When we got to the dance club it was already crowded. The lights were dimmed and people were crammed onto the dance floor, grinding against each other. This was just what I needed - a night out with my best girl friend, a few drinks, maybe some casual sex with a stranger or two. Anything to get my mind off of him, off the heartbreak he caused me last night.

Tonight was going to be different. I wasn't going to spend the evening in bed with a pint of Ben and Jerry's, topped off with my tears. I wasn't going to sulk. I was going to have fun. I was going to get drunk. I was going to forget.

"Do you want me to get us some drinks?" my best friend asked -well, it was more like she shouted in my ear. I nodded my response to avoid straining my voice and took a place near the bar to wait for her. I swung my hips to the music, looking around for someone to catch my eye.

But apparently I had already caught someone else's.

"Hey, baby."

A guy was suddenly standing next to me, hovering over my being by at least a foot. He was handsome, sure; charcoal hue hair covered his head, swirling around his forehead in tufts. Stubble decorated his chin and his cheeks.

I decided to play along. "Hey, there. What's goin' on?"

"Well, I've been trying to find a cute girl to dance with, and I think I've just found her." He flashed me a spectacular grin, but I wasn't really feeling anything.

"I'm kind of waiting for my friend to bring us back some drinks," I said apologetically. I wasn't sure if he hadn't heard me, or maybe he was just being hardheaded. But he stepped closer and put his hand on my arm.

"That's okay. We can dance here."

We started swaying a bit to the beat, our bodies moving faster and closer as the tempo sped up. I pressed my chest against his and he rubbed his hands underneath my shirt. I didn't mind the intense body contact, but for some reason, I just wasn't feeling an attraction to him. He was certainly feeling something for me, though, because the next thing I knew his hands were traveling up my shirt and through my bra. I had no time to protest his actions before his lips were sinking down onto mine in a swift, fluid motion. His tongue fought against my own but I tried to keep my mouth still as possible so that, just maybe, he'd get the hint that I wasn't interested.

When that didn't work I shoved against him as hard as I could, and he stepped back, surprised. "What's wrong? Did I do something wrong?"

"No, no...it's not that. I'm just not into this. Sorry." I shrugged my shoulders like there was nothing else to say.

"Well, why don't we try going in the back and --"

"Hey, pal. She said to step off, so I suggest you do."

Cassie had come back with our drinks and was glaring at the guy ferociously. He stood there for a minute as if he wasn't going to leave, but then scoffed at us and muttered "Dykes" behind him. At least I think that's what he said. Over the roar of the music and the crowd, it could have been anything.

Cassie handed me my drink and I didn't hesitate to take the first sip. It burned going down, and I winced. It tasted like a bad mixture of vodka, rum, and juice. But the more I drank, the better it tasted. We headed over to the dance floor. We pressed our bodies together in tune with the music, holding our drinks so they wouldn't splash. In no time at all our bodies were covered in sweat and we had both downed at least three drinks each.

I had a pretty high tolerance when it came to alcohol, so my vision was only a bit fuzzy after that. Cassie was a little more messed up than I was, giggling and feeling me up. Soon she started kissing my collarbone every now and then, and that led to her lips leading a trail of kisses up to neck, my cheek, and finally, my lips. The attraction I'd been burrowing within myself since I met her erupted, and I tore myself away, hard as that was.

I tried to get my mind off of it by dancing with other people. And after a while it worked. She wasn't anywhere near me, so I assumed she had gone back to the bar to get us another round of drinks.

That was when a thin arm wove itself around my waist and the other shielded my eyes and my nose. I was yanked away from everything, and the music began to fade out a bit. I realized that we were headed to the back rooms, near the storage. I opened my mouth to scream, but before I could so much as a breath out, the hand spread so my lips were covered as well.

I was being abducted. I was going to die. In a panic, I tried to recall the last thing I had said to my mother. How could I not remember what I had last said to her?

Suddenly there was laughing, and I was released. I noticed that we were in one of the back rooms, and it was quite chilly. I whipped myself around.

"Cassie?" I yelled. I smacked her on the arm, hard. "What the hell? You scared the shit out of me!"

A drunken giggle spewed from her lips. "Yeah, I know. Haha, you should've seen your face!"

She tried taking a step towards me but stumbled, and I caught her in my arms before she could reach the floor. I sank down to the cement and she curled herself on my chest.

"Oh, my God, Lace...I am so messed up," she whispered in a slur. "I'm...ugh."

She tilted her face up so it was a few inches away from my own. Beads of sweat ran along her forehead, and I wiped them away gently, tucking wisps of stray hair behind her ears.

"You're pretty," she said randomly. I couldn't help smiling. She was cute when she was drunk.

I traced the features of her face with the tip of my index fingers, working my way down to her lips. She parted them slightly, and kissed my finger, letting her lips linger there for a moment. I moved my hand and, after a minute of silence, as we stared into each other's eyes, replaced it with my mouth.