AN: This was written a couple of months back in a moment of intense frustration. I haven't changed it much, but if you think something's wrong, do tell me.

Break Away

There was once a little lamb,

A naive little dreamer,

Herded and guided where ever she went.

Love given unconditionally,

For who could resist

Her wide eyed innocence


Growing up an only child,

She lived in a world of her own.

Obedience and etiquette

And loneliness in a friendly disguise

Muffled her once forthright voice.


A polite young woman,

Already so withdrawn,

Ducks her head when spoken to.

A raise in the tenor of her quiet voice

Colors her face cherry red.

But in her faceless character

Is a zest for life

Hidden beneath

The layers of uncertainty.


Misguided now,

She follows the shepherd

Who will only rain down upon her,

Smother her dreams

And drown her in his single mindedness.


But now she is aware

Of this danger,

Of losing herself

Fear hits her hard.

She has to escape.

To live in fear

Would be death itself.

She would rather fly with the winds

And come crashing down.

But in her flight

She is caught and held,

Like an injured bird

She spirals down

Towards the hard unyielding ground.


She opens her bleary eyes,

Feels the ache in her bones.

Under the harsh sun

She feels exposed,

For all that she is

And all that she wants.

She bows her head in defeat,

Like a common thief

Before the court of law.


Trembling with rage

At her disobedience,

Her shepherd, like a snake,

Gives only a faint hiss of anger

Before coming down upon her

In all his fury.


Broken and defeated,

She has lost all that she was

She follows her shepherd

Ever so faithfully.

But in her mind she is lost

As lost as a guileless child

Abandoned by its parents.

Until a kindred spirit appears

And mends all that was broken.

In that loving, shady relief,

She grows and strengthens.

Faith and belief restored,

She is restless

To spread her wings

And fly away into paradise.


On a dark, cloudy night,

She quietly takes flight

Pure happiness touches her

As she flies where the wind leads her.


And here I stand,

Below this jeweled ceiling

Five years later,

The wind trying to seduce me,

Evoking in me that need to fly;

Experienced enough

I calmly refuse,

The wind will take me to the deserts

Only to abandon me there.


It is only I who decides

Where I may fly.


Yes, I have fallen

Again and again.

But here I stand before you

This night

Upon my own sturdy feet.

I may not be that shooting star

Who claims attention,

Nor am I a bright jewel

In the inky black sky;

I am one of those stars

Too far away from this earth

For you to see me shine

In all my glory.

But I am there

Just as bright

Too far for you to realize

My splendor and worth,

But one day I shall fly too

And you'll regret all that you ever said.


Now I look to the horizon,

Put despair behind me

And take hope in the approaching new day.