"Oh no, Kris has that look in her eye." I looked up to see my friend Haley Stedgewood staring at me with her sparkly brown eyes, her dirty blond hair in a messy bun.

I stuck out my tongue, "Yeah Haley, you would know!" What Haley meant was that I was ready to dump my current boy friend, Nico. He was nice, but no one's always stays nice. Once I become serious, I cut them loose. I just like to break there hearts, it's easy, and sometimes fun. What's not to like?

The wind was chilly as I sat on Haley's red convertible, the hood up. The day was a perfect cloudless blue, the sun setting, making a luminescent orange glow on the horizon. We were at the hill. Our spot of confessions and other odd things. I sighed.

"Why do you always say it as a bad thing?" I stare at Haley.

But my other friend Abby Crafts, answered for her, shaking her head sadly. "Poor Nico never saw it coming. Nice to end it right before senior prom." She smiled at me and showed me her white little pearl of teeth.

I laughed, "Yeah, all in the timing."

"But...," Haley was still resentful, "You don't feel a bit guilty? I mean Nico is nice. He had nice big blue eyes and I liked the way his red hair stuck up in the heat. Looked... very cute, in a boyish way."

Of course I felt guilty, I'm not a robot. But better to be honest right? Cause if I gave false info and get there hopes up, they'll really be crushed.

"Well, it's better this way."

Haley rolled her eyes. "I just wish that maybe you could stick with a guy. Like me, I've stuck with Mark for two years now. That's a long time you know?"

Abby smiled, "For Kristen Reynolds, yes. Anything more than 2 months is a long relationship. Except for Kyle. He lasted till 2 months and 3 weeks. The most she's ever done."

I frowned. They were talking like I wasn't here. "Umm, guys, new subject please?" I asked.

Haley gave me a look but shrugged and said, "So, you hear about that new kid? Well he's not here yet but Mark's friend Farley has a cousin. His name is Oreo Lastly. Weird name huh? Must run in the family."

Abby rolled her green eyes and redid her red signature plaid headband to guard her pale heart shaped face from her wild frizzy ebony black hair. "And I thought Farley was a hideous name. God forbid, what's their next child, Mr. Quackzys?"

It was just so random that we had to laugh, and drink our Sunday away with extra large root beer floats, just because we felt like it.


"So, I'm meeting him tonight, to tell him, ya know?" I was talking to Abby on the phone.

"Oh, umm good luck. What does one where to break up with some one? Something dark and sad, or bright and cheery so they won't feel as bad?"

"Or, how about a clean shirt and nice jeans."

I could almost hear Abby roll her eyes. "You where that every day. This is a big moment for Nico, come on."

"Well, this is everyday. Calm down, I'll call Haley to pick me and you up so we can stop and the hill first."

"Sure, be ready in a sec. Bye."

She hung up before I said bye back, but that's just a habit she has. I called Haley and told her my plans and she agreed.

I actually was worried what I was going to wear? Oh no, Abby, you monster.

I ended up wearing my new Lacey blouse and a small purple sweater on top. I had on my dark slimming skinny jeans (Abby advised me of course) with my usual gold flats.

I looked in the mirror and saw that I was really pretty tonight. My hair, a dark hair was held back with a blue headband and my cobalt eyes looked piercing. Time to break hearts.

I got in to Haley's car, Abby already in the passenger seat. Her hair was the usual, but I noticed she wore a new jacket. I smiled.

"Nice jacket Ab. Brings out your green eyes."

I saw her blush and give me thanks with her eyes.

"So, to the hill? Wanna stop at Takea for some root beer?" Haley stared at Abby and I.

"Yeah, but only if I you can sweet talk the cash guy for a lollipop." Abby looked at me expectantly. She was talking about the time when I flirted with the pimpled face teenager that worked there. He was selling lollipops and I convinced him to give us some free ones.

"Yeah sure." I replied, knowing Abby would smack my thigh and pinch my face if I don't.

We ended up leaving at 6, looking for the Crest, a bar that Nico and I planned to meet. When I got there I found him right away. His red hair was thick, short, and straight, looking like a broom. I could hear his laugh, and the way he says "oh" way too much. I smiled at that but quickly scolded my self.

I walked to him and grabbed his arm. "Hey Nico, let's find somewhere alone, I have to talk to you." I stared in to those light sky blue eyes as he nodded and walked away from his friends.

When we reached a quiet deserted place, I smiled sadly and said, "Look Nico, I'm sorry I have to d-"

"I knew it." He interrupted me with a soft voice. "Everybody kept telling me that we would be over soon. But, I hoped. I hoped that we could have a real thing. I mean, c'mon, 1 and a half months. Wow."

I closed my eyes and kissed him. "I'm really sorry; it's just that I can't go in to a serious relationship."

He sighed, "Well Kris, see you around?"

I smiled, "Definitely."

As I left him I knocked in to this guy. My super sweet nice "I'm Sorry" mode quickly changed to "I'm really pissed, what the hell" mode.

I glared at the guy who bumped me. "What's your problem?" I pushed him.

He had a mess of dark, almost black hair. His eyes were an ever green, sort of olive. "Hey, what's up," he said, a goofy grin on his face.

I glared harder. "What the hell?"

He blinked then smiled even wider. "Hi, I'm Or-"

"I said, What. The. Hell?"

I saw his eyes falter. Then he shook it off and said all cheery, "I saw you back there. And felt I needed to talk to you. You looked pretty sad being dumped."

I was surprised. "I don't get dumped. I dump them. And anyways, it's not even your business. Now bye." I tried to walk away but he grabbed my sweater and pulled me back.

"Hey, not so fast. I just want to talk."

I rolled my eyes. "Let me think for a second, oh yeah, NO!"

"Ummm please? Just let me know your name."

Stalker much? "Uhh, no! Leave me alone! How can you be, so, so annoying?!"

"Well, I just wanted to say hi. Oh, let me at least give you this." And before I could stop him, he scribbled his number and name on my hand. Oreo Lastly. The new kid. Go figure.

I jerked my hand away and kicked him in the shin. "Leave. Me. Alone, Oreo Lastly!"