I am running, running as fast as I can, but I can feel them gaining on me. I try zigzagging through trashcans and cars, but to no avail, they are still gaining on me. I run down an alleyway that's small and narrow, hoping to gain more of a lead on them, but then a third man appears at the end of the alley and with the two behind me gaining, I am trapped. The third man takes a hold of my shoulders and slams me up against the wall of a building. He's dressed in all black, with a ski mask over his face.

"Hey pretty, why are you out so late? Didn't your mom ever warn you about what happens at night?" I can feel my body start to tremble and feel weak. What are they going to do to me? Rob me? Rape me? Kill me? The other two men catch up, and are in identical clothing to the one who is holding me up against the wall.

"What shall we do to her...first anyway?" The tallest one of them says.

"I think we should strip her down to see if she has anything worthwhile on her to take, and then take turns on her." They laugh and smile. My eyes open wide and I struggle to break free, but he is so much stronger than me.

"Stop! Get your hands off of me!" I twist and turn my body harder, but the more I struggle, the tighter his grip gets on me. He slaps me across the face.

"Now now, just be peaceful pretty. It will go over so much easier and faster if you don't resist." How did I get myself into this mess? I was walking home from a friend's house, who only lives two blocks away from where I live. I shouldn't have decided to take the shortcut, which is through a street of abandoned old buildings and such, but I was running late, and I didn't want to miss my curfew. Fuck.

"Hey guys did you hear that noise?" The short cubby one said.

"What are you talking about? What noise?" All of a sudden I see a fourth figure. Great, probably another one of them coming to violate me.

"Hey pal, if you know what's best for you you'll turn back." The tallest man approaches the object with a long, metal steel bar in his hands. Was he going to use that to beat me? My heart feels so heavy and is beating so quickly I am almost certain I am going to have a heart attack. The fourth man approaches him, slowly.

"Hey this is my final warning pal, or I'll have to use this." I see the fourth man grin devilishly. I can't really make him out. He's about the same height as the tall guy, maybe 6'2, he seems to be dressed in all black as well, and he appears to have short, spiky dark brown hair, but I could be wrong. The tall man attacks the fourth guy with his metal steel bar, and he grabs it with one hand and simply takes it and throws it to the side. Whoa. Did that just happen? Is that possible? The man holding unto me gives me a rough shove against the wall and he and the short fat one come to his buddy's aid. I fall to the ground and am too shaken to move. I know I need to get away as fast as I can, but I can't find the strength to run. All three of the men attack this mysterious man, and they don't even phase him. He shoves all three of them into the wall and down to the ground one by one, with enough force to make them unable to get back up again. You can hear the force by the noise the wall and the ground made when they fell. He picks up the tall, skinny one first and shoves him up against the wall.

"He...hey man we didn't mean you any harm. Let's be cool alright?" The mystery man smiles and leans in close. I cannot tell what he's doing, perhaps he's stabbing him in the neck, because all I hear is a gurgling scream and I can see blood dripping from his neck. He shoves the tall one down to the ground, and then he does the same to the other two men. I quickly get up and try to run, because I don't want to be around for the end of it. I end up making it halfway to the alleyway before I see him turn around to face me. I pick up speed, but it doesn't seem to matter. He's right beside me in a second, and he too shoves me up against the wall. There's a small light in the alleyway, and it illuminates upon him. He's not a man, no, not a man at all. My eyes open wide, he didn't stab them...he...he bit them. He's a vampire...how...how is this possible? They don't exist? But...why is their blood dripping from his mouth, and why are his eyes as crimson and red as hell itself? He looks at me curiously and smiles, baring the longest and pointiest teeth I have ever seen. I feel myself having a panic attack coming on, and all I know is I faint, because my eyes slip away into the darkness, and my last thought is I hope I still wake up.