- Click Clank - The boxcar kept on rattling side to side, that was the only thing that assured me that this really wasn't a dream. But I had to keep a mantra in my head it was a dream, a horrifying nightmare, or I'd really go mad. When they, the scary looking men with hatred in their eyes, separated my family from me I had lost hope that I would see them again. I saw what they had did to the other families, ripped them away from each other, killing them slowly by killing their family members in front of their eyes. I remember watching in agony that, that may as well been me if I was to never see my family again. I remember feeling sorrow for those people who would never see their families ever again, and then feeling anger at these Nazis who thought themselves to be gods and try to destroy everything we had built for ourselves, our families for generations, all lost.

But then I knew it was better to not react anymore for it would do me no good. I shut down, my mind aware of what was going on but my body on auto-pilot. I did as I was told, to sit still, I went on the train when they told me to, I did as I was told and I got nothing in return. Nothing except blows thrown at me simply because they could be thrown at me. As I sit here I can't help but wish death upon myself then let these men who think they are gods kill me with their own hands.

I didn't know how long it has been, minutes, hours, days even, I wasn't sure. But I knew that whatever was ahead us would not be a happy Hanukkah morning. I looked around and all I saw was death ahead not enough to satisfy the devil for he will take many more than this boxcar full of people. I was brought out of my thoughts when the boxcar stilled, and the door was opened, only to see other Jews who helped us get out of the boxcar. When I did step out of the boxcar a horrendous smell filled my nostrils; of burning flesh. And then I knew that the worst was yet to come.

Great ? Okay ? Horrible ?