This is going to sound insane, and then of course I have never been of the soundest mind. My name is, sorry, was Jason but now everyone calls me Shun. About a year ago now some random particle physicist decided that he could open a wormhole right in his laboratory. What he did not know is that that wormhole would open some of its kind all of the Earth and spit out random objects, now I mean random. Shoes, swords, bows, cannons, and even a half eaten hot dog came out all over the world. Some of the more –ahem- interesting objects (like the weapons) came out glowing and sparking, so some geniuses decided that this is a great basis for a world wide game. I got sucked into it on a dare and could not stop, and this ended up being my doom.

"Jaaasssoooon! Time for dinner. I don't want you on that stupid chat site any longer."

"Then let me shut it down, Mom, I'll be there in a second."

I turned back to the computer screen and the three people displayed on it. "Well, I'm glad that we're all sixteen now, we can try to get a spot for that local portal as a group. That increases our chances by at least fourteen percent."

Lydia looked up from her knitting, while her hands eerily kept knitting. "What with that group, what did you call them, Scorpions? Taking up so much time, we need to make a case to get any time at all. What happens when we get in, any way? Do we start evolving at once?"

"No," came the crisp voice of Ryan from outside of his screen. Ryan was the mathematician of our group and the one who had figured out everything in the Arian word. "You have to participate in at least one fight to register yourself with the world, then you have to not take off the item that you have accumulated the energy in, in most of our cases weapons, for at least a week straight afterward."

I laughed hollowly at the thought of wearing my katanas on my back for a solid week while I waited to become a registered part of the Arian world. "That would be a sight to see, me wearing my swords for a solid week, even to bed?"

Yes was the unspoken reply as Ryan went on. "The alternative is less pleasant by far. You have to collect one of those freaky power gems I found out about three weeks ago and get it to bond with your DNA. Apparently not the most comfortable thing, according to my research."

"How do you mean?' A writer's curiosity pricked, Winter held the power stone that Ryan had been commenting on. "That seems to be one of my options."

"Well, both options entail great pain. When your weapons have the power, they bind themselves to you. I do not have a time line or even a theory about removal. With the power stone you have to have that and weapons for it to work, but-"

"Jason! I will not call you again! Come down here now!"

I jumped and knew if I did not go down I would not make it to the weekend alive. "Sorry, guys, preserve the conversation. My mom is about to flay me alive unless I go down to dinner."

"But you were the one that called this meeting! You said it was urgent, and that you had found evidence of something. What is it?" Ryan's characteristic shrieks made me chuckle as I held my right forearm to the screen and a small stone one a necklace.

"These were what I called for. Analyze the images and get back to me for more about them. Jason out."

As the screen shut down I saw the infuriated faces of Ryan and Winter as I gave them a great mystery to contemplate and scream at each other about for the thirty minutes that my mom tries to wear me down a day. Also known as dinner. I entered the kitchen as surreptitiously as I could, keeping my steps quiet and slouching into my seat at the table. My mom had spent five years as a cafeteria cook, so she knew all the secrets to Mystery Meat and Lasagna. Joy. Luckily my sister was home for the weekend and she had brought boxed pasta, immediately confirming her saint status.

I quickly scarfed down the cheese ravioli and was almost to the door when I was noticed.

"Jason, come see your sister."

"Mom, I will see him later. Give him a break."


I recognized my cue to go and sidled up the stair, silently reminding myself to get my sister a gift. I inaudibly shut my door and rushed back to the computer before Ryan killed his computer. I logged into their chat room as fast as my fingers would move and immediately established my presence.

"All right! I'm here now, thanks to my saintly sister, so don't kill each other!"

The barrage on my speakers stopped at once and only Ryan's voice remained.

"You need to explain right now Jason. You left me hanging with only two images on my screen that I saved."

"I get it Ry, you want me to tell you what happened."

"I didn't need confirmation. I already knew. Well, two days ago this kid in my class offered me a chance to get into the dimension, for free."

"That sounds shady, Jason, you didn't take it did you?" Winter's concern came though the speakers as clearly as Ryan's annoyed huff of breath as he took interrupted notes.

"I considered it, but I thought it was worth the risk. I went to the location he specified and found him there, but no one else, so I thought I might be safe. He pulled out three of those activator cards and handed two to me. One was an absorb card and the other-"

"Was the symbol on your hand." Ryan confirmed my suspicions when he pulled up a window onto his screen. "You were the victim of a gang that I will explain later. Continue."

"Well, he activated them with the last card, which opened a portal right there. I had worn my katanas and I remember falling on my back. When I woke up one of my swords had that stone hanging from it, and the guy was gone."

"That is typical. There have been similar reports from all over the world. People are reporting robberies when there were no signs of entry, let along forced entry. All the things that they stole were only valuble to the owners, but that stone and a scroll with a seal with that symbol with on it were two of the stolen items."

"Wait so you mean that they took this stuff through a wormhole to charge it with this plasma energy that you are obsessed with."