Her hair was fairly short, brown, and shaggy, currently crowning her features in a disheveled mop. A purpled eyelid was just barely visible between a few locks, and her lips lay drooping and squashed atop her desk. A glistening puddle of drool had begun to spread along the desktop, creeping with sluggish determination toward her textbook, a droning monotonal lullaby sounding in the background with periodic pauses broken with light clicks. The scratching of pens on paper, the soft tapping of laptop keyboards, and her slow, steady breathing formed a peaceful accompaniment lilting in the background, lulling her deeper, deeper into sleep...

An unannounced crescendo spiked through her ears as every chair scraped backward at once, jolting her upward and alert. She looked around quickly and saw students packing their things and walking toward the door, her professor turning off the slide projector. With her heart rabbitting fiercely in her chest, she wiped away the cool sheen of saliva from her cheek with her sleeve, paused to clean the desk, and after gathering her items, hurried to join the last remaining classmates filing outside.

The sun shone immediate and angry as she walked out of the doors, inciting an irritated throb in her head; temporarily blind and disoriented, she bounced off a solitary still figure standing outside.

"Jesus, what the -" She turned to the person, and, squinting, made out a female form. "Sorry about that, didn't see you there."

"No, being half asleep wouldn't do much for your sense of direction, I'd guess." As her eyes finally adjusted to the light, she recognized a vaguely familiar face. "Are you hung over, or still drunk?"

She grew huffy quickly, demanding, "I'm not either. Who on earth are you?"

"I'm Jun." The girl remained passive. "And you're Lily Baker. We have class together." She jerked her head slightly toward the doors Lily had just walked out of, and recognition dawned on her. The pale face, long brunette hair, and slightly tall stature typically sat in the same row as Lily on her more aware days, though usually a good way down the row away from her. She had never heard her speak before.

"Well, maybe I should be asking you who on earth you think you are. Calling me hung over, you don't even know me, what would give you that idea?"

Jun shrugged, seeming entirely unfazed. "You were sleeping in class, weren't you?"

Lily glared at her. "As I said, you don't even know me. For all you know, I was up late last night studying, and didn't get enough sleep."

"Oh spare me, this is an afternoon class." Her gaze had hardened. "I could have told you that your breath smelled like rotten vodka and your hair like bad decisions and poor aim, but I figured it would be rather rude." Lily swelled and opened her mouth to speak, but Jun had already handed her a few sheets of paper and continued to speak. "I doubt your lack of consciousness did you any good paying attention to the lecture, so you can have my notes." She started to turn away.

"But - I mean, wait a second," Lily blustered, and Jun turned back, an eyebrow raised. "Aren't you going to want these back?"

The corner of her lips turned up into a small smirk. "You mean you'd copy them down and actually return them, then?"

"I can manage returning notes!" she burst a bit louder than intended, and Jun's smirk widened.

A few moments' pause as Jun regarded her, and then she took out a pen, reaching for Lily's hand and stopping just before touching it. "I'll write my number on your hand, and if you find yourself capable of returning my notes in one piece after you've copied them, give me a call."

"Why don't I just give them back to you in class?" she asked, though she had already extended her hand into Jun's, who grasped it with surprising delicacy and inked her number onto Lily's palm. When she had finished, she closed Lily's fingers over her palm and released her hand, looking up at her with a raised brow and that maddening smirk playing across her mouth.

"How can I know you'll be awake?" And with that she turned, shouldering her bag and moving across the quad. Lily stared after her for a bit, infuriated and bewildered, and then transferred the number on her hand into her cell phone before it wore off, wondering suddenly why she hadn't done that in the first place.