Two Tuesdays from now I'll ground these feet,
Heartbeats will halt by your laugh
(Instead of just from pressure)

And I'll smile back over a cup of coffee.

Two Tuesdays from now I'll have delivered my heart,
A goldenrod packet of beans and luckies.
Maybe then I'll climb the stalk and
Finally, actually touch the skies.

Two Tuesdays from now this heart will bleed with the
Joy of cream coffee over these buds,
A menthol will cool the tip of this tongue and
Burn the back of this throat
Before a kiss will stick to these lips for days.
(And days.)

Two Tuesdays ago this heart beat for you
(Rather than because nerves said so,)

These feet walked the city line,
Subconsciously searching for anything.
(And maybe it was there,
Just a dash of bright on bland.)

Two Tuesdays ago this heart cried out and
Begged upon its knees for guidance.
Two Tuesdays ago its pleas were heard.

(But two Tuesdays from now isn't
Two Tuesdays ago,
And two Tuesdays ago
Isn't now.)