Random lemon I'm writing to get out of my head.

Warning-LEMON. This means explicit sex scene. Direct enough for you?

A Romantic Dinner

A couple were having dinner in their bedroom, quite late at night. Johnathon's wife, Alexa, had organised the entire thing, having the food made by a small group of caterers.

Johnathon Stone was a successful businessman, black hair, a friendly face, brown eyes. Alexa was the opposite, golden haired, green eyed, absolutely stunning.

A lavish three course meal had ensued, but only the first two had yet gone underway.

"John, love, I need to go freshen up. I'll be back in a minute." said Alexa. Johnathon gave his assent with a nod and a smile, and she left the room.

* * *

"Hello?" said Alexa to the caterers. "Yes, that's perfect. Leave for… five minutes, then come back. I'll put the lid on the dessert before I leave. Could you please tell Johnathon to start without me?"

* * *

"Mister Stone?" said one of the caterers. "Miss Alexa said that she won't be back for a few minutes, and to get started without you."

About time, he'd been waiting about ten minutes since she left.

Behind him into the bedroom was wheeled in a large cart, on top of it an enormous plate, at least the size of a small bed, covered in a metal dome with small holes at the top.

The caterers left quickly before he could open it, one stopping to say.
"This dish is called 'Love and Chocolate'."

Curious now, Johnathon took the lid off the large dish.

There were two mountains of chocolatey ice cream in side, a valley running between them. In that valley was Alexa, her hair matted with the icy substance, her breasts visible, her vagina held open between her two stretched legs. There was a strip of brown leather running around her body, covering her mouth, running in between her breasts and around her body, then through her legs, cunningly avoiding her cunt.

Johnathon smiled, and lifted a spoon, taking a large chunk of the delicious substance and eating it.
"Delicious." he pronounced.

Then he put the spoon down, beginning to lick at the dessert, eating huge swathes of it within seconds.
The couples love of this particular ice cream was famous among the surrounding area. That it was something of a fetish for them was far less known. As in, not known by anyone except their closest friends, and only a few of them.

It was barely a couple of minutes before the plate was empty of the ice cream, save for icy cold liquid and chocolatey stains all over Alexa's body.

Johnathon now began to lick that off, beginning with her arms and legs, which he noticed now were tied to the bottom of the plate, and working inwards.
Lastly he cleaned her breasts, then her clit, with his tongue.

Then he shut the door and got undressed.

He prowled around her, and pounced, pushing himself into her with a cry of ecstasy from him, and a muffled groan from her.

* * *

"I do love you…" said Johnathon. "Only you could ever have thought of something like this."
"I do my best." said Alexa.

She was still tied to the plate, only by one arm and leg now, snuggled up close to her lover. Their duvet was over the top of both of them.

Some people thought it odd that brown, sweet smelling stains were found on their bedclothes, but their friends nodded, smiled, and phoned each other up to laugh.

Johnathon and Alexa were utterly aware of the hilarity their long, long list of fetishes caused, but they didn't care. They knew worse people.

"I'm so amazed… so much chocolate, and you let me eat it all…" aid Johnathon. This wasn't a joke, it truly was a big thing.
"Well, I was tied and gagged to begin with, and by the end I had more important things to deal with." she said with a deep grin. "Besides, I ate two plates before I got into that one."

Johnathon sighes.

Alexa smiled.

"There's chocolate on your cock." she said very plainly.
"Can I lick it off?"

* * *

Thank you and goodnight. To be honest, I don't care if you liked it, it was for me. Of course, positive reviews are always nice..?