On shoe
charcoal smudged,
smear on white linoleum
like dry ink;
burned letters cling,
ash butterflies in her hair.

scissors glide above
new scars,
pink as wrinkled newborns
with sewn lips;
black locks fall,
curling on blue carpet
with ragged edges.

tarnish good memories too
because he can't be missed,
oh no,
that's just so sensible,
broken heart reversed
instead of healing.

Kohl rimmed eyes
won't cry,
that's not seductive;
can't replace,
but what's the harm in
flirt, advance,
just leave away the edges
hedging bets for simple pain.

New look,
onyx fingertips slide
glittering with lust
and angel dust,
slip into the arms
of willing lovers,
lips like winter berries
kiss away conceit.

simply human
to want embrace,
slender curves and pretty faces
under blacklights,
rising from wet thighs.

Silver dress,
shimmer skin and dew drops
whittled down
into a sex toy
mourning lovely mornings of
waking up un-alone.

Regret might rise
with bitter sunshine,
but night will hide dark eyes
that could be green,
she'll never know,
and that's the thrill of killing
in nightclubs.

Swallow, darling,
please be neat,
she needs to suffer
for false insolence;
he left her high
but now he can't come back,
she's gone and been amazing
in the eyes of promiscuity.

One cheek
charcoal smudged,
smear on white enamel,
smile taint
and she's fain against the throe.

Let her let go.