When no one is left to see

What there is to come

How must we know

That all has come to pass?


If the world is blind to what there is

How can we tell that the mighty forest

The vast oceans

And the beauty of the valleys

Are still there to behold?


A veil has fallen

Between what we are trying to build

And what refuses to disappear


A wall has been built

Closing off the future we wish to 'perfect'

And the perfection the world has already made


Break down the wall

Move past the veil

Clear your vision

And see the beauty

You refuse to admit is there


The beauty you refuse to see

So that your own imperfections

Seem like the gem of lights


Put your imperfections right in the light

Up in the sight of those you wish the most

To see them not


Put the marvels of the earth

Upon a pedestal

Celebrate that which cannot be diminished

And rejoice in the imperfections

That you know you can live with

Because beauty is beauty

No matter how well hidden