You know when it feel like you aren't doing what you are supposed to be or that you are meant for something fare greater then anything you can ever imagine? Well I had never felt that way. I always thought that I was just some ordinary guy, who was only meant for ordinary things. I never thought that just by born, I would be something great. I mean who would've thought that a seventeen year old boy from California would be special. Never once in my life was a called great, nor anyone said that I would be someone one day.

Enough with my rant, I bet you are wondering who or what I am. I will start with the basics. My name in Emery Holden Stocks (I know weird name), I am seventeen years old, and I am 5'6. I have red hair but to me it looks orange. I have blue eyes (nothing to comment there), and I am very skinny. I normally am a shy person; I don't normally come out when I don't know people. Also I like mostly baggy clothes, although when I am alone I like to cross dress.

In case you didn't notice from the comment before I am gay. No one knows I am gay yet, but I think my friend Jeremy suspects.

Ok, now you know who I am, I will give you the background to the start of my story. I had just moved from Oregon three years ago, at the start of my freshman year. Now I go to the Wilson high school, I am in my junior year. It's a big school and one of the most hated teachers left last year to retire, so we now have some young teacher just out of college. Also one of the schools from the surrounding area closed (our rival) and at least ten new students are joining each of the grades. Well, because of all these changes the status quo is all messed up and everyone is on edge. There are a lot more bullying and snide comments made every where; everyone is measuring up the competition. I also heard that there is going to be this new senior who was sent to juvie, and that he could over through the king because he is so good looking.

With all these new changes I hoped I wouldn't be caught in the middle of all this chaos, but no! I get caught up in this mess and a whole lot more.

this story has been bugging me for a while, so i just had to write it. hope you all like