It all started in kindergarten. I was a mischievous boy, at five years.

I was walking in circles near the play set, where everyone was chasing each other like madmen. My eyes swerved around the playground until I spotted her on top of the longest slide. Perfect.

The waterbottle was in my hands. It was heavy at the time, and too big for my hands. But I was strong. I even tossed it up a few times. It only let me catch it two out of five times, but that's beside the point.

Casually, I sauntered over to the bottom of the slide, while unscrewing my bottle cap and taking a few sips of my water.

She swung herself onto the slide, and raised her hands up. Her friend pushed her down. An enormous grin was on her face, and she was laughing. Quickly, sneakily, I squeezed the water from my bottle onto the end of the slide, creating a large puddle for her to travel into.

Disappointingly, though, she still saw me committing the crime. Her hands flailed out to the sides of the slide, trying to get a grip, trying to stop her motion. But she couldn't. She was too weak. Haha.

Right into the massive puddle, she slid, she screamed, I scored. By that time, I was laughing like a hyena. She was twisting her head this way and that, trying to observe the damage done on the seat of her pants. The entire backside of her usually light blue jeans was obviously wet, considering she slid into the puddle – rather than plain sitting on it. Finally deciding that it was utterly horrible, she shot glances around the playground, daggers in her eyes, looking for the culprit. Me.

Perhaps it was my loud guffaws that caught her attention. Or the fact that I was rolling around on the woodchips, with tears in my eyes because I found it that amusing. Maybe she might have even seen the practically empty waterbottle in my hand. Whatever it was, something gave away my position.

Her best friend, Jennifer, calls out to her from the top of the slide. "JESSICAAA!!! ARE YOU OKAY?? YOUR BOTTOM IS WET!!!"

"IT WAS HIM!!!" She yells back in reply, shaking an accusing finger in my face.

Trying like crazy to conquer my own cackles, I stood up and held a hand out. "Heheh… Hahaha… Heh… Hi. I'm Jonathan."

She ignored my hand and continued squinting menacingly at me. "No," she frowned, "you're MEAN."

Offended, I retorted, "No I'm not! I was trying to be nice!!" I jerked my hand up and down, trying to make her understand that she was supposed to shake it.

But instead of shaking my hand, she reached for my waist and in a flash, pulled off the jacket I had tied there. It was my favorite jacket, too. Dark blue with light blue stripes down the arms and sides. Stained on the right sleeve and bottom left, but ridiculously soft. Before I knew it, Jessica had tied it around her own waist, covering half of the damage, and run off with it, shouting "You owe me!" over her shoulder.

I began to regret what I had done. I really did like that jacket...

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