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SPECIAL WARNING: Mentions hints of non-consensual and some (kinda) described non-consensual. There is a definite struggle, but in the end the person agrees to it...sorta...

Slight BDSM

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Man I Call Master

I am a truly terrible person.

On the outside people saw me as the most popular guy in our high school. All the chicks wanted me and all the guys wanted to be me. And who wouldn't really? I've got everything that everyone wished they had. Thanks to my parents being one of the most sought after surgeons in the US the money just poured in by the truckloads.

And because of their jobs they were never home, and tried to compensate their lack of parenting by giving me money...pretty much all the time. I'm also their only offspring so I didn't have to share any of it with any troublesome siblings.

So with the riches came the best clothes, the best car, as well as the best body. With the help of my own personal trainer I had a body that would make models weep.

Not that I really needed the muscles to make people love me. My looks were perfect even before I got bored and started working out. I have naturally olive skin that never lightened no matter what time of year it was. The skin goes pretty well with my short tousled chestnut brown hair and gray eyes.

I'd fuck me.

Yeah I know I sound conceited, but I have a good reason to. If you looked the way I did you would be acting exactly like me.

Everyone at school saw me as a perfect specimen of a man so they automatically assumed that I must be a perfect student as well and as a result they allowed themselves to be deceived. And coupled with mommy and daddy's huge annual donations to the school I can get away with practically anything.

And that, my peons, is why I am a truly terrible person. It was because of my freedom to do anything that created my favorite personal...hobby. The hobby ofplaying with the smaller guys in school.

And no, idiots. I am not talking about playing football with them or something boring like that.

The playing I am referring to is making their lives a living hell, and at my school the possibilities were endless! There were an unnaturally large amount of weak males in our student body, which was probably another reason why I was on the top of the food chain, I looked like a friggin giant compared to them.

So I asserted my dominance every chance I got, treating every kid that tickled my interest like total crap...and enjoying every minute of it.

I loved seeing those frail boys looking up at me on the ground, cowering in fear after I bullied them in some manner. It doesn't take much to get them to their critical point.

I loved how they whimpered and pleaded "Don't!" or my absolute favorite:"P-Please, I'll do anything!"

I always take them up on that particular offer. In fact, that's what I try to get them to say every time I mess with them. Breaking them down to nothing but begging supplicants is the best kind of foreplay for me.

Yes, I am very aware that I am a horrible human being. I stated this in the beginning and am not repentant whatsoever.

And before any of you decide to rat me out about shit like "rape" or something equally ridiculous, I'll have you know that I always give them an out. I am not the one that does the deciding move. They are. They are the ones that open their mouth to suck me in. They are the ones to drop their pants and bend over. They are the ones that push my shaft into their hole.

As if I need to rape someone. Please...I have plenty of choices for my fun.

I just happened to be the kind of person who people. I can see they are those kind by looking at them. Even if they don't know it themselves.

I really enjoyed the ones who were pure before they met me – the boys who had never even thought about touching themselves before. And then I get my hands on them and find out just how naturally talented they are in making a man feel good.

You know the type, they look completely innocent and shy...and can give the best head without having to tell them what to do.

Just thinking about them on their knees, tears fighting to overflow as they looked up at me, pleading for freedom. Or when they stared with fear plainly shown on their face as I slowly unzipped my pant and let my swollen cock flop out and lay against their trembling lips while I clench my hand in their hair to keep their head in place. I can tell that they want to protest, so very badly. But as predictable as ever, they don't. They know I am untouchable, that I have everyone in the school wrapped around my finger. They know the consequences of going against me.

What is even better is seeing their expressions of hatred, fear or disgust that they always have at the beginning turn into wanton moans and begging for more, like the little sluts they are.

Every single one of the boys I have played with turn out like that. They always end up worshiping the ground I walk on. Just like everyone else.

Some of them are trained so well I don't even have to order them around anymore. All I have to do is give them one look and in seconds that are on their hands and knees, with their ass spread in the air, begging me to enter them.

Begging to get the chance to please me.

I want to laugh at them when they put themselves in such an embarrassing position for me. A lot of the times I do end up laughing right in their face. I tell them how desperate and pathetic they look like that which predictably makes them blush or cry, followed by an attempt to look seductive or inviting. They think they don't please me. They think the reason I laugh at them is to humiliate them.

But they don't know the real reason why I do what I do to them, why I bring them down, why I ridicule them.

I do all these things because I have a secret. A secret that no one must ever know.

There is a man who is my Master. I love him. Completely and without any complications.

I love him...and I have never seen his face. I don't know anything about him.

Despite all of this I still love him with every fiber of my being.

I want him. I need him. That is all I can say.

I remember the first time I met my Master. I was skipping one of my classes and decided to go up to the roof for a smoke. No one came up there, especially during that time of year when Fall was about to begin, the air gradually turning a little bit colder as the days progressed. It was because of this that I usually didn't pay much attention to my surroundings. I remember pulling out my mp3 player and popping the buds into my ears, cranking up some rock song before lighting up my cigarette. I was leaning against the railing with my arms lying on top, staring at the streets below. I wasn't focusing on anything in particular that day, just enjoying the light-headed feeling of the nicotine kicking in and the increase in tempo as the chorus trickled into my ears.

Before I knew it something was covering my eyes and my hands were pulled behind my back, the cancer stick dropping over the ledge of the roof in the process. My arms were instantly restrained as a strip of cloth was tied tightly around my wrists and the buds in my ears were yanked out painfully.

"What the fuck, man-?!" My yells were instantly muted by the fabric that was shoved and secured in my mouth. I tried to move the cloth that was tightly bound around my eyes but found it to be completely hopeless. Panic started to bloom in my gut as I continued to yell and thrash against my bindings.

"Shut up James." I paused in my struggle when that deep husk of a voice forced itself into my head. A hand gripped the cloth around my wrists as he continued.

"You are going to be a good boy and do everything I say. Do you understand?"

The cussing that spewed from my mouth in response was lost behind the gag as I started struggling again. A sharp pain lanced through my scalp as his free hand grabbed a chunk of my hair and yanked it back. The action forced my shoulders against his chest and pulled my neck into an awkward angle, successfully trapping my hands between his body and mine.

His voice was more of a growl as his breath tickled the skin of my neck and ear. "I said do you understand me, James?"

I was about to muffle something along the lines of "go fuck yourself" but only managed a hiss when he tightened his grip in my hair and pulled my arms upward behind my back, causing pain to tear through my shoulders. I quickly nodded the best I could and squeezed my eyes shut behind the blindfold as involuntary tears began to build behind my eyes from the pain.

He paused for a moment and then lowered my arms back to a more comfortable position while still keeping the tight grip in my hair. I forced the shiver down as his hot breath tickled the skin of my neck when he gave a dark chuckle in response to my acquiesce.

"That's the right answer, pet. Now get down on the ground." Before I could even think about refusing, he pulled down on the strands on my head so hard I either had to get on my knees or have my hair pulled out. I dropped to the asphalt, wincing from the pain of my scalp and the scraps on my knees that resulted from my fall. I felt the heat from his body quickly press against my back shortly after, the grip on my wrists remaining firm.

I groaned from the pain, biting into the cloth in my mouth to try to distract myself from it. He turned my head by my hair so that, had I not been blindfolded, I probably would have been looking right at his face with my neck resting against one of his shoulders.

"If you don't want to be punished then don't try to talk back to me, boy."

I tried shaking my head in denial but found I couldn't move my head at all. He jerked my head once before he spoke again, "Don't try to lie to me, James. I know what's going on inside your head even better than you do. Now, this time you will listen to my every word."

When I didn't say anything he started to pull my arms up again forcing me to nod or have more pain inflicted on my shoulders.

He gave a breathy laugh. "Such a quick learner...Since you actually listened this time I am going to do something nice, but you must not move or try to speak unless I tell you to. Do you understand?"

Eager to figure out what he was going to give me and stupidly hoping it was my freedom, I nodded.

"That's good, James." The grip on my hair loosened and then pulled away, the warmth of his body remained pressed against my back letting me know that he was still there.

I sighed in relief at the newly obtained freedom and was about to move my stiff neck when his voice broke in, his tone deadly serious and loud.

"Don't. Move."

And just like that, my body froze from the command.

I knelt there as my body continued to stay completely still. I couldn't help the flinch when I felt a finger slip beneath the cloth of my gag and then pull free from my face. My jaw ached at having to keep my mouth forced open, but didn't try to move it around to stretch it out, not wanting to hear that underlying threat in his voice again.

I inwardly frowned, confused as to why I was actually listening to this guy. Especially now when I had the freedom to cuss him out or even try to head butt him to get away.

But still, something about his just forced my body to listen to him.

"Such a good boy, James."

I clenched my jaw slightly at the amusement that was clearly heard in his voice. I despised being made a fool. Especially since I had let him do this to me. Yet even when my mind was screaming to retaliate, my body remained unmoving. It seriously pissed me off.

I pulled back as a reflex for an instant when I felt his grip in my hair again. His hand tightened in the strands in warning as he jerked my head away from his face. When I didn't make another move to pull away, the grip loosened slightly as he gave another deep laugh, the vibrations from it purring against my back.

"I know what you are thinking right now, James." His hot breath ghosted against my ear before he nipped at the lobe, causing unwanted goosebumps to erupt all over my body. I gritted my teeth and was about to tell him off when his deep voice began speaking again, robbing my vocal chords of function.

"Right now, you are pissed off beyond anything you have ever felt before. You are wondering with every fiber of your being why you aren't fighting me. Better yet, you want to push me down and force yourself on me, like you do with all your little pets. You, who is so used to being the one in control, both in fucking and in your every day life, want to take back the control that I have easily stolen from you. Such a spoiled little rich boy."

The words I was going to stay died in my throat as my heart started pounding in my chest. How could he possibly know about those things? Yeah, I had plenty of boys at my beckoned call but they knew when to keep quiet... My thoughts scattered as as his grip tightened in my hair. The pain from it made me barely notice his other hand leave my wrist.

"That is what you truly believe you want to do. You believe that because of your position in society you must be the one on top of the world. You must dominate. But let me let you in on a little secret, James..."

I gave a strangled yelp in surprise when I felt his large hand cup my hard dick, which throbbed in my jeans from the contact. I eyes widened behind the blindfold from the sensation, completely shocked that not only had I gotten hard without even noticing...I had gotten hard because of what he was doing to me. What the fuck is wrong with me?!

His dark voice laughed from my reaction. "Yeah. The little secret don't know what you really want James. The truth is, what you have been doing with those boys wont ever satisfy you. What you really need is to be completely...dominated."

"Fuck yo-!" The words tore from my lips as that sinful hand started moving against my dick, the harsh fabric of my jeans rubbing nicely against my sensitive skin. I tried to pull away from him, only to be stopped when something friggin' huge pressed against the cleft of my ass, pushing my hips forward to meet his hand.

My breath shuddered out of my throat as I pressed the back of my head against the muscled shoulder behind me. "Oh, fu-"

I could not process the needy moan that replaced the words I was going to say. My body felt like it had be shocked to life. The movement from his actions had forced me up to my knees, his body following behind as he continued. His hand cupped me, his finger tips dipping down between my legs to press against my perineum while his trapped cock probed my ass, as if he were trying to fuck me through both of our jeans.

I trembled from the sensation, gritting my teeth to try to keep my sounds inside, gripping the fabric of his shirt with my bound hands. I don't even know when I had stopped resisting and started moving with him. The electric shocks of pleasure was something I had never experienced before. Not with any of my past sessions.

"You're doing well, James." I wanted to scream obscenities at him but when I opened my mouth all that came out was a throaty moan. He chuckled again, pulling my hair so that my face was turned towards his. I could feel both of our heavy breathing mix as it danced along my skin, the scent of cigarette and mint teasing my nose.

"Now, for your reward."

A gasp was trapped in my mouth as a pair hot lips slammed against mine.

Electricity shot through my body as I felt his tongue shove into my mouth. It was so dominating, so passionate… and without a doubt the best kiss of my life. That fact terrified me, as the reality of this slammed into me. There was no fucking way I was going to let this prick turn me into his toy.

No. Fucking. Way!

I tried hopelessly to jerk away from his kiss, both hating and absolutely loving every sensation of his wet muscle fighting against mine, forcing my tongue to comply to his every wishes. I pushed against his tongue, trying to get it out of my mouth, attempted to bite it only to have mine bitten in return. I tried to pull my head away from his kiss, only to have his grip in my hair tighten even more. I tried to pull away from the press of his cock against my ass only to press harder against the one in the front.

I wanted to scream in frustration, hating how trapped he had me. Most importantly, hating how fucking amazing this asshole was making my body feel.

All of my struggles slammed to a stop when that torturous hand slipped passed the denim of my jeans to wrap around my full and aching shaft.

Before I knew it I was moaning into that kiss as all of my muscles relaxed into it. Submitted to it.

I shuddered as I thrust into his grip delighting in the borderline painful rubbing from his dry hand. I alternated from thrusting forward into the hand surrounding my shaft and backward into the blunt probe of his member that pressed in between my jean clad ass.

I was only given a few of these glorious movements when the hand on my cock squeezed painfully, making all of my movement stop from the sudden bout of pain.

"No." the deep voice sounded against my bruised lips causing a whimper to trickle out from me in response, "You will not do anything unless I tell you. You understand?" I nodded without hesitation desperate to have the pain stop and the pleasure continue.

I never thought I would be like this. This whimpering shell of a man who gave into a person's every command.

But there was something about this guy that just screamed power. His voice was so intimidating and controlling; I couldn't go against it even if I wanted to. It's like my brain was programmed to listen to it without condition. The way his body moved around me made my own submit to his movements.

His body was thin, much thinner than mine, well at least from what I could feel pressed behind me. I could easily overpower him if I wanted to. Even so, I would never try. Why?!

I swallowed the dryness inside of my mouth before responding with a weak "yes."

The grip that tightened was thankfully the one in my hair as he growled, "Yes...what?"

I gritted my teeth, but didn't have a chance to build my defiance when he started to stroke my cock again, rubbing the pad of his thumb at an excruciatingly slow pace against the tip.

I couldn't help the shuddered breath that ended with a pathetic moan as I whispered, "Yes sir..."

If I could I would laugh at the irony. It was just yesterday that I got the same response from one of my playmates in the locker room. The hand holding my member left and I had to train very single ounce of my restraint to not scream at the absence. I had to further clench my resolve to resist when that same hand started to pull down my pants until they pooled at my knees.

The cold air hit my heated skin making my muscles start to shake. Though honestly I couldn't tell if it was because of the temperature of the wind or the fact that I was for the most part naked from the waist down and I had a pretty good idea why. A cold feeling of dread clenching inside of my gut.

"You're trembling James. Are you afraid?"

I replied only by shaking my head repeatedly 'no', the knot from my blind fold pressing into my scalp. Like hell I would show my fear to this bastard.

"Then why are you trembling?" His voice was filled with amusement. "Is it because you're excited?"

I frowned when I heard a strangely familiar snapping sound and froze when a slick finger slid in between the valley of my ass, pausing when it found the ring of my entrance. I tried to pull away but that stupid fucking hand in my hair stopped me. Well at least I knew what that snapping noise was.

'Mr. Thoughtful' had been kind enough to bring some lube with him.

He started to circle the digit around my hole, causing the ring muscles to twitch in response. A hiss spat from my mouth as that finger suddenly pushed into me, not stopping until it was knuckle deep. My walls clenched at the foreign intrusion while I tried to ignore how very little I minded the almost pleasant burn his finger forced into me.

The body behind me gave a very noticeable shudder of its own as he practically growled into my ear. "Fuck, James...You feel just as I thought you would."

That statement was completely different from anything he had said. It was almost filled with...longing and he had thought about this for a while. Like he had been watching me for a long time. The thought made me shiver and my dick twitch.

"Get on all fours." I was going to make a sarcastic comment about how my hands were currently bound, when the hand in my hair left to rip the cloth from my wrists.

I winced as the circulation came back to my arms as I pulled them forward and placed them on the ground.

My muscles tensed as I felt his thumbs spread my cheeks apart, his finger still pushing in and out of my hole slowly. "Such a pretty sight James. You haven't shown this to anyone before have you?"

My cheeks burned in embarrassment. I gritted my teeth and shook my head clenching my hands against the roof. He gave a husky chuckle again as he pulled the finger out, only to have three take its place. Okay this one just fucking hurt. How in the hell can guys bottom?!

"Relax or it will hurt much more than it should." Like a reflex, my body immediately tried to relax as he slowly stretched me out. After a while the burn faded into something momentarily tolerable. It wasn't until he curled his fingers in such a way that brushed against the special bundle of nerves inside of me that I understood why some guys preferred to be on the receiving end of some male on male fucking.


I screamed as the sensation of his finger probing my sweet spot, making the best feeling rocket up my spine. It left me quivering and biting onto one of my knuckles to stop myself from begging for him to do it again.

"Ah, there it is...Did you like that, pet?" I quickly nodded when he pressed harder against my prostate, making a sound of wanton agreement, now completely uncaring of pointless things like pride and dominance. If only he would do that again!

"Such a shameful sound, James. You must really like my fingers." His voice was husky now, even deeper than before.

"Show me how much you like them. Fuck yourself with my fingers." I instantly pushed back against his digits openly moaning when that sensation erupted inside of me when his finger pressed against it again. I continued to moan as I quickened my pace, so distracted from the feeling that I didn't think about his rules when I moved my hand to start pumping my dripping shaft.

I remembered my place instantly when his hand grabbed my wrist and slammed it on the ground. I hissed at the pain that pulsed up my arm. I stopped all movement as his fingers pulled out from my hole.

"Did I tell you you could touch yourself, James?" I shivered from the anger in his voice and shook my head repeatedly.

"I'm sor-" The grip on my wrist tightened as he pressed my fragile skin into the ground.

"No talking." My words froze in my throat. "It seems I let your present get to your head. Looks like I need to put you in your place."

There was some movement behind me followed by the distinct sound of a zipper drawing down. My eyes widened as I felt something large touch my opening before slamming into me. I screamed an embarrassing wail that was several octaves above my normal voice level, instantly muffled by a hand that slapped against my mouth. He didn't even take it slow as the hand on my wrist moved to my hip while his slick length slid out to the tip before shifting his hips and slamming in again, filling me to the brink. This time he hit directly into my prostate causing my screams to turn into moans. He chuckled as pulled his hand from my mouth to clamp onto my other hip.

"Ah, fuck yes. Just as tight as I expected." His voice was nothing more than a satisfied growl.

"How does it feel to be fucked like - Ha -a bitch, James? Does it feel good?" He voice was labored as he pushed inside, pressing in as he circled his hips so he could rub against that bundle of nerves over and over again. The pleasure pulsed through my body, making my throat burn with every raspy moan that tore from my throat. I couldn't answer him, my cheeks burning again in a mixture of arousal and shame. My cock throbbed in response, knowing exactly what this was doing to me, and not embarrassed in the slightest.

"Bet, you never ex-pect-ed you to ever be in this position- Hah - How does it feel to be owned James? How does it feel to have someone in absolute control of you?" My moans became more frequent with each slam, sending shocks up my spine as I continued to tremble.

He dug his fingers into my hips and slammed into me as hard as he could. "Answer my questions, slut!"

"It feels good! So good! Fuck! Please don't stop!" He responded with a growl as his pace starting to become intermittent, the clear sign that he was coming to his end. I wasn't far behind him with the way my balls started tightening. I gripped my hands together in a pathetic attempt to try to distract myself. I wanted it to last longer. I did not want this to end! Please!

I knew my wishes were completely killed when one of his hands left my hip to wrap around my dick and started pumping along with the ragged slamming of his hips.

"Cum for me, James."

It only took a handful of strokes until my entire body convulsed, my seed erupting into his hand and the ground below me. I distantly felt his body still behind me as his dick pulsed inside me.

My muscles gave as I slumped onto the ground, grunting as his body fell on top of me. I was so tired and satisfied that I didn't even move when he slid out of me. I did whimper when he felt him get up, the sound of rubber snapping letting me know that he at least had the decency to wear a condom.

His voice was surprisingly even, considering what we had just been doing. "Get dressed. The next class is about to start. Wouldn't want to be late, James. Oh and keep the blind fold on until you hear the door close." I heard his footsteps become fainter as I sat up, ignoring the pain that shot up my spine.

"Wait! Please! Who are you?! What's your name? Will I see you again?"

I heard his trademark chuckle before he responded. "Whether you see me will be found out in due time. You do not need to know who I am. For now you can call me...'Master'"

Without a sound or a refute I simply nodded, not knowing if he saw the gesture of not. The footsteps faded as I heard the click of the door, letting me know that I was alone again. I pulled the blindfold down and blinked to adjust to the change in light, then focused intently at that door.

My heart fluttered as I stared at the door. I had no idea who that person was. His voice didn't seem familiar in the slightest and I had no other clues as to what his identity was. He didn't even get close to me long enough to get a good smell of him.

I stood up stiffly and pulled my pants back up, wincing at the sharp pain in my hips that stood out among all of the other aches that now wrecked my body.

I had just been fucked by a complete stranger. I had allowed him to do something to me I had refused to let happen. Ever. I should be pissed and determined to find this fucker and kill him for what he did to me.

But I knew I wouldn't.

Because I knew without a doubt that he owned me.

"Master…" was all I could muster out of my mouth as I gripped the black cloth in my hand.


I have found out quite quickly that he was a cruel Master, who never held back with the harsh treatment, the insults or the taunting. He succeeded in destroying the pride that I worked so hard to build up, every time he sought me out. He made it a game to see how quickly he can steal all my control away.

That is the purpose for my hobby now. In the beginning I did it for pure enjoyment on my part. Now, I do it as a way to assert some control back into my life by dominating these weaker kids.

Well, I keep telling myself that is the reason.

The truth is, I do it to get Master's attention. He knows who I am and he knows what I do with these guys. That much is a given since he mentioned it the first time.

He makes it a habit to call me a little slut whenever he gets the chance and is always extra forceful during the weeks when I have been with more guys than normal. But what I don't understand is no matter how many times he ridicules me – punishes me for my sins – he never tells me to stop.

If he told me not to be with them I would stop in an instant.

But he doesn't and as my only way of punishing him, I don't stop either.

So until he puts his foot down about it, I will continue my extracurricular activities. Until he says differently, I will have some control in my life.

At least until he seeks me out again.

He always does it the same way, when I am walking down the hall between classes. It's during those times that I get to see all of my playmates. When they catch sight of me they usually stopped what they were doing so they could try to get my attention. Some are even shameful enough to openly lick their lips suggestively and spread their legs a bit while leaning against the wall, like they wanted me to fuck them right there in the middle of the crowded hallway. I can't help but smirk at the different actions. I still enjoy the rush of power I get when I see how pathetic they are after a round with me.

That delightful rush gets sucked out of me every single time he appears. I think my body has actually grown accustomed to his encounters because I can't tell you how many times I have been achingly hard while walking down the halls to my next class. It got to the point that I had to buy looser fitting pants and wear longer jackets so my 'condition' wont be so obvious.

I have unfortunately found out that no matter how loose of pants I wear, it doesn't lessen the ache that I always develop throughout my entire body when I am in that hallway. It is pure torture waiting for him to come to me, especially the nausea that always mixes in from my constant fear that he wont ever seek me out again.

And when he does I almost cry in relief.

It all begins with a whisper from that voice, so much deeper than my own that seems to come out of nowhere.

"Bathroom on the third floor by the history hall in thirty."

I used to turn around after the demand to try to find him, but gave up shortly after. I only received frustration for my efforts when he was nowhere to be found. Not that going unnoticed was particularly difficult with the sea of students trying to get to their next class.

Any plans I had originally were instantly forgotten as I headed to the designated location at the designated time on the dot. Where I would then be blindfolded and fucked. Hard. All while moaning into the gag he shoved in my mouth, sounding like a damn dog in heat.

When he fucks me it's always in the same position: me bent over something or on my hands and knees with him pounding into me from behind. I should probably feel cheap, but I can never get myself to care about anything beyond the way he feels when he touches me. The sensation of him as he pushes inside of me, his quiet grunts and groans heard clearly as he pumps his pleasure from my body; it makes me feel like I'm all that matters in his world.

And though he never asks what he could do to make me feel good, I can tell by his actions that he wants to bring me pleasure as well.

Especially when he hits that spot inside me. Oh god, when he thrusts against that spot my mind short circuits and screams burst out of my throat. It's these moments that makes me want to fight the blindfold if only to get a glimpse of his pleasure-filled face.

But I will never actually do it. I know he doesn't want me to know who he is, and though I desperately want to know his identity I will never go against him to find out.

If my Master wanted to remain unknown then I will abide by his wishes. He was my life and law after all.

In the past I use to try to get closer to him. I wanted so desperately to feel him, and sometimes I was selfish enough to think getting fucked by him wasn't enough for me.

Just a little closer, if only to feel more of his warmth. If only to hear his harsh pants a little louder.

But every time I would try he would stop everything: pulling out and letting go of whatever part of me he had in his grasp, refusing to speak or move until I stop trying to find him. It absolutely killed me when he did that. Terror always consumed me when he left me, because I feared that this time he wouldn't forgive me for disobeying him.

This would be the time that he would leave me for good.

But then he would lean over me, sending chills through my body as he gripped my hips tightly and rumbled into my ear, "Are you finished disobeying me, slut?"

I didn't even pause before I was nodding my head rapidly in agreement.

I was surprised to find out that I had a huge kink to being called things like that. He would say stuff like, "I saw you with Snyder yesterday. I saw the way you grabbed his hair while you face fucked him. Did you like it? Did you look at him with envy? I bet you did...I bet you thought of me the whole time, wishing it was your mouth wrapped around my dick."

He would wrench my hair like I had done to that kid and gripped my shoulder while he slammed straight into my prostate. I would always shamelessly admit that he was right, loving that his pace increased with each positive response from my hoarse throat.

And right before the two of us would climax he would slow his thrusts to a torturous speed. I had to force myself to not protest or curse him for denying me, knowing what was about to come next. He pressed his chest against my sweat slicked back and whispered, "You can fuck who you like, James, but know that you only belong to me. You cannot let anyone do this to you. This part of you is mine and mine alone."

He emphasized his point by pushing into me extra hard and digging his blunt nails deep into the flesh of my ass, sometimes even drawing blood. The thought of him marking me like that...It was only then that I let myself go, cumming all over the floor and clothes underneath me. These orgasms were always the most mind blowing I had ever experienced with anyone else, often leaving me passed out in the end. And when I woke up I would be fully clothed and washed up, sitting against a wall. If I didn't pass out (and he would always know when I was still conscious) he would tell me to wait until he left before taking off the blindfold.

Either way was heart-shredding, because the conclusion was the same: he would be gone and I would be alone. That is what always hurt so much. I wanted him to hold me against him so much, it went past the point of desperation. I wanted to see his eyes as he took me. I wanted to see the expressions he made when he was cumming, I wanted to see his sated face when he rode out his orgasm.

But as much as I have begged for anything to relieve this pain of not knowing him...he wouldn't give it to me and I don't know why.


After sessions with my Master I always became so desperately frustrated for being denied. I would often take out these frustrations on my own pets. It was my way of punishing him, to let him know that I still had control of my life, even when he took it away from me when he was with me.

I tended to jump around, not settling on a guy for a long period of time. I'd hate for them to get too attached. I also always used protection. Just because I was pissed with him didn't mean I was going to get some disease and taint the body that my Master likes. No way in hell.

There was one guy in particular that managed to rub me the wrong way. He always seemed so defiant when I messed with him, which made me want to bully him a lot more than the others. I guess you could say he became a favorite of mine.

He was only slightly shorter than me, which was strange for my tastes because I normally dealt with the short small ones. I wouldn't say I'm gigantic, but I am a bit taller than most of the kids in school.

His name was Aaron and man, was he beautiful. He wasn't nearly as muscular as me and had a slight feminine quality, despite his height. His skin was a pale, pure white in comparison to most. His hair was also different than most kids: a color that was completely black, so much so that some hints of blue shined through when the light hit it just the right way. It was also in a style that wasn't normally seen in the US, reminding me of a cut you'd normally see in some place like Japan. There were chunks of his hairs that were longer than the rest, but styled in such a way that somehow worked. Only certain people could successfully pull off a hair style that was a mix of Asian meets emo and he was definitely one of them.

Hell even his eyes were better than mine, though I really don't mind as much. That's what I liked most about him. He had these piercing black eyes that are normally devoid of most human emotion a majority of the time. They were the most powerful things I have even seen.

Before Master came along, it had been my main goal to break those eyes. I wanted to see that stoic facade crumble because of me. I wanted to see them full of fear and desperation. Or maybe brimming with tears or even lost to the pleasure my body was giving him. It came to the point where I didn't care what reaction I got from him, just as long as it was something!

But I never achieved it. Not once, no matter what I told him to do. No matter what humiliation I put him through. He just did what he was told without saying a fucking word, the only sounds he ever made where some occasional pants and hisses when I got a little rough with him.

He did do one thing every time though. He always made it a silent vow to never break eye contact with me. It use to unnerve me how intense his eyes were, not that I would ever tell him that. When I realized how much he wanted to look at me, I use to make it habit of forcing him to do something that would make it impossible to keep the contact.

Though I stopped doing that not to long afterward. I had come to love it when he looked at me like that, like he knew all of my desires and secrets. At the same time it also terrified me, so much that I had to force myself not to stop with my domineering attitude when I was with him, lest I run away from that gaze. It seemed like this guy already knew how much of a fake I was.

I must be more a masochist than I thought, because the more times I was with Master, the more times I spent with Aaron. It was so strange, in the past I never played with one of my pets more than three times, and even then I waited a few months in between sessions. But with this guy, it became some sort of habit to seek him out. It started out as once a month, then once a week, then every few days.

I should have left him alone. I knew this was going to end badly. I just didn't expect I would be the one to screw up.

When I was with my boys I normally enforced our sessions to be as impersonal as possible, which meant no kissing or even hugging. It was only about making me feel better, not about how they felt.

But with Aaron, I slipped. I have no idea what compelled me to do this, especially since I had made it a habit of never coming back up to the roof of the school. But for some reason I brought Aaron up there.

I was right in the middle of fucking him, soaking in the sounds of his sharp breaths and grunts. I kept staring at that sweat soaked ivory skin of his back, but instead of it turning me on more like it normally did, it pissed me off. I had this sudden urge to see his face and I couldn't do that when I took him from behind.

Without really thinking about it, I grabbed his shoulders and flipped him around, ramming into him when he was on his back. That was the only time I saw a spark of surprise on his face, and that alone was enough to make me glad I did it. I stared down at him as I continued to pound away into his tight heat.

Fuck, he was beautiful like this. His cheeks were flushed and strands of his hair were plastered to his forehead. His mouth was parted and his brows were slightly creased as he stared up at me. It will never cease to amaze me how he can look both aroused and stoic in this situation.

As I looked at him, I realized I was still not satisfied with the position.

I wanted more from this...I wanted more from him.

My mind blank, I bent down and pressed my lips to his. He gave a sharp intake of breath in surprise as I slid my arms under his to grab each shoulder for better leverage. I shoved my tongue into his mouth and openly moaned at the taste as sparks of familiar electricity danced along me body.

I frowned when I realized why they were so familiar. They were the same I got when Master kissed me. That thought made me remember where we were—the roof. The place where Master first made me his.

I clenched my eyes closed as pain clenched through my gut. I shoved my tongue deeper into the kiss, spurred further when I actually heard a quiet moan from the man underneath me. His scent surrounded me as I pressed the tips of my fingers harder into the flesh of his skin, our moans and the slapping of skin the only noises heard.

My mind felt dizzy from the smell of him, so unbelievably intoxicating. Moreso than what I had expected. I became lost in that scent, drawing those same questions that normally came to the surface when I was with Master.

What would he smell like?

More pain shot through me as the silhouette of the man I imagined to be my love popped into my head. My hips pushed harder as I pulled back slightly from his lips, the moments with Master and my pets blurring together. The emotions that resulted from each session with him suddenly bubbled up in my chest and before I even knew what was happening, my deepest secret spewed from my mouth.

"Master…I love you."

It was barely a whisper as it danced against his lips, almost lost by the feeling of my climax. When I came down from my high the realization slammed into me, both from my mind catching up and how completely still he was.

I moved my head to the side and didn't open my eyes until the side of my face was pressed against his. I stared wide-eyed at the ground underneath us, still inside of him but quickly sliding out due to a mixture of post-orgasm function and incoming terror. How in the hell could I possibly look at him now? There wasn't any possible explanation as to why I said such a thing. And I knew the second I made eye contact with those eyes of his the confirmation of it would kill me.

His breath started to tremble against my neck, the movement instantly breaking my shock. I quickly pulled out of him and turned away without looking at him. My hands shook as I chucked the used condom off the roof and pulled up my pants before running away, stumbling as I jumped down the stairs.

He knows now. Fuck, why did I say that?! He's going to blab this around the whole school and my life will be ruined! Dammit I'm so screwed!


I was surprised when there weren't any rumors about me, other than the normal ones about how awesome I was. I guess Aaron kept his mouth shut about it. Well I supposed I shouldn't be very surprised that he wasn't a gossiper since I haven't heard the kid say one word.

I still avoided him like the plague. I didn't want him to ask me the questions I have been dreading to hear. And from the intelligence that screamed in his eyes, he would have come to a pretty intuitive conclusion by now.

So I ignored his presence, like a coward. I would see him in the halls and instead of acknowledging him in any way I kept my eyes forward, purposely not meeting his gaze as I walked past him. I got away with this for about two weeks until he took action.

He must have gotten tired of the silent treatment because he started to brush against my shoulder or even lightly touch my fingers with his own in passing. I knew he was worried about me. He didn't make those gestures on accident. He didn't like what I was doing.

But how in the hell was I supposed to talk with him after I had that major slip of the tongue?!

To make matters worse, Master hadn't tried to contact me since the last time we were together, and that was over a month ago! At this point I had gone severely insane. I needed him, especially since I screwed up with Aaron. I tried to mess with some of my other boys, but it only resulted in disappointment. They were always very vocal in everything and not in the least bit challenging. I missed the dominating caress of Master. I missed the defiance that screamed in Aaron without him saying a damn thing.

Nothing else compared anymore.

After about a month and a half I had given up all hope. Master still hasn't tried to make contact with me and even Aaron has given up on trying to get my attention. Hell, even my other boys have stopped trying to instigate the "bullying" sessions.

Man, I have become quite pathetic. School had just become…school to me. I got up, went to my classes, ate lunch with a couple of friends, went to more classes, then went home.

One day I was in the middle of class when nature called, so I asked my teacher if I could use the facilities. I was drying my hands with a paper towel after I washed up when the door to the bathroom opened. Out of habit I turned to see who it was, when the overhead lights switched off and the door slammed closed.

"What the hell? Hey! Come on man, stop being a dick and turn on the lights." Silence was the only response I got which made me frown. I was pretty sure someone came in...though it was too fast to really tell.

My heart beat started to pick up as fear bloomed in my gut when the tell tale click of the door's lock resonated throughout the tiled room, the sound of foot steps taking its place shortly after.

"Hey man, stop fucking with me. Just turn on the damn lights and walk away from this." The foot steps didn't even pause which made me take a step back, preparing to defend myself if I needed to.

A pair of arms came out of nowhere to wrap themselves around my torso, effectively trapping my arms in the process. Full blown panic sparked in my chest as I tried to head butt and kick the guy.

"Stop struggling."

Every nerve in my body ignited as my muscles instantly relaxed at the deep sound that I had longed to hear.


I closed my eyes as I whispered his name, almost collapsing against him as he wrapped his arms more comfortably around my waist, his thumbs rubbing the skin just above my jeans. His lips nuzzled the sensitive skin of my neck, causing me to shiver from the contact.

He gave his throaty laugh as he murmured, "Did you miss me?"

I shivered again before nodding repeatedly, my voice deep and husky. "More than anything."

He sighed then kissed the crook between my shoulders and neck. I frowned at the gesture. He had never been this gentle before, and sure as hell had never kissed me so tenderly.

"Master?" the confusion I felt rang clearly in my voice.

He took in a deep breath along my skin before speaking. "I'm glad you have missed me. I missed you too." My breath hitched in my throat, both from the words and from the hand sliding into the front of my pants and wrapping around my arousal.

It was different this time. He was slower in the way he touched me and left many lingering kisses on my body. He even let me kiss parts of his skin that I could reach without punishing me for it like he had done so often in the past.

That wasn't the strangest part of this encounter, though. He hadn't blindfolded me. Sure, we were in a dark room so the chances of seeing him were slim to none. But we had done it in darker areas before, and during those times he still blindfolded me. Why was this time so different?

When we both were utterly spent, we stood there gasping to catch our breath as we both leaned against the cold tiles of the wall, every muscle in our body trembling from exhaustion. His body pressed against me, slick with sweat and other fluids while one of my legs was still wrapped around his waist. I was so out of it that I didn't even notice that we had been facing each other the entire time.

I pressed my nose into the skin of his neck took a deep breath causing a shudder from both of us in response. God, he smelled so damn good...and familiar.

It felt weird to think that considering I never got the chance to get close to him...except for now. Maybe it was because I missed him so much and my mind provided me with a scent I expected him to smell like?

My thoughts scattered as his spent shaft twitched inside of me before he slid out.

I continued to lean against the wall as he lowered my leg and jerked my hips forward to pull up my jeans. The clinking of his own jeans getting zipped and buckled followed shortly after, making a dull ache rise in my chest.

He may have acted differently during the sex this time, but it was all the same after it was over. He was going to leave and I would have to continue on, loving a man that didn't have a face.

I rolled my head to the side and squinted in the direction I thought he was, as if the complete darkness would suddenly lighten and I would be able to get a glimpse of him. When that predictably didn't work I closed my eyes and sighed, turning away from him to wait for the sound of departing footsteps, refusing to allow the pathetic burning sensation behind my eyes to win. I was not a girl and I sure as hell wouldn't cry like one, dammit!

A few minutes passed in silence, which made my frustration grow. Why wasn't he leaving? Doesn't he know how much this kills me?!

I turned to tell him to fuck off, uncaring of the consequences, but froze when a warm body pressed against my own and a breathed against my ear.

"James," It was hardly more than a whisper, the tone completely different from how it normally was. "Don't you dare open your eyes until you hear me leave. You understand?"

I gritted my teeth until my jaw creaked from the pressure. Fucking duh! How many times have you done this and how many times have you left the same way?! Instead of complaining like I was desperate to do I just nodded, then realized he couldn't see me do the motion I hissed out a quiet. "Yes sir."

Several moments passed by and when he didn't move I had the overwhelming need to push him away, believing it was better than letting the stronger urge to pull him close win. Why was he still pressed against me!?

I was about to follow through when he pressed his lips against my temple and whispered the last words I ever thought I'd hear.

"I love you too James."

My breathing paralyzed in my chest and every muscle refused to function as those words sank into my brain. My head grew dizzy as air was finally forced into my lungs. The sound of the door clicking shut made me realize the body on me had left.

I opened my eyes, blinking back the burn from the sudden onslaught of light from the now active fluorescent bulbs that were mounted on the ceiling. I blinked a few more times before focusing all of my attention on the bathroom door.

My mouth was hanging open in shock as my legs buckled causing me to slide to the floor. I wrapped my arms around my knees as those uncharacteristic tears finally won over my pride and began falling down my cheeks freely. Pride was the last thing on my mind as relief filled my body, his words repeating over and over in my head.

"He loves me too. Master loves me too…" I smiled at the door before something strange clicked into my head. "Wait a second…He loves me too?" I frowned as I sloppily wiped my arm under my eyes and nose.

"How did he know I loved him? The only time I had said it out loud was when…Oh—No fucking way!" I sprang up and bolted towards the door pulling it open with a loud clank and running out to look down the hallway.

It couldn't be…could it?

When I didn't see anyone I bolted down the hallway without a plan of where I was going, my mind too busy whirring at the possibilities.

He couldn't be-

I skidded to a stop when Aaron appeared in the hallway, most likely hiding a classroom doorway until now. His hands were in the pockets of his old blue jeans, two large rips at each of his knees. His shoulders raised in a shrug in a plain black shirt, his all knowing eyes shining in mirth as they peeked through the chunky bangs of his trademark hair cut. When our eyes met, a small smirk appeared at the edge of his lips.

I stood there dumbfounded at the expression I had never seen on his face. I shook my head and whipped my hand out to point at him, my mouth slack. "You...?"

The small smirk morphed into a large smile. My legs nearly gave out when my Master's chuckle came from Aaron's lips. As if he could tell my mind still wasn't fully accepting it his spoke one little word.


Hearing Master's voice come from him slammed everything into place. I stumbled as my legs took off towards him, almost tackling him as I crashed into his arms. He gave a throaty laugh as he wrapped his arms around my waist, to both hold me and catch me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and dug my fingers into whatever part of flesh in reach.

"Why…why didn't you tell me?! And how could you let me do those things to you?!" I wasn't sure he could hear me properly with my face buried into his neck.

He laughed again causing me to tighten my grip on him.

It was that same chuckle...God it was that same chuckle.

He reached for my shoulders and pushed me back so we could look at each other. I felt his thumbs brush under my eyes, wiping away the tears I didn't even know were falling as he cupped my cheeks. The emotions that now filled his eyes stole my breath away.

They were so warm, so unbelievably warm, and loving. So loving. It made me realize that this was the expression I wanted to see in Aaron's eyes all along. The thought made my breath shake as I gripped each of his wrists in response.

The gesture made his smile widen slightly as he said, "I did it all because...I have loved you for so long that I was afraid. I was afraid that if you knew who your 'Master' was you would be appalled, and I was too selfish to let you go. I wanted you for myself."

I frowned, "Then why did you let me be with those other boys?"

The caress on my cheeks tightened for a beat and his eyes flashed with anger, before he hid it again. He couldn't hide all of the anger in his voice though. "If I hadn't allowed you to do that, how could I get you to be with me as me, not me as 'Master'?"

He averted his gaze at that, and I recognized the fear and insecurity that bordered his eyes. Before he could pull away I gripped his wrists and tugged them so they remained on my face. He looked back at me with a guarded yet hopeful expression which made me snort in response.

"I am yours you idiot." I took a step closer to him, a small bubble of excitement began in my chest when I looked down at him.

"I want you as Aaron, and as 'Master'." I leaned in and nuzzled his neck, finding the smell of him to be very addicting.

He laughed this time, the vibrations tickling my nose as I pressed it against his throat. He tipped my face so I would meet his gaze again, his eyes sparkling. "Good."

His eyes hardened instantly, "But you have to stop it with the other guys. It's just you and me."

I took a step back and tapped my index finger on my chin, pretending to think it over, looking up at the ceiling in fake concentration before looking back at him. "I'll agree to that...but only under one condition."

I have him a mischievous grin, "You have to let me top every once in a while. Deal?"

He smirked at the remark before nodding. "Deal." His eyes filled with heat as he took a step closer to me and gripped my chin tightly. "Now shut up."

I tensed at the demand but instantly sank into submission when he slammed his lips against mine, gripping the fabric of my shirt and pulling me back towards the bathroom.

Well this was going to be an interesting relationship indeed.


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