Ok." I replied. I really like her gentle voice.

"We animals have a god too like you humans. But, we haven't seen him. Only the first animals created knew him. And the story was just passed to us by our parents. They said that the god decided to let humans experienced to be a gods or goddesses. However, it will be just for one day, starting at twelve o 'clock a.m. and end at eleven fifty-nine o 'clock p.m. Also, each kind of animal was assigned to choose only people according to their personalities and age." Seri storied.

"Then… Why me?" I blinked while pointing at myself.

"Because you are thirteen years old now, you love cats, you are kind…" Seri responded.

"You're a kiddo." the thin brown-orange cat snickered.

"And a jerk." the fat brown-orange cat said.

"I see…" I sweat dropped.

"You two! Be nice to her!" Seri scolded the twins.

"I'm really sorry… Oh, the thin one is Ashizu and the fat one is Zusushi." Seri cajoled.

"Nice to meet you guys." I cajoled too. Wow… She has a gentle and strict personality.

"Ah! Wait!"I alarmed.

"Now that I'm a goddess… Is there something I should do?" I asked.

"Well, yes. The humans are allowed to experience this not only because to enjoy themselves but also to help us in our problems. Oh, you have a magical power inside you that could help us. We will teach you later." Seri explained.

"For now, have a bonding with us! Oh, I'm Hashi!" a girl kitten said.

"Sure!" I happily accepted.

"Nyah!!" the cats cheered. Wow! I want to meet them all!

I quickly got my cellphone. Well, I want to capture this great event of my life! I went out in the balcony and then asked, "By the way, I'm not dreaming am I?"

"Dreams are not really clear and it's been surrounded by white fogs. But, you can see us clearly, right?" Seri said.

"Well, I can." I responded but I still slapped my face. "I guess this is real."

Some cats are starting to jump down as they invited me.

"Follow us!" Seri invited.

"W-wait!" I yelped before she could jump.

She turned around and waited for me to speak.

"I can't go out with this kind of outfit. Unless, no one can see me like this." I spoke.

"Don't worry. Only, we, animals can see you. And humans won't see you at all. You can say that you're invisible to their eyes." She said and she invited me again, "Let's go."

"Ok." I accepted.

She finally jumped and I do too. Wow! I jumped like a cat!

I followed them and the path that they are tracking is pretty hard but I can manage it. We finally reached Kizugawa Ôhashi Bridge and I saw some other cats too. There are black cats too.

"Wow! Black cats!" I rejoiced.

Well, for me they are not bad luck.

"Since, you help one of the black cats. They also come here. They don't usually come here if the goddess is scared of black cats." Seri informed me.

"Oh…" the only effective word I could say.

"Thanks for the help." A black cat thanked.

"No problem." I replied.

"But, why aren't you scared of them? Usually humans treat them as a badluck." One of the cat asked.

"Well, you see… I don't believe that there's a badluck. And I pitied those who are treated as a badluck…" I said and turned to the black cats and said, "You guys don't really want to be treated like that, right?"

"Of course…" a black cat whispered rudely.

"By the way…" Seri said, went beside of that black cat, and introduced, "This is Garudi, my husband. He might turn out to be a rude cat but actually he's a shy one."

"Oh, shut up!" Garudi blushed.

"Wow! A cute couple!" I thumbed up.

"Thanks." Seri thanked.

I continued hanging out with them until I realized that it's already four o'clock a.m.

"Oh no! I haven't slept yet! I have to go back home!" I exclaimed.

"Don't worry. You can stay awake for this whole day. Well, only for today." Seri said.

Hashi added, "It's one of the powers of god and goddesses."

"Wow! That's great! Ok, I'll spend more three hours with you guys!" I rejoiced.

"Nya~!" they rejoiced too.

At seven o 'clock, I went back to my home and the cats went back to their places to have a nice nap. After I went up to my balcony, I scratched my cheeks with my fist. It's a method for me to go back into a normal human again. I just closed the glass window of my balcony when my mother knocked in my door and opened it. It gave me a fright so I quickly went in my bed and pretend to be asleep. It was pretty quick for me to do it since I have a power to make myself really fast.

"Welcome home, dear. Oh my, you don't have to pretend that you are sleeping." My mother said.

"Eh?" I wondered.

"I knew that you will be the goddess of cats today." She sat down in my bed.

"How did you know?" I asked.

"Well, you're not the only one who has a chance to do that. I and your father became the god and goddesses of cats too." She said.


She nodded and storied, "I and your father got closed because of that. I was a shy girl who has a big crush on your father. But, I can't get close to him since he's a quiet guy and he always avoids people. But, then, when I became the goddess of cats, I found out from the cats that he became the god of cats on his birthday. That's why… I was able to talk to him by sharing our experiences."

"So, that's the reason why you and Dad feed some street cats? Why don't you just pet one?"

"It's a big responsibility! You know that your mother… I'm too lazy!" she snapped.

I laughed a little.

"Then, I will take care of it." I said.

"But, what if they poo while you're in the school? I don't want to clean it!"

"Ok, enough… I understand…" I sighed.

"Anyway, you should get ready now or else you will be late." My mother reminded.

"Oh, right! Thanks for reminding me, Mom."

As I biked, I recalled that back then, I could hear some of my classmates talking about god and goddesses. But, no one hasn't shared anything to me especially my friends.

Therefore, when I had reached the school, I talked to my friends about it.

"Guys, why didn't you tell me about it?" I asked.

"Because we figure it out that you will be the goddess of cats, it will be disappointing if we will tell you about it earlier." Nabi explained.

"So how was it?" Sakura asked excitedly.

"Well…" I started and told them from the start of the story. It is the time when I noticed that the cats are starring and following me. However, the bell rang so we have to stop it.

At lunch time, we continued our conversations while we are eating in the cafeteria. My friends told me their story too. But, in a summary way unlike me who give almost all the details. Nabi became the goddess of dogs when she was eleven years old and Sakura became the goddess of rabbits at a very young age, she was a four years old girl. So, no much exciting happened to her but she still had fun talking to her rabbit pets. Yes, their family has rabbits.

Again, the bell rang and we have to go back in our classroom.

"Oh… It's the bell…" Sakura complained and rolled her eyes.

"Oh, come on. Let's go now." I invited and stood up.

"By the way…" Nabi spoke and continued, "Most of the people posted their experienced in the internet. Try posting it in .jp. I also posted mine there."

"I did as well even though it's just a very short story. I still can't remember much what happened back then." Sakura said.

"Oh… I see… Ok…" I accepted with a sign of hesitation. Well, it is because that I'm not really good at story-telling or writing a story.

"Oh! How can I find your story there?" I alarmed.

"Oh, right… Well, let's just chat later." Nabi responded.

"Ah, ok." I replied.

After school, I was on my way home when suddenly an orange cat is rushing towards me.

"Goddess!" he gasped.

I bent down and asked, "What's wrong?"

"We need your help! Tsujima, a bobcat, is attacking us! Others are fighting with him now in Kizugawa Ôhashi Bridge." He exclaimed as his voice trembled.

My eyes widened. How come a bobcat is here? Therefore, I ran there as fast as I could. And when I got there, I saw a bloody dead body of a kitten.

"Hashi!!!" I shrieked and tears are brimming over.

My weak body held her as I cried and trembled.

"So, this is our goddess…?" a wild tone asked.

I glared at that stupid bobcat.

"Ohhh… The goddess is angry. I thought gods and goddesses would have a kind heart." He annoyed.

"W-why?" I blubbered. "Hashi… Is still a kitten… She's so cute and adorable… But, why did you kill her?"

"It was my fault." Garudi spoke who's still glaring at Tsujima.

"I was being beaten by this darn cat, when she suddenly attacked him. And…" He paused and continued, "Gggrrrr! He killed her!!"

Using my power, I quickly prevented all the cats to move.

"Fighting will not do anything. I know that he should pay for what he did… But, killing him back would turn you to be like him." I seriously said and asked Tsujima, "Tell me… Why are you doing this?"

"It's none of your business!" he rudely replied.

"Lie if you want… But, I can read your mind…" I said and tried to read his mind as I hold his head.

And here are the words that his soul spoke to me.

"They will pay for what they did…"

"How could they ask to put me in the zoo…?"

"I know that they are angry at me for eating that kitten…"

"But… I could not stop myself…"

"I have no choice…"

"I was born to be like this…"

"Eating fresh meat… Eating their body… Is what I do…"

"Don't the care takers there feed you?" I asked.

"They do, but I don't like there. I don't like to live in cage." He answered me honestly.

I continued to read his mind more and I found out that he was kind back then and friendly to these cats but then… One day, he was so hungry and he was looking for food. But, he saw a kitten and he couldn't stop himself to eat it. And the cats got angry at him until they asked the previous god to put him away. And he was put in the zoo.

"I understand now…" I relieved.

"Ok, from now on. Promise me that you will not eat your fellow friends. And I will promise that I will bring meat foods here every day. Oh, I will bring fish too for you guys." I said.

"How could you be nice to him?! He killed Hashi!" Garudi angered.

"He didn't mean it… Right, Tsujima?" I replied.

"I'm really sorry… That time, I could not stop myself to eat that poor kitten… I was so hungry that I can't stop myself. I didn't really want to do it, since you guys are my friends… I'm sorry for eating that kitten… I was so angry with you guys that I want to kill all of you… But, please… I want to be your friends again… I promise that I will not eat cats again." Tsujima saddened.

"But… Don't you want to live with your fellow bobcat?" I asked.

"But, I don't know where…"

"Don't worry, I will help you."

"Thank you…" he thanked.

"But… How come you're here? I never heard that there are bobcats live in Japan too…" I said.

"I do live in California. But, a woman thought that I was a house cat so she kept me and she went here. But, when she was busy at home, I escaped and met these cats." He storied.

"I see… But, do you want to go back now? I could use my power to help you go back in California."

"It will be ok… And, I think it's for the best…" He said.

Therefore, I removed the magic spell from them to allow them to move again. I carried him and he farewell, "Goodbye, everyone. And I'm really sorry for what I did."

No one responded to him but he understands why they are still mad. Then, I used my power to teleport in California and looked for his fellows. When we finally saw them, I said goodbye to him.

"Thank you for helping me. I'm very thankful for your kindness." He cajoled.

"Why you're nice after all. Well, no problem. Bye!" I replied.

"Bye!" he responded.

I went back again in my home town and talked to the cats.

"He's back to his home now." I announced.

"Thanks for helping us, goddess." Seri thanked.

"No problem. Oh, let us bury Hashi. And from now on, always remember that Hashi is a hero." I told them.

After we buried Hashi in that place, I went back home. I told my mother what happened to me.

"I was really sad. Hashi is a nice kitten…" I dawned.

"But, I was proud of you. You still help that bobcat. Other gods or goddesses might just kill him." My mother said.

"Thanks, Mom." I thanked.

"Oh, right. Nabi called and asking if you were using your laptop."

"Ah! I forgot. Thanks for telling me, Mom!" I alarmed and quickly went in my room.

Nabi and Sakura complained that they had been waiting for me. But, I'm glad that they still forgave me and they even gave me the link of their story. After reading it, I told them that I will post mine later, and they might be able to read it tomorrow. They were mad again because they are waiting for me so that they can read my story. But, they understand that I want to hang out with cats more in my last four hours. And exactly twelve o 'clock a.m. I'm no longer a goddess of cats.

And here I am, still awake. Well, tomorrow is Saturday so there's no school. That's why… I'm here now in .jp spending my time in sharing my story for being a goddess of cats. And it ends here now.

Guys, thanks for reading. And I'm sorry if I'm not really an expert in story-telling. But, I hope you enjoyed reading it. Oh, I'll try to read others too tomorrow. But, now, I'm too sleepy to do that. Well, goodnight. Thanks again. Bye!

The End…