Life is hard to understand

Finally she told me

What I needed to hear

Me and you can be together


And now you don't love me?

For once I am sure of something

And you don't love me

"Love is a strong word"

You say


Now [I] can't lose you

So I tell you what you need to hear

What it pains me to say

I am there for you


Even when you are with her

Even when you kiss her

Even when you don't love me,

Because I know you won't

(You say you will "I can't lose you")

But I know the real you-the truth


It's going to hurt like hell

But that's okay

Because I know I will forever be

In the back of your mind


I know we are meant to be,

I know

Because why else you I be crazy


To let you have her and

Hurt me?