A/N: ok, I know I sound completely arrogant, but seriously, this is my favorite poem I've written so far xD

Disclaimer: mine mine mine, I don't know why I even bother with disclaimers.. probably to annoy all my readers. xD


I am the opposite, the antonym, the identical twin to myself
I am everything that ever has, is, will ever come to be
I am one of the very centers of reality itself

Some have never known me, to some I am all they know
To some I am just lingering, a story never to be told,
But to others I am the nightmare, freezing in the cold

I am the voice pushing people forward,
I am the force holding them back
But more or less I am the courage, that everyone can lack.

A/N: slightly shorter then my other poems, but hey, I think if I added something It wouldn't be this poem, and I like this poem.

~Rose Kelvin