I noticed that, in my first pillowbook, I never properly introduced myself. And maybe, if I'm lucky, some of you actually wonder; just who is Jessica Kelli? (Thanks to Cassie for the idea.)

Name: Jessica Kelli, Jess. Whatever.

Age: Fifteen, but so close to sixteen. (August 22 *coughcough* Buy her stuff *coughcough*)

Hair: Blonde and light brown. Super straight. A bit past her shoulders, but that will change. Soon.

Eyes: An impossible shade of blue that I've never seen before. And no, they aren't fake.

Appearance: Not the tallest person, but not the shortest. Average weight. Glasses that are dubbed as 'emo' by Rachel. Skin complexion is bipolar; pimples one day, gone the next. Teeth that are in need of braces. Nice full lips, seemingly average nose. Nothing special.

Personality: Very much into her music. Keeps to herself unless with friends. Seems quiet to strangers, but has an extreme hyper side she uses as a secret weapon to scare people. A bit on the stubborn side (according to her brother). Has always been and will always be an artist who paints masterpieces in the form of words.

Hobbies: Writing, reading, listening to music, singing and dancing, talking with friends, meeting new people, drawing horrible yet hilarious drawings with Ashley in Math class, and acting like an idiot with her best friend while they both attempt horrible Mexican accents.

Favorite Music: Anything that can get her to her feet and dancing.

Relationship Status: Flying high on the freedom of being single, but unfortunately still hung up on the guy she'll never have. Has slight infatuation with girl from summer camp. Wondering if she'll ever meet her perfect match.